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The Lost World of Stnaltia: Part Seven

by silentbutterfly


Brave_Eyes wasn't sure what was going on, but he trusted his friend and followed her on the long bridge towards the castle.

      "This is insane!" he finally called. "By the time we get there, we'll be too tired."

      Blackwingedbird laughed. She didn't seem to be tired at all. She flapped her wings, began flying, and picked up Brave_Eyes again.

      He sighed. "You know I hate it when you do that."

      "Why?" she asked, a bit confused.

      "Because..." Brave_Eyes began, he certainly didn't want to tell her because she was a GIRL picking HIM up, but couldn't think of another reason quickly enough. "Never mind! Do you even see the castle?"

      "No," Blackwingedbird said. "But we aren't supposed to. Laiperoa is Fyora's sister; she probably has the same enchantment as the castle as Fyora does on the Hidden Tower."

      "So how are we going to find it?" Brave_Eyes wondered, hoping it wasn't going to be by them smacking into it.

      At that time, Blackwingedbird descended to the bridge again, and pointed. "We'll know where the bridge ends, silly. The castle is right in front of us."

      "I was just seeing what you'd come up with, really. I already knew that." Brave_Eyes coughed. He felt for the doorway and discovered it was open, so they went inside.

      It was extremely bright in the castle. Every hallway, every room, every part of the ceiling sparkled. They knew the castle would be impressive, but they had no idea it would be like this. It was only like a diamond glowing from inside.

      "There's plenty of light here; why would the dkarpalht want to stay here?" Brave_Eyes asked.

      Blackwingedbird didn't reply, but kept walking through the castle as though she were looking for something. She finally found it - roots.

      "Just like what I thought!" She smiled. "See these long roots? I think the dkarpalht found a way to grow, but they needed more energy to do so. The prince told us they stayed under the bridge where it was dark. When we met up the meepits, they were playing a game and putting a lot of energy into the soil. Krebs said the dkarpalht had plenty of energy to use, but they really didn't. I think they are hungry seeds, and saw they were growing when they began to steal the energy bubbles. They had all the nutrition under the bridge, but not the energy and light. Now they have the energy and light, but the rich soil isn't here in the castle. They dkarpalht may be growing, but now they are starving. They not only trapped Laiperoa, but themselves in the castle."

      "How in all of Neopia did you figure that out?" Brave_Eyes said, stunned.

      "Honestly, it was kind of a lucky guess," Blackwingedbird said.

      "A guess?!?! You risked our lives for a guess?!" Brave_Eyes almost screamed.

      "But it was a good one!" She tried to defend herself. "Now all we have to do is follow these roots. I'm sure they'll lead us to the dkarpalht and Laiperoa."

      They followed the roots up the stairs and through a hallway where a great deal of light was beaming through. Without any doubt, they knew they'd find the light faerie in there.

      When they entered, they saw Laiperoa in a cage. She began to speak right away. "Please don't hurt them! I'm alright and everything will be ok as soon as we get them to the ground."

      Brave_Eyes smiled. Laiperoa was as beautiful as her sister, with radiant yellow hair and dress with little touches of pink and purple flowers. She was surrounded by large trees with their roots stretching as far as they could, reaching for soil. Still, they had smiling faces with their wavy mouths - the only resemblance to the smaller dkarpalht they ran into earlier.

      "Don't worry," Blackwingedbird replied. "We understand. We've come to help. Just tell us what we need to do and we will do it."

      Laiperoa let out a long sigh. "I'm glad. I told the dkarpalht that I would help them without being held captive, but they didn't want to listen. They were so excited about the possibility to change right away that they took me captive and came here, where they knew they would have enough energy and to learn how to give off their spirit. But it takes more than just a few living creatures to create enough energy." She paused as Blackwingedbird and Brave_Eyes opened the cage she was trapped in. She thanked then, but now was not sure where the new, much larger dkarpalht could live.

      "Will all of them grow to be this large?" Brave_Eyes asked. "I can't think of anywhere that we've visited where there was enough room for something so big. And I don't even know how many dkarpalht there are."

      Laiperoa sighed again, "I know. I tried to explain that to them, but they have been waiting to blossom for so long they didn't want to think things out. There are dozens of them still under the maze, wanting to change and waiting to see if things went well. But putting them where they can't form won't work."

      "How about in the Misty Swamp?" Blackwingedbird asked. "The swamp is moist and close enough to the meepits where they could still get plenty of energy in the soil. Many of the plants when we were there were dead. The swamp was below the bridge to the castle, and Brave_Eyes can testify how long that was." She giggled as Brave_Eyes gave her a dirty look. "The Misty Swamp could become the Dkarpalht Forest!"

      Laiperoa smiled. "That would be a wonderful idea, except for one thing..."

      "How are we going to get them there?" Brave_Eyes asked.

      Laiperoa laughed. "No, I am still strong enough to move them there. It's just they don't want to be called the dkarpalht anymore."

      "What do they want to be called?" Blackwingedbird asked.

      "That will leave that up to the prince; they don't know. But since they have changed so greatly, they don't want to be associated with or remember their long time of waiting," Laiperoa explained.

      "So then what are WE waiting for?" Brave_Eyes cheered. "Let's take them to the forest, restore Stnaltia, and then the prince can give them a new name!"

      "That's sounds wonderful to me!" Laiperoa smiled. She folded her hands together and the dkarpalht were lifted from the grounds of the castle. She made a huge hole in the wall and through it carried them and gently placed them not too far from the castle. The dkarpalht dug in their roots and started smiling even greater; they lifted up their long branches and discovered they could move around in the moist ground. Even so excited, they began to run towards the maze, perhaps to show the other dkarpalht what they would become.

      "We'd better hurry," Laiperoa said and picked up Brave_Eyes in her arms. "I don't want any more understandings!"

      "Wait!" Brave_Eyes called. "If you were strong enough to do that, why couldn't you break out of the cage yourself?"

      Laiperoa laughed, "Part of my way as a light faerie is that I can help others, but not help myself. Even if I could break away from the cage, I wouldn't want to leave the dkarpalht stranded in the castle alone."

      Satisfied with the answer, they began to follow not too far behind Laiperoa and the running trees. Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird watched as the world of Stnaltia began to bloom again as Laiperoa flew through the world. The dkarpalht stopped at the maze, and the others came running towards them, jumping excitedly around. The meepits began playing in the maze and fireworks came out from the Circle of games. They landed near the Lennies' factory, and Prince Djolapht was there to greet them.

      "Laiperoa!" he exclaimed. "I am so glad you are safe!"

      "I never was in any danger; the dkarpalht have grown into trees!" she said excitedly. "They will move to the Misty Swamps and create a forest there, but you must give them a new name."

      Prince Djolapht seemed very confused, but he knew any explanations would be given later. "I'm not exactly sure what to say, or what to call them. Do you have any suggestions?" he said as he looked towards Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird.

      "Us?" Brave_Eyes was surprised.

      "Indeed," Prince Djolapht smiled.

      Brave_Eyes looked at Blackwingedbird, but she simply shook her head. He realized it was going to be up to him. "How about 'Inspired Hearts'?" he suggested. "They took a great chance but believed there was something greater to them than what they were. I'm sure they'll be able to help give off much more energy now that they are happy."

      Prince Djolapht nodded. "Then it's decided. And I cannot wait to see the Inspired Hearts Forest.

      "But now," he continued. "We need to help get you to the surface. I'm not sure how we are going to do that."

      "I can help with that," Laiperoa said. "I will put Blackwingedbird and Brave_Eyes in bubbles. When they get to the surface, they will pop and be free to have their adventures on the surface, though I do hope you both enjoyed your adventure here."

      "Very much so!" Brave_Eyes smiled.

      "I'm glad." Laiperoa smiled. "I'd like you to stay and let us get to know you better, but no doubt you have family and friends who may be worried about you at the surface. We mustn't have them waiting, since trouble seem to happen when our hearts are restless," she added with a smiled towards Prince Djolapht.

      Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird frowned, wanting to stay in Stnaltia a little while longer.

      "Well..." Prince Djolapht let out a long sigh. "I don't see any harm in having them stay a little while longer - Stnaltia has a reason to rejoice now, and our heroes deserve a celebration!"

      Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird's eyes lit up and true to his word, there was a festival in honor of Brave_Eyes, the hyper green Zafara, Blackwingedbird, the fire Pteri with a sharp mind, and a welcome to the new residents of the Inspired Hearts Forest. The residents really outdid themselves, and Krebs' belief that the energy of Stnaltia is the heart of its residents came true - with all the fun and excitement, the wilted leaves came to life, the dark caverns were bright and welcoming again, and even the pets had more spring in their step. It almost seemed like Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird found another world.

      "You've seen us at our best, and at our worse, young pets." Prince Djolapht smiled as he came up to Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird. "I do hope you will have good memories of us, but hold the ones at this festival a little more dearly."

      "Drats!" Brave_Eyes teased. "Just when I decided my favorite moment was winning a really ugly scarf."

      Prince Djolapht laughed.

      "Why don't you come to the surface and visit with us for a while?" Blackwingedbird asked. "We can't guarantee an adventure, but it would still be a great experience."

      "Because my parents left for the surface a while ago, but have not yet returned, I must decline. Until they do, it is my duty to stay here and watch over the pets that live here. I'm sure I'll have my time, though, and when I do, would love to explore the surface with you two," Prince Djolapht told them.

      "Really?" Brave_Eyes exclaimed. "That would be so much fun!"

      "I'm sure it would be," Prince Djolapht simply replied.

      Laiperoa joined them and gently rested her hand on Prince Djolapht's shoulder. "It is time for you to return now," she told them.

      Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird nodded and then waved goodbye as Laiperoa put them into their own bubbles. They laughed at the idea of there being Brave_Eyes bubbles and Blackwingedbird bubbles, but had their last look at Stnaltia with the pets they had met waving goodbye.

      The journey to the surface was much faster than the one they had going down, and once the bubbles reached the surface, they were flown upwards as the bubbles popped, then splashed in the water.

      "Brave_Eyes? Blackwingedbird?" a familiar voice said.

      "Hey Strife!" Brave_Eyes called, trying to sound calm. "Want to join us in the water?"

      Strife cleared her throat. "No thanks, these waters are meant for fishing, not swimming! You'd better get out of there quick before a giant squid catches you!"

      Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird laughed, and the Uni walked away slightly confused.

      "It doesn't look like we were really missed, does it? Perhaps we could have stayed a little longer," Blackwingbird said with a sigh as they swam back to the dock. She remembered that before their visit to Stnaltia, Brave_Eyes wanted to go training. "Want to go to Mystery Island and go through training? I have some codestones in my deposit box I could give you."

      Brave_Eyes joined his friend on the dock. "Actually," he said with a smile, "I think I'd rather start fishing."

The End

Pronunciation guide : Stnaltia: stuh-null-tea-ah

Djolapht =jah-la-fat

Laiperoa = lie-per-row-ah

dkarpalht = car-fault

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