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The Lost World of Stnaltia: Part Six

by silentbutterfly


What in the world is that Pteri doing now? Brave_Eyes wondered as he regained his balance. Sore, wounded, and now very dirty from the muddy swamps, he looked up to see Blackwingedbird flying around, bag in her feet, and just circling around.

      "Black!" Brave_Eyes yelled, trying to get both her and the dkarpalht's attention. "The factory!"

      Brave_Eyes didn't get the attention of the dkarpalht, but Blackwingedbird was glad to see him standing. She swooped around, heading towards Brave_Eyes, and grabbed him with her other foot and headed for the factory.

      "They want the energy bubbles," Blackwingedbird told him, and he could tell she was out of breath.

      "Is that it?" Brave_Eyes pouted. He reached into the bag and pulled out three of them. He saw the dkarpalht get excited.

      Brave_Eyes sighed. "I thought they wanted to play with me," he said jokingly. He then tossed one of the energy bubbles down into the closest group of dkarpalht. The first group swarmed around it, but the group behind them kept coming.

      "What are you doing?" Blackwingedbird gasped. "What if we need them?"

      "Don't worry." He laughed. "We are going to Laiperoa where the dkarpalht who captured her are. I doubt we'd be able to use them there. If we can use some now to get them off our trail, I think it'll be better for us here, rather then have them later just because we were too conservative to use them."

      He tossed the second one in the middle group, and the third into the final group. They now had two left, and Brave_Eyes decided that was enough for the dkarpalht.

      Blackwingedbird gently landed by the factory, as he could tell she was exhausted. As tired and worn out as he was, Brave_Eyes decided to be strong for a few minutes longer before giving himself a break.

      He knocked on the door and it slowly opened to reveal a long, Maraquan Skeith swimming in the air as though he were swimming in the ocean. Brave_Eyes and Blackwingedbird were both stunned and stood in the doorway for a moment.

      The Skeith raised an eyebrow and cleared his throat. "May I help you?"

      "Um... yeah!' Brave_Eyes said as he watched the Skeith's tail sway back and forth. "Could we stay here for a little while? The dkarpalht were chasing us and we need to rest a little, and freshen up a bit too."

      The Skeith let out a sign and gestured them to come in, "Very well then, I'm not nearly as busy as I usually am, so I suppose two extra bodies won't hurt."

      "Thank you," Blackwingedbird said as they entered.

      This factory was much emptier than the first one, though there was the constant stream of hissing noises. Blackwingedbird wondered what the Skeith did here.

      But first, they were taken to two rest areas. They took baths, cleaned their bumps and bruises, and then went to look for the Skeith. They traveled through a great deal of Stnaltia already, and they both had a feeling there were very close to the castle and to saving Laiperoa.

      The Skeith was in the first room of the factory, staying in one spot with his tail moving back and forth the same way they saw him through the doorway.

      "Thanks for your hospitality, sir," Brave_Eyes said, with his eyes wondering around this factory and his fingers wanting to touch a few of the buttons. "What do you do here?"

      "It's no problem, young ones," the Skeith replied. "I'm Krebs, and I used to take the energy from the sweet-dissolve game and change it to the air we breathe and also some water. That's why it's so misty and wet around here, as I'm sure you've noticed. But without the constant game playing, my factory may shut down soon enough."

      "So that's why this area is so different than the rest of Stnaltia," Blackwingedbird replied.

      The Skeith laughed. "What do you think was going on here?"

      "We didn't know," Brave_Eyes said. "We're from the surface and were asked to help save Laiperoa. This world is new to us, and we've had a lot of fun exploring it so far, but then the dkarpalht attacked us... .

      "I am really surprised they are doing that now," the Skeith interrupted. "They seemed to be happy under the maze, because that is where the meepits play and they used all the energy that Laiperoa didn't capture, which was a lot. Then they started to come out, climb the walls, and take the energy bubbles from there, so the swamp wasn't getting enough energy and started to die. Then one of them started hanging around her all the time, which I didn't understand at all."

      "Wow," Blackwingedbird gasped. "You sure know a lot of information!"

      "I've been around here the longest." The Skeith laughed. "I was one of the first pets down here with Laiperoa. Most of residents call her "The Energy Faerie," but she's really a Light Faerie. At first, she had her light bubbles all around the cavern, but as it grew and more pets came to live here, we discovered an energy that was more powerful that her light - the spirit of the pets. The friendships we've formed, the fun we have, the creativity in all of that good stuff, which is strong energy. Laiperoa and the first King found a way to capture that energy when it was given off, and then capture it into bubbles like she did for the light bubbles. The energy bubbles are really the spirit of Stnaltia."

      "So why would the dkarpalht want to steal that? Don't they help make that energy as well?" Blackwingedbird questioned.

      "No," the Skeith replied with a frown. "Since they had decided to keep to themselves, they keep their spirit within themselves too. That's why recent events have surprised me. They get plenty of energy from being under the maze, then they wanted more - first from the lights of the Misty Swamp, and now Laiperoa herself."

      "Then they do need light to survive," Blackwingbird mumbled "Thank you, Krebs, you've been a great help to us. Can you tell us how far we are to the castle?"

      The Skeith was a little confused but pointed towards the door on the other side of the factory. "If you go through there," he began, "the castle is just beyond the great bridge over the swamp. You should be there in no time, though there are a handful of dkarpalht staying there with Laiperoa, so I ask that you reconsider."

      "We are going to try to save Laiperoa and Stnaltia!" Blackwingedbird said with conviction. "As much as I have enjoyed your hospitality and conversation, we won't be able to do that if we stay here. Don't worry, we'll be careful!"

      She smiled and ran off towards the door. Brave_Eyes was still standing by Krebs, not sure if he should talk more to the wise Skeith or if he should run after his friend, who always acted so cautiously and now was running into danger.

      "Thanks again for your help," Brave_Eyes replied. "I'm not sure what's gotten into her, but until Laiperoa is saved, maybe you can use these." He handed Krebs the last two energy bubbles they had.

      "Where did you get these?" Krebs wondered as he gratefully took them.

      "Melvin and Calvin gave them to us when..." Brave_Eyes began.

      "Nevermind, there's no need to explain," Krebs replied. "Thank you for these, now go follow your friend. I don't know what she's thinking, but the castle is no place to rush into now. Make sure you both are careful and try to return safely!"

      Brave_Eyes nodded, then raced after Blackwingedbird. He hadn't realized how fast she was until now.

      "Black!" Brave_Eyes called. "I know now that each time we race, you let me win! Now let me catch up please!"

      Blackwingedbird didn't slow down, but came to a halt, and Brave_Eyes almost ran into her. "I think I know what's going on," she told him with a gleam in her eyes. "The dkarpalht seem evil and bad if you look at what is happening, but with what Krebs tells us, I think they are misunderstood."

      "But they tried to hurt us, Black," Brave_Eyes tried to reason with her. "We both have small cuts and scraps from them. Granted, you were right, they wanted the energy bubbles, but look what they did to us to get it. Do you really think they won't do the same when we try to take Laiperoa away?"

      "No," she replied with certainty. "I don't think so. I think with what they are trying to do, they will have their answer now. The ones that attacked us were left behind and trying to survive; the ones with her are thriving. It's the exact opposite of what everyone is thinking."

      "What are you talking about?" Brave_Eyes was completely confused. "They took energy from the meepits, they took it from the swamp and caused it to wilt and die, and now they took a light faerie so the rest of the pets here are suffering and getting weak, and you are trying to tell me you think they are just misunderstood good guys?"

      "Yes," Blackwingedbird replied and started running on the great bridge to the castle. "Will you be able to keep up this time?"

      "Only if you tell me what's going on!" Brave_Eyes shouted.

      "I can do even better," Blackwingedbird said. "If you come with me, I'll show you!"

To be continued...

Pronunciation guide : Stnaltia: stuh-null-tea-ah

Laiperoa = lie-per-row-ah

dkarpalht = car-fault

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