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The Vegetation Revolution: Hidden Tower

by mazoku_kuiin


Despite what its detractors say, Battledoming, also known as “BDing” is not only a game of button mashing. It is a well-designed strategy game, where you have to evaluate every possible move your opponent might do. Faerie abilities and strength and defence boosts are important, but the weapons you will use are important as well.

Of course, some of these weapons, like the mystic Sword of Skardsen, the almighty Portable Kiln or the famous Ghostkershield are the kind of weapons you’d like to use against your little brother when he bugs you too much. But, what about using a sharp carrot to stab, an eggplant to whack or artichokes to use as bombs? You’d think twice, would you?

May you like it or not, vegetables are in the Battledome now, and they’re out to do some massive damage. No one should underestimate the power of health food, to quote the famous Quiggle shopkeeper from the Neopia Central’s Health Food Shop. But, where do these battle vegetables come from? You could buy or win vegetation-based weapons from three places: The Hidden Tower, Smugglers’Cove and Mystery Island. However, for this article, we’ll focus on a single place.

The first and most famous place to buy these weapons is Queen Fyora’s own shop, the Hidden Tower. Some of the weapons I will name were retired from this place; however, you might be able to buy them on Mystery Island’s trading post.

- First, straight from Meridell, the Radish Bow, which is, as its name implies, a bow which can fires radishes with unusually straight and tough-looking leaves. Battledome-wise, it’s not a bad weapon, but I always wondered if radishes were aerodynamic enough to be fired from a bow, considering how round they are.

- Next are the Asparachucks, a set of nunchucks. By the way, nunchucks are two sticks of metal linked together with a chain. Therefore, Asparachucks are two twigs of asparagus linked together with a chain. Interesting.

- Let’s stay in the asparagus family, with the little brother of the Asparachucks, the recently retired Asparagus Dagger. According to its description, it is simply a raw asparagus twig with a small wood handle. However, even though I do not think a single stick of asparagus is sharp enough to cause severe injuries; it might be wise NOT to run with this item.

- The first fruit of this article is the well-known Everlasting Apple. Okay, it’s not really a weapon, but it can be used to create the powerful Everlasting Crystal Apple, which is a weapon. I just hope there are no Everlasting Worms™ in the Everlasting Apple.

- We shall continue with the Bagguss Bomb. These vegetables are from the Lost Desert. Apparently, it seems like the gas they hold is explosive, therefore, they make perfect bombs. I’m going to be scared of the fruit machine now.

- Our next weapon is the Cardboard Sprout Cannon, with its never ending supply of ammunition. Cardboard would not be my first choice for a cannon because, when you FIRE something from a cannon, you usually have to set something on fire. And, cardboard burns rather easily. In conclusion, you’ll have to buy a new one each time you wish to fire it. Which will be a big hole in your budget. Avoid.

- Another recently retired weapon, the Carrotblade (And it’s cousin, the Noxious Carrot Blade) can be quite useful. Unlike asparagus or sprouts, carrots are actually solid enough to cause serious damage to someone; however, as said for the Asparagus Dagger, no vegetables are sharp enough to cause a cut.

- Even though they are not a fruit, nor are they a vegetable, I felt like the Earth Faeries Leaves deserved their place in this article. After all, they are made of vegetation. However, may they be enchanted or not, I doubt that throwing a bunch of leaves like you would throw a shuriken will make my opponent run and scream in fear.

- Next, Faerie Acorns. This is one Hidden Tower weapon you probably never saw, for it was retired nearly five years ago, and the ones remaining became Faerie Slingshots anyways. I always asked myself this question: “What is the chemical reaction that can cause acorns to explode?” (Exploding Acorns were a Battle for Meridell prize as well…gee, first, Bagguss, now acorns can explode as well?)

- The Chive family (Lesser Attack Chive and its stronger counterpart, Ultra Attack Chives) are part of the great vegetation attack squadron as well. Okay, so, they are both retired since a couple of years as well, and they were weak anyways. But, some people are allergic to weeds and spores. Just stick that under their noses and laugh at them while they are sneezing. That’s even better than its Cove counterpart “Sack of Sneezing Powder”.

- Our next weapon is also a powerful explosive. The Tiki Bomb Bag is, in fact, a Tiki Bomb generator. Tiki Bombs are simply explosive coconuts. It’s like feeding a ton of Red Scorchipeppers to your Coconut JubJub, only less fun.

- Finally, the Zaptwig. I tried to focus of vegetables, herbs and fruits, but again, as it is an Earth Faerie weapon, I found it necessary to add it to my article. It’s a wood stick. With magic. And, if the magic does not work, you can whack someone with it.

Impressive? While I was writing this article, I was quite impressed by the place Fyora gives to vegetables or tree-based weapons. Some of these weapons can be bought in the Hidden Tower. (Radish Bow, Asparachucks, Bagguss Bomb, Cardboard Sprout Cannon and Everlasting Apple) while the rest might be offered on the Trading Post, assuming you have the NP for it. Finally, always be careful while handling these weapons and, under ANY circumstances, DO NOT EAT.

Take care and happy food fight. Stay tuned for an analysis of the vegetation-based weapons from the Smugglers’Cove.

Author's note: I wish to give a big THANK YOU to the people at In Depth Battlepedia, for their Hidden Tower item list, which was quite helpful.

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