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16 Summer Treats

by lady_wart


Summer is near!

Jut imagine the days ahead -- you gather up your belongings and retire to Mystery Island for a nice relaxing day on the beach...

The sun is shining and the birds are singing and it's time to rest. You stroll along the sand, lay down your towel, and rest your head on a warm rock... the small white clouds shift and the sun beats down on your face... you feel around in the hot sand, and listen to the Pirakeets flying overead. Your face burns, and you sit up. The quiet, tropical sea glistens in front of you -- just what you need to cool down, a nice swim in the sea! You walk over and dip your toe in the water... OUCH! The water's boiling! Not literally of course... but it won't do any good to cool you down. You pick up your Song Flower print beach towel and wipe your brow. It really is very hot, one of the hottest days Neopia has had this year.

These beautiful blissful days are very near to us, so how about we plan for the future? Well it is the Month of Eating, so how about we get this picnic planned. We don't want to worry about such things in the Months of Relaxing and Swimming now do we? What you need this summer is a picnic of fruits and drinks and all things cold to keep you going though the holidays...

And lucky for you, I've made a list of the best! You and your Neopets can enjoy the days to come, without fear!

So here it is, a countdown of the best summer treats, starting from 16, to this summers best picnic ingredient -- number 1.

16) Sour Lemon Lolly

Just try to eat this lolly without pulling a funny face...

Yes, if you can stand sourness of lemons, they are certainly refreshing.

You can't walk around eating a lemon, however, this tangy treat is attractive and easy to carry round.

15) Lemon and Orange Blend

Only the freshest oranges and lemons are squeezed to make this refreshing drink.

Again, on the theme of lemons, and this drink mixed with oranges is certainly a thirst quencher. It's in a large quantity and inexpensive, perfect to put in your cool bag.

14) Jug of Fresh Lemonade

The perfect drink for those hot summer afternoons.

Yes isn't it just? If you're looking for a tangy refreshing drink, go no further than Lemonade! You can't really carry it round wherever you go, but if you can find a nice spot and a few friends then it's just perfect.

13) Disco Ice Cream

A wonderful blend of strawberry, lime, lemon, orange and blueberry.

Mmm! What a lovely ice cream this is! Loads of the best fruits around, all put into a delightful ice cream. A marvellous summer treat!

12) Snowberry Chia Pop

Mmmm, this is from a new range of special Chia Pops just released! This one will stay cold even in hot weather!

Everyone knows Chia Pops are Neopia's most popular cold snack, and what better flavour than snowberry! As the description reads, the Snowberry Chia Pop will stay cold even in hot weather -- you can easily take it round islands and on tours, and you don't have to worry too much about it melting!

11) Snowberry Biscuits

These biscuits will keep you cool on those hot summer days.

What can I say that's not already been said? Slip them into your bag and then when you feel like it, sit down on a rock and munch them away! Very easy to carry round, to eat and to pay for! A recommended snack. However, if you don't like biscuits, how about you try a...

10) Snowberry Ice Lolly

Formed entirely from Snowberries this ice lolly has an intense fruity flavour.

The last snowberry themed item on our list, and what an amazing find it is! You will never find a better ice cream/lolly than this one. I regret to say it's not too cheap, being 2000np...but like most good ice creams you will not regret buying it once you first tasted it.

9) Pink Peachpa Cooler

Only a ripe and perfectly spherical Peachpa is used to create this cocktail (well apart from the little pointy bit on top, that doesn't count)

If you prefer a more sophisticated way to cool down on your holidays, then drop in to the nearest cocktail bar and order a Pink Peachpa Cooler. Unfortunately, there is no cocktail bar as far as I know, but if you can lay your hands on one of these you're in for a treat!

8) Coconut Juice Bowl

Drink it or eat it or both, either way it is Coco-licous.

You'll find a lot of these at Mystery Island! They will burn a tiny hole in your bank account but you will not be able to help yourself, and before you know it you've eaten 3 or 4 already!

7) Jhuidahs Tangy Fruit Juice

One of Jhuidahs favourite recipes made from fruits grown on Mystery Island.

Don't ask me what's in it! I just don't know, but it's still a very delicious drink and not too expensive compared to the other drinks above. At only 3-4k you can enjoy this great juice!

6) Kiwi Sorbet

A cool refreshing twist on the ordinary Kiwi.

Another posh, and slightly expensive drink, but this one has to be the best of them! If you have Neopoints to spare and a few friends to enjoy it with, then this is a great way to enjoy the sunshine.

5) Tropical Fruit Smoothie

A perfect way to cool down on hot sunny days.

So you can't afford fancy stuff like Pink Peachpa Coolers, Kiwi Sorbet, Coconut Juice Bowls and Jhuidahs Tangy Fruit Juice? Well not to worry, for only 200np (300np at the MAX) you can relax with a Tropical Fruit Smoothie. It's described as a perfect way to cool down on hot sunny days -- what can be better?

4) Pomegranate Doughnut

A freshly baked doughnut smothered with Pomegranate icing and fresh Pomegranate seeds.

"A doughnut!?" some people might say. "How will that cool you down...!?"

Well it's not so much the doughnut that refreshes you, it's what it's decorated with! Pomegranate seeds have got to be one of the BEST for summer time. And the icing looks so luscious it's too hard to resist. If you still disagree with me -- try this...

3) Pomegranate

Fun to eat, but even more fun to throw at people.

Yep, it taste delicious, it's really refreshing and even more fun to eat! Just ignore the bit about throwing it at people... I don't know who wrote that o.0

All you need is something sharp to cut it with and something pointy to eat it with and you're sorted! If you're looking for slightly less dangerous and sticky snacks, then remember to pack the runner up on our list...

2) Kiwi and Cucumber Sandwich

A cool, refreshing sandwich that is perfect on hot summer days.

You have got to be MAD if you don't like kiwi and cucumber sandwiches! It's juicy and attractive, and as you know it's cool, refreshing and perfect on hot summer days, and only 600-800np a share! There can't be anything better... or is there?

Yep, the time has come to reveal Neopia's most loved summer luxury. It has been discussed about by the people on the Neopian Writers boards, and voted for by various people that have been neomailed... drum roll please *drum roll*

It is... Cooling Courgette Slice! *massive applauses!*

1) Cooling Courgette Slice

Three generous slices of baked courgette stuffed with cream cheese and chives.

There is nothing better than a Cooling Courgette Slice. Why? Unexplainable. Yes, some people might not like Courgettes, and some people might not like cream cheese, and some people proberly don't like chives but a cream cheese stuffed courgette sprinkled with chives is just mouth-watering! Look! There's some over there on that table! Yes, reach out... touch it! Pick it up...oh no it's disappeared! That must of been just a hallucination. Your DESIRE for this savoury snack is making you hallucinate! Quick! Rush out and buy some! And at only 1k a slice what's your excuse?

So there we have it, the top 16 treats. You may not agree with some of the choices, and you might hate every single item on this list and prefer to snack on a Blueberry Fish Pop on your day at the beach, just as long as I have injected a little sunny sprit into you and your Neopets, then I am happy. Remember to feed your Neopets on something more than Jelly and Omelettes this summer! Have a nice holiday :)

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