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10 Key Items for an April Fool's Trickster

by lassie_nikki


Ah, April Fool’s Day. One of the best holidays by far. This day is a day cherished by mischievous Neopets all over Neopia. It gives pets who usually behave by the rules a day to let loose, pull pranks and laugh at the expense of others' dignity! How fun, right? Well, has there ever been a legendary joker that didn’t have the proper slippery materials to assist him in his practical joking? I think not. That brings me to the point of this April Fool’s article. I’m going to list 10 items that are essential to any Neopet who hopes to be the best swindler in Neopia. Before you sit on your favorite sofa to read my article, check to make sure there are no tricks in the process of being pulled. One April 1st, I sat on a chair only to find myself plopping on a cone of Ketchup Ice Cream! That was, as you might have guessed, a mortifying event in itself.

1. The first roguish item we’ll discuss is none other than the Scroll of Trickery. This naughty scroll is used by the most clever of Neopet owners to give their pet more knowledge of hoodwinks. It enhances an average pet’s agility and craftiness. Rumor has it that the famous Trickster Llugh was once blessed by reading this scroll and, given his name, could it be more convincing? Finest of all, this item comes at a very low price of a simple few thousand Neopoints and can be found in Neopian shops all over! It’s great for a trickster on a budget.

2. Another reading item that is great for those thriving to become experienced jokers is Crafty Mynci Tricks. The name pretty much gives it away as it is a guide to popular pranks to play on friends and family. Not only does it increase your pet’s knowledge but it helps your pet to become more carefree so that they can truly enjoy April Fool’s Day!

3. The third item to discuss is the Vinberry. This berry is vital to a wonderful clown! Find an owner or a Neopet that has never heard of or eaten a Vinberry, dip it in chocolate and say it’s a new tropical fruit from Mystery Island! Then watch their wincing faces as they bite into the bitter flesh that covers a Vinberry. I’ve not only pulled this trick numerous times on unsuspecting family members, but I’ve also fallen victim to it quite a few unfortunate April Fool’s Days.

4. Perhaps you’re already an experienced and well-known trickster. Maybe you want to retire from prank-pulling but still want the memory to live on. Then you could start a gallery of tricky items instead of using them for comic relief! Morguss, the old Moehog, has many tricks up her sleeves and is the idol of any expert joker. So add the Morguss Stamp to your gallery if you want to look like a true, clued-up comedian!

5. Have you ever gleefully hurried to tear open your Halloween Goodie Bag only to find a huge, hairy spider shooting out? Did you then proceed to scream like a Meepit and faint? If so, then you’ve fallen victim to a prank pulled on innocent Neopians by the Neopets Team themselves. Often, these bags will hold actual goodies that you are happy to receive. However, they also include creepy-crawling little critters that bounce out at you and make you scream like a baby Xweetok! Needless to say, Halloween Goodie Bags are crucial to good pranksters! Draw some happy little Kacheeks on it to disguise it, hand it to the prey and then enjoy a good ten minutes of them yelling their heads off at the terrifying item that pops out at them!

6. Pretty much every Neopian has, at one point or another, been to Faerieland. Frequently, certain ill-fated Neopian travelers will be the target of a Zumagorn. Zumagorn are impish little Faerie petpets that like nothing more than fooling around on April Fool’s Day! They particularly enjoy taking part in the embarrassment of innocent, modest petpets that were simply wandering around Faerieland. Naturally, every qualified prankster owns a Zumagorn.

7. Are you an avid stamp collector that dreams of using your stamp skills to cause mischief on April Fool’s Day? Well, this is the number for you! Heard of the One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp? Seeing as it is super rare (rarity 99!), not many people have seen this amusing stamp. However, everyone would like to get their hands on it seeing as it contains the words ‘Million Neopoint’. This prank is an ancient yet still amusing trick. The One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp is far too expensive to be used simply for a joke, so grab a normal, much less expensive stamp and write 100,000,000 NP on it. Then, lay it on the floor where you’re sure a friend or perhaps a random person will see it. And be sure, when they do see it, they will go insane! The product usually includes about an hour or so of jumping and shrieking at the top of their lungs and then they begin to bawl and make a list of the things they will buy or how they will use the stamp. Now, the best part happens! You come out from hiding and tell them what you did. They proceed to kick you and continue to bawl. How fun!

8. Another item useful for a knowledgeable April Fool’s joker is Spider Liquorice. I know it sounds gross, but it’s very effective and amusing! Drop a few of these in a friend’s morning Neocrunch Cereal and watch them munch away. Of course, they’ll eventually spot the tiny candies and screech as if poked by a Mutant Tonu. You’ll giggle and tell them that they are simply Liquorice pieces, leaving out the information that 1 in 100 of them is real! You assume they’ll figure it out when they feel it squirm on the way down.

9. Imagine this: You are at breakfast eating your biscuits and watching your Lupe drink his Orange Juice when suddenly your Lupe’s flesh begins to twist and turn and within a matter of seconds your Lupe has become a hideous Mutant Kacheek, revealing its squishy brains and all! Now, imagine a friend popping out and telling you it was all a (slightly) harmless joke! Then you both guffaw merrily. What a great prank right? This, my friends is a key element to a good prankster: a transmogrification potion. Slip it over a friend’s pet’s morning juice and watch them shudder as their pet transforms into a beastly Neopet! It isn’t anything unfixable, after all!

10. In conclusion, we come to discuss our tenth and final aspect that is necessary for a good prankster: a Mynci. You might be asking how a Mynci will help you become the best prankster in Neopia. Well, Myncies are monkeys! Everyone has been told at one point or another to quit “monkeying around”. The Mynci is the most mischievous pet of them all, and there are books to prove it such as Crafty Mynci Tricks (mentioned in number 2). If you’re a joker ready to begin pulling silly pranks all over Neopia, the perfect assistant for you is a Mynci. So, create one today and you’ll be sure to take pleasure in all the lovely jokes these critters can pull!

I hope you have enjoyed my guide to becoming a successful April Fool’s Day trouble-maker. For this one day, be careless and fun-loving and giggle at anything imaginable! Because April Fool’s Day only comes once a year.

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