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Who Are Our Tyrannian Leaders?

by haloaslipn


TYRANNIA - Who are our Tyrannian Leaders?

Do you know who is defending our sweet Neopia? Who is controlling our beloved Tyrannia?

Here they are:

If your neopet is wise, “unwarspeaking”, and peaceful you should follow Kyruggi.


This old, yet wise Kyrii has earned his place as grand elder. Since the great Monoceraptor was defeated there hasn't been much call for his wise skills but there will be a time, reports Tyrannian Town Hall page ( click here, when his skills will be needed. *Kyrii* :o

Is your neopet a fighter? If so you should follow Grarrg, the Tyrannian Battle Master.

Tyrannian Battle Master

Grarrg is the leader at times of war. This powerful Grarrl’s difficulty is at 100 +0! You can find him in the one- player battledome. Make sure you are properly equipped though first! (If not you may need to use your super- strength healing potion!)

Is your neopet obsessed with wizardry and magic? Yes! You are a Tekel follower!


As the Potions and Spell Master he is like the Kauvara of Tyrannia. He knows just what to use against those hard- to- defeat- enemies! He is a wizard and a half! When Grarrg is busy fighting Tekel is busy brewing up some of Neopia’s most powerful potions.

Is your neopet a swimmer? Do you enjoy playing in the sea? Then follow Plesio!


As Captain of the Sea Division, Plesio is very busy. Gathering Flotsams and Jetsams, Acaras and all other fighters Plesio must be on the lookout for water monsters! While Grarrg stays on land, Plesio is king of the sea! Here is also the runner of the Wheel of Mediocrity!

Is your neopet brilliant? Does he/ she like to make important decisions? Then follow Sabre-X!


Sabre- X is the leader of Strategic War Division

and omelette supervision! He is to decide the number of soldiers where and to make sure you only get 1 omelette a day! He makes sure that every possible thing to happen has a plan!

Is your neopet sneaky? Does he/ she like to snoop around and gather top secret info? Then follow Myncha!


Myncha is a Reconnaissance! HUH! A Reconnaissance is someone who gathers info on the enemy and feeds that info to Grarrg! Myncha is a snoop and likes to gather info on all enemies at large once this info is gathered it is fed to Grarrg, Sabre-X, and the rest of the gang.

What’s so special about these guys?

These guys are special because when the evil Monoceraptor hit Neopia like a bomb these wonderful leaders were there to protect us. When something bad happens these people get involved. They are not afraid to stand up and fight for what they believe in.

Why do I see these guys on my one- player battle dome challenges?

When you see these guys on your one- player battle dome challenges that means they want to fight you. It never bothers them to defeat an amateur at the battledome. They love to brush up their skills!

Do they just fight themselves?

No! When a battle occurs they will recruit soldiers in the Tyrannian Army. Then you will go to battle and fight with the leaders. Make sure you suit up!

Why have these leaders been chosen to defend us? Why should we trust them?

These leaders have been chosen because they have 5 very important characteristics; 1. boldness- Not one of these brave leaders are afraid to tell it like it is. 2. bravery- All of the leaders, (especially Grarrg!) are brave and want peace but will fight when necessary. 3. “peace seeking”- They don’t pick fights not even if it’s against Lord Kass, the Pant Devil, or ,the worst, the evil Dr. Sloth. They want peace in Neopia as much as anyone.

“ Speak for yourself” –Grarrg 4. honesty- all of the leaders of Tyrannia are honest. Sometimes when you look at Grarrg when he has just gotten a Tyrannian Grarrl Plushie you can see him cry. Oops! Too much shared info. Sorry Grarrg! (Grarrg will be honest about the crying and the plushie thing too)

Anyway as you can see what any great leader needs to be is …………………………… “Wise!”-Kyruggi “Faithful”-Sabre-X “Hungry”-Grarrg

5. A good leader needs to be responsible for his/her actions.

Here is a Grarrg story that is 100% true.

When the owner of the “Pick your Own” saw that Grarrg was trying to find dung instead of berries he was deeply insulted. He didn’t want his precious dung taken but the berries were fine to take. He asked Grarrg “Young Sir, are you the young Grarrl who keeps stealing my wonderful dung?” Grarrg gulped. Almost in a whisper he nodded and said “ Yeah what’s it to ya?” ”Well my boy think of all the wonderful berries in this, uh shall we call it, garden. With no dung that poor Samron the Kacheek cannot get any ripe berries because there’s no dung to help them grow. And that poor Mortog cannot catch the flies they gather to feast on the dung.” Grarrg realized his mistake and said “Dear Sir I am so very sorry. I must look like a thief. But as a Grarrl I eat dung and could not control myself. If I could just have some berries, I would rightfully leave.” The owner smiled. “That’s a good lad. Now be on your way.”

To this day Grarrg would still admit to the story.

Now Sabre-X’s story was a bit different. One day the young Lupe by the name of Sabre-X went over to the Tyrannian Concert Hall to listen to the Chomby and the Fungus Balls Concert. He got the bright idea that he would climb onto stage and do a nice stage dive. When he tried jumped off of the stage no one was there to catch him and he fell and twisted his front paw. Mr. and Mrs. X found out about this great fall and gave him and indefinite punishment of guarding the omelette. He will admit that he regrets the day he decided to jump.

All of our Tyrannian leaders are special because our tomorrow depends on their today.

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