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Chapter Four - Slime Recipes

by mistoffelees_cat


"There, all finished!" Edna cackled. "I have finally completed the Complete Cooking Recipes of Edna!" She put down her quill and rubbed her green hand over the thick hardcover book. Edna's paw soon moved to her stomach, which rumbled furiously. She suddenly realized her hunger. "Now is the time to test you out," Edna told the book as she walked over to her cauldron. "I crave…" she thought, not being able to identify her craving. It struck her suddenly. "Slime!" she said, following the word with a cackle. She fingered through her newly completed cookbook to the Table of Contents and ran her finger down the page. "Chapter Four," she muttered to herself, "Slime Recipes…" She grinned as she opened to the chapter, reading thoroughly five recipes which would fill her slime craving…

Slime Sundae:

The ingredients needed for this delicious sundae consist of 2 Cups-O-Slime, 1 Deluxe Acara Sundae, Slime Cream (which you can buy pre-made at the Spooky Food shop) and a Jar of Eyeballs. Some materials you might need are a spoon of some sort, a jar always proves handy, and a Zomutt. A dish for your sundae already comes with the Deluxe Acara Sundae.

Now, on with the recipe. First, take the Deluxe Acara Sundae and remove all those happy things that make the Acara, for example the bananas, chocolate ears and sprinkles; nasty little things! You can feed these to your Zomutt. This is his only purpose – to serve as a scrap disposal. Don't worry; he'll most certainly enjoy his job.

Secondly, you must mix the Cups-O-Slime with the Deluxe Acara Sundae, dumping each cup of slime in one at a time to prevent overflow. If it does overflow, have your Zomutt lick the spill-over up.

The most important part to this is stirring your mixture. Of course, we witches are *cough* masters of the art of stirring and brewing so it comes naturally to us. However for all you other Neopians simply hold the spoon firmly in both hands and move your arms in a circular motion that should have grace yet intensity. I'm getting off subject. You should stop stirring when you can't see a single spot of pink, just the green of the slime.

The toppings are ready to be added. Stand out in the sun with the Slime Cream and wait for it to melt; catch the melted drops in a jar or cup. Drizzle the melted sweetened slime on the top of your sundae. Delicious! To top the whole thing off, take an eyeball from your Jar of Eyeballs and place it delicately on top of your sundae! Bon appetite!


The ingredients for this frozen delight are simple – one Cup-O-Slime and a Slime Cream (again, can be bought pre-made). Your materials are simple, too – a cup and a wooden stick. Remember my tip about the jar as well.

Let's get started! Take your Cup-O-Slime and pour it into your cup. Place your wooden stick into the cup filled with slime making sure it stands straight up in the middle of the cup with at least half if not more of it exposed. Then trek on over to Terror Mountain and bury your cup in the snow. Mark where you buried it!

The next day, return to Terror Mountain and retrieve your cup. Gently pull on the stick you placed in, and your slime should pop out on a stick and frozen! Now, if you want to go for the Slime Sundae technique with the toppings, melt another Slime Cream and drizzle it over your Slimesicle to add the savory details! Enjoy your slimy treat on a warm day when you crave something cold and smothered in slime!

Slime Ghostkersandwich:

Your ingredients for this lunchtime delicacy are one Cup-O-Slime, two pieces of bread and a small weed. Your materials should consist of only a plastic butter knife, a plate if you want to be neat and your trusty Zomutt.

Start out by sticking your butter knife into the Cup-O-Slime and spreading the slime onto one slice of bread. If you want extra slime, spread it on both pieces. Once one side of the bread is sufficiently covered, put your two pieces of bread together; the slime should make them stick.

Now it is time for the details. Take your butter knife again and cut small holes in the sandwich to represent the two eyes and nose of a Ghostkerchief. Give the pieces cut out to your Zomutt; I'm sure he'll be delighted. Once this is done, put your small weed in between your two slices of bread so that it sticks out to look like a Ghostkerchief's head ornament. There; what a charming sandwich! Enjoy!

Stone and Slime Slushie:

A rather difficult slushie to drink, this one is just as fun making! Your ingredients will include the usual Cup-O-Slime in two quantities and a bowl of Stone Soup. Your materials should consist of only a utensil that can be used for mixing or stirring and a slushie container. You can ask for an empty one on your next visit to the slushie shop. And as a heads up, your Zomutt may be needed again.

Pour the Cups-O-Slime into the container. Take the stones out of the Stone Soup and plunk them one by one into the container. The stones should make the slime level of the container rise, so make sure you don't put in so many you cause a spill over. It's OK if you do; your Zomutt would be happy to help clean up. The remainder of the Stone Soup can go to your Zomutt.

Stir your mixture you have created vigorously so one of two things happen. One: The slight taste of any mucus that was on the stones blends into your slushie, adding more flavor. Two: The rocks should get covered in slime, neutralizing the flavor of the slushie. When you are done stirring, your slushie is ready to be devoured! Simply use the straw that came with the container and slurp away! Of course, the rocks won't be able to fit up the straw, so you'll have to eat them by yourself separately…

Chocolate Slime Burger:

This sweet treat is sure to delight everyone! Your ingredients for this treat should consist of one Cup-O-Slime, some Large Thorn Growth and pre-made chocolate buns! The pre-made chocolate buns can be ordered at the Chocolate Factory. If you bring in a mold for the bun, I'm sure the owner would be happy to fulfill your special order – I mean, it's not likely he'll turn down neopoints for the measly expense of a bit of labor and a little chocolate. Anyway, your materials are simply a plastic butter knife and a pair of Quiggle Scissors!

Let's get started. First, I think we should make the filling for this wonderful burger. Take your Quiggle Scissors and clip off the tips of the Large Thorn Growth. Take the tips and sprinkle them on your Cup-O-Slime. Mix this together very carefully; Cups-O-Slime are usually overflowing already! Take your mixture of thorn tips and slime and use your butter knife to spread it on the chocolate buns! The key to making the ultimate Chocolate Slime Burger is to let excess slime drip over the sides! It makes the burger so much juicier!

Though an odd combination, you are sure to enjoy your now-made Chocolate Slime Burger! The Large Thorn Growth tips are sure to add some zing, and the slime is sure to be simply delicious! Savor and relish your fine burger!

Edna snapped the book shut with one swift motion, sending dust motes everywhere. She looked down at a sickly looking Zomutt at her feet. "Come," she said to him, "we have ingredients to collect!"

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this article! It's my second in the Neopian Times and I also have had a Short Story in too. Please feel free to Neomail me; I reply to all Neomails!

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