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Make Your Neopet Happy!

by star869


We all want happy pets, right? I'm pretty sure we do. Having happy pets is fun. But what is the easiest, fastest way to make your pet happy? I'm sure we'd all like to know that. This is the perfect guide for people that are new to Neopets and don't know how to have a happy pet.

The first thing you need to do to make your pet happy is to feed it! Nobody wants to be starving, and if you don't want to starve, you shouldn't let your pet starve either! If you think about it, that's kind of mean anyway. Even though your pet won't die if you don't feed it, it will get sad or even mad if it is hungry all the time. So how much should you spend on food? Not too much. Then what kind of food is cheap? I suggest buying omelettes. They are pretty cheap compared to other foods, and they provide 3 meals for your pets. How great is that?! But omelettes are actually a second resort. If you have very little neopoints (this includes the neopoints in your shop till, bank account, and the ones you have on hand) you can go to the Soup Kitchen! The Soup Kitchen is run by the kind Soup Faerie, who gives free soup to poor pets. If you go there, you can feed your pets until they are bloated, all free! But be warned. If you have too many neopoints, you will not be allowed to go to the Soup Kitchen. It is only for people with fewer neopoints. Anyway, if you do choose to feed your pet omelettes, the first thing you need to do is buy the omelette(s). There are several kinds of omelettes, and you must find one your pet likes to eat. Then you go to My Items and click on the omelette. Click the arrow on the drop-down list and select the pet you want to feed.

So your pets are full, and slightly happier. Now what do you do? Play with them, of course! If they are bored, they will not be happy. Pretty simple concept. But which toy should you buy, and what kind? Some of them cost quite a lot. Well, I suggest the Headless Von Roo Plushie. They cost about 5 neopoints! How's that for convenient? Once you have the toy, go to My Items and click on the one you want. Then click the arrow on the drop-down list and select the pet you want to play with. After a few times of playing with it, your pet will get happier!

Now for the last way to make your pet happy. If you want your pet to be even happier, you can groom them. Most pets like to be groomed. Beauty products can cost a lot of neopoints, but you should be able to find some that are pretty affordable. If you're looking for a good beauty item, you should probably choose a hairbrush. There are several kinds of hairbrushes available. Once you get one, just go to My Items and click on the hairbrush. Then click on the arrow of the drop-down list and choose the pet you want to groom. Another beauty item your pet might like is Rainwater Shampoo. This is a very cheap item that you can groom your pet with.

So now you know how to make your pets happy. And it didn't take a lot of effort or neopoints, did it? It's very important to keep your pets happy; if they get too sad, they could turn blue! And if they get mad, they could turn red! What about all those neopoints you spent painting your pet? Well, I'm afraid that doesn't matter. If you neglect your pet, color change is possible.

Another way your pet will get mad or sad is if you leave it sick for a while. If your pet gets sick, for whatever reason, and you can't get the medicine to cure it, you can just pay a visit to the Healing Springs! This lovely place is located in the floating cloud of Faerieland. It is run by the kind Water Faerie, who will heal your pets free of charge! You can go to the Healing Springs every half hour to get your pet healed. It may take a few tries before she cures your pet's sickness, but it's better than having a grumpy pet.

And who wants to look at a sad pet all the time anyway? Happy pets are much more enjoyable. Also, you must keep your pet fed and strong if you wish for them to compete in the Battledome. If they are hungry, they will not be able to fight. And if they are weak, they will get beaten easily. If your pet doesn't win a fight it might get sick, and you'll have to pay another visit or two to the Healing Springs. Training your pet isn't a bad idea, but that's another story. Training them doesn't particularly make them happy, unless you consider winning a fight in the Battledome fun. Some people might, but that doesn't mean it will affect the happiness level of your pet.

If you want to see how happy your pet it, go to Pet Central. The link to that is located on the main sidebar. Then click on the button with a Snorkle on it that says Quick Ref. This is the Quick Reference page, where you can check all your pet's stats. Your pet's happiness level is listed there too, and you can also see if your pet is hungry and needs to be fed.

So remember; feed your pet, play with it, groom it, keep it healthy, and they'll always love you! They key is to love your pet. After all, that's why we play the site, isn't it? Almost the very first thing you do when you join is make a Neopet. If you don't love your pet, it won't love you.

Author's Note: If you are reading this, then I would like to thank you! This is my first ever accepted submission to the Neopian Times!

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