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Saffy's Sister

by sweetie_me274


"Your book is here, Saffy. It looks like a good one," Claire said, handing the green Kacheek her book. Saffy reached out and happily grabbed the book out of her owner's hand.

      "Thanks a bunch, I've been waiting for it for ages!" Saffy eagerly replied. With the book under her arm, she walked up to her room.

      Saffy wasn't a regular green Kacheek. Sure, she was happy sitting out in the sun and liked flowers as much as any other Kacheek did, but she was different. While her siblings learned to do exciting things like ride a bike or fly a kite, Saffy dwelled inside the Neohome with her nose in a book. On holidays when they all got toys, she was satisfied with a new book.

      Saffy loved her family and everything, but there was nothing she liked more than absorbing herself in a new book. It was an amazing thing, to watch Saffy reading. Everything around her seemed to disappear. Her eyes would have a glowing pureness about them. For Saffy, the words would jump off the page in excitement.

      Her room matched Saffy quite well. The walls were a pale yellow and by her bed was a sunny window. The most important part of her room though, was the book wall. Against the far wall of her room were three bookshelves, filled the bursting with every book from A Chia Story to Z is for Zafara.

      Saffy arrived in her room and jumped on her bed. She rested her head on a pillow and opened her new book. The Kacheek felt the soft, red cover and opened it to the first page. "The Hunt for the Red Gelert," she read aloud. "Sounds good!"


      Downstairs Claire was dealing with the rest of her pets. Lacey, the red Cybunny; Harold, the spotted Moehog; and the newest addition to the family, Meggie, the baby Ruki, were up to their usual nonsense.

      "I wish Saffy would come down and help with Meggie. Oh look, she's going to start crying again, Mommy, what do I do?" Lacey said, handing Meggie back to Claire.

      Meggie was a cute little baby Ruki that Claire had found one day at the pound. She was a brilliant, adorable Ruki. Her eyes were had a glow about them, just the way Saffy's looked when reading. The family loved her at once, and even Saffy had put her book down for a while and met the new baby. Now that Saffy had returned to her room with a new book, Meggie was more trouble than ever.

      Every minute Meggie needed feeding, another bottle of milk, or new toy. Harold, being the eldest, had to tend to most of her needs when Claire was busy. Since Saffy was always up in her room, Lacey had to entertain Meggie most of the time.

      Claire had always understood of Saffy's love for books, and Harold and Lacey appreciated it a bit too. Harold had never liked reading, and Lacey didn't even know how to read. Up until Meggie's arrival, the family didn't care if she spent all her time in her room reading, but with all the new chores to tend, they needed another set of hands to help.


      One day, Claire was especially busy, when she realized she didn't have any food for dinner. "Harold, come here will you? I'm all out of food and I need to rush into Neopia Central to get something for us to eat."

      "Mom, be quick. Meggie's been really fussy all day," Harold said, a little worried.

      Claire gave Harold a reassuring hug and quickly ran out the door. Harold picked up Meggie and tried to give her a bottle of milk, when all of a sudden, the baby Ruki burst into tears. Harold picked her up and desperately tried to comfort her.

      "Lacey!" he called, trying not to panic.

      The Cybunny came running into the room. When she saw that it was Meggie causing the fuss, she grabbed her from Harold.

      "It's going to be alright, Meggie," she said in a friendly voice. "Harold, what's wrong with her? Where's Mommy?"

      Harold explained where Claire was and Lacey sent him to get Meggie's favorite toys. In a minute or two, he came back with two baby plushies and Baby Bruce Blocks. Lacey offered the baby both of the plushies, but she pushed them away, and started wailing even louder.

      Harold slowly nudged the blocks towards Meggie, but she angrily threw them. Lacey and Harold were at the point where they were almost crying themselves.


      This whole time, Saffy was in her room reading. She had long ago finished The Hunt for the Red Gelert, and now she was almost done with Mystery of Halloween. It was then that she heard Meggie's crying.

      Saffy might love reading more than anything else, but that didn't mean she didn't have a heart. She placed a bookmark in the book and placed it on the shelf.

      Curious to know what might be going on, she tip-toed down the stairs where she heard Lacey and Harold talking through Meggie's crying.

      "I wish Saffy didn't like books so much. I know it's just a hobby, and a good one at that, but really, she needs to be helping us."

      Harold nodded sadly, "I love Saffy, I really do, but I wish she'd care to help out. It's not worth having a sister who you never see and who never does anything."

      Hearing this, Saffy tried to hold back tears. Nothing, not even books, really could come before family. And now they didn't even want her around since she didn't do anything.

      She slowly walked back up the stairs. She couldn't hear them whispering anymore. She couldn't even hear Meggie. She could just hear, over and over, 'It's not worth having a sister who you never see and never does anything'.

      Saffy flopped on her bed. For once, not even a book could comfort her. Her eyes traveled throughout the room, and then they caught something. Something that could help redeem herself in her family. She picked it up, took a deep breath, and walked back do the kitchen.

      Saffy cleared her throat, and loudly said, "I'm sorry." Harold turned around and Lacey stood up to follow the voice. To make sure they heard her over the crying, she said it again. "I'm sorry."

      "Is that you, Saffy?" Lacey called out.

      "Yes, and I have something that will comfort Meggie. At least I think it will. And I'm sorry," Saffy said again. She came into the kitchen and gave all her siblings a big hug.

      "Touching," Harold said, "but what's your idea?"

      From behind her back, she pulled out a book. Lacey sighed, sure that Saffy had been kidding. Saffy laughed though. "Don't worry, Lacey. I brought a book that will help."

      Saffy pointed to the title, Baby Shoyru Book.

      "She's a baby Ruki, you know. Not a Shoyru," Harold said, cockily. Saffy eyed him angrily.

      "Harold, really, it will work." Saffy took Meggie and sat with her on the floor. Then she opened the book to the first page. Meggie didn't care to look at the words, but when she glanced at the pictures on the next page, she stopped crying. Saffy grinned.

      "See the baby Shoyru Yes, it's a baby, just like you!" she happily told Meggie.

      Saffy skimmed through the rest of the book, showing Meggie all the coloring pictures. To her delight, the baby seemed overjoyed with the book.

      "Lacey, will you hold her for a minute. I have plenty more books in my room." Saffy handed over Meggie and she happily ran up the stairs to get more books.


      Soon, Meggie had drifted to sleep and Claire had returned. By then, Saffy had happily returned to her room to finish reading.

      "Great job taking care of Meggie, Harold. I'm very sorry I took so long. I had to get money from the bank, and that Skeith in charge was in a very bad mood," she said, apologetically.

      Harold and Lacey eyed each other, wondering if they should tell Claire what Saffy had done. Harold was about to explain what happened, but he was interrupted. Saffy was at the foot of the stairs with a grin on her face.

      "Hello, Mommy. That sure was a good book, what's for dinner?" Claire stared at Saffy in amazement.

      "Saffy, sweetie, why aren't you up in your room, reading. Did you like the book, Mystery of Halloween, was it? If you didn't, we can go buy another at the bookstore."

      Saffy laughed, and then walked over to Claire, and gave her a big hug. Claire happily grinned and hugged Saffy in return.

      "I'm fine, Mommy. I don't need a new book. And I'm, well, sorry. I'm sorry I never help out, I'm sorry you have to treat me differently, and I'm sorry I'm always reading. I'm out of books, but I don't need a new one just yet."

      "You can't have given up on reading!" Harold asked, surprised.

      "No, don't stop reading. I love your hobby," Lacey said, in a pleading voice. Saffy eyed them uncertainly.

      "I know you guys think I'm a pain, never helping out, and just caring about my books. And no, I'm not giving up reading. I'm just trying something else for a little while," Saffy said, truthfully.

      Claire looked at Saffy, then Harold, and then Lacey. "What exactly happened while I was out getting dinner?" The three laughed and pointed at Meggie, who had been silently looking at a book.

      Astonished, Claire looked at Meggie happily enjoying the book. She could only guess what had happened. "Why don't we all sit down and eat; dinner is going to get cold."

      Saffy happily said, "Before we eat, let me tell you what my new hobby is!"

      Everyone eagerly listened. "Well?" Lacey asked.

      "Now, I love to write!" Saffy happily said. "I'm not too great so far, but would you like to hear it so far?" Claire beckoned Saffy on, and she began to read her story. "It's not that good, so far, but listen:

      "'Once there was a great, happy family, with a Kacheek who loved reading. Books opened up a new world to her, but sometimes she got too absorbed in them. However, with the help of her brother, Harold; her sister, Lacey; her great owner, Claire; and of course, her baby sister, Meggie, she was able to figure out what was most important to her, her family.'"

      Saffy looked around, beaming. There was that glow in her eye, the same glow she got when she was reading. Claire stood up and embraced her pet. Lacey, grinning, forced herself to join in. Harold picked up baby Meggie and started hugging as well.

      "Wait, I forgot two words!" Saffy said, excitedly.

      "'THE END!'"

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