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Twisted Turns Of Fate: Part Three

by __devils_angels__


Lisha's eyes grew wide when she heard her friend scream. "Kayla!" Trembling with cold, she ran to the mouth of the Cave…and gasped.

     Atop the Snowager's head was Kayla, riding him like a rodeo buckaroo. "Yee-haw!" she cried, waving at Lisha. "Grab the Negg!" She pointed to her bag on the icy floor.

     "Right!" Lisha hurried towards it and saw the Negg tucked safely inside. "How are we going to get out of here?" she called to the red Zafara.

     "YOU WILL NEVER GOT OUT OF HERE!" the Snowager bellowed, but fell silent as Kayla hit him hard over the head with a Rainbow Gun she had found in his pile.

     "Throw me a teleport potion, then grab one yourself," Kayla instructed.

     Lisha looked for a potion that was the same she had seen Kayla use to get them there. "These ones?" she asked, holding two of her findings in the air.

     "Yes! Throw me one," Kayla told her. Lisha did, then both girls uncorked the vials, threw the potion on themselves and vanished.

     * * *

     When they reappeared, they were outside Meridell Castle. Lisha sighed with relief and happiness, feeling the sun's rays heat her frigid body. Sweet bliss!

     "Hurry!" Kayla shouted, running for the door. "We've got no time to lose!"

     * * *

     Jeran was fuming. He was pacing around his cell, muttering under his breath. "Why, that, that..." He broke off, then started saying something new. "Just you wait until I get out of here, Fredrikson. You're going down!"

     "Jeran, calm down!" Quenten cried, waving his arms. It was true; he too had read the article about them, but he didn't live in Meridell; plus, he could hide somewhere easily. He could understand why Jeran was so upset, but he was tired of seeing him so miserable.

     Just then, Jeran stopped moving as he heard the dungeon doors fly open. Skarl appeared in the doorway, Kayla and Lisha trailing close behind. Both girls were beaming with pride. "Guards!" Skarl roared. "Bring these two to the Throne Room. We have some things to discuss."

     * * *

     Once they had entered the Throne Room, Jeran and Quenten felt nervous. What was going on? "Jeran…and Mynci," Skarl said, sitting upon his Throne.

     "Y-Yes, Your Highness?" Quenten stammered. Jeran just nodded his head in acknowledgment.

     Skarl smiled. "Jeran, you have a very loyal sister. She has gotten another Fish Negg; now, there's one for me, and one for the Mynci."

     Jeran's eyes grew wide. 'WHAT?' His mind was reeling. She could have been killed! What was she thinking?

     "And so," Skarl continued, bringing the utterly shocked Lupe back to reality. "The two of you are free to go…as of tomorrow. We shall meet here at 10:00 A.M, NST."

     The guards surrounding them began to push them back to the dungeon door, but much gentler then before. "Yay!" Quenten cried happily. "We're as good as free!"

     For the next few hours as the sun began to set, Jeran sat on his bunk, thinking. He might be out soon, but his career was still ruined. What was the point? It didn't really matter to him anymore. He sighed.

     Once the stars came out, he and Quenten went to sleep. Little did they know that someone was lurking outside their window…

     * * *

     The next day, Lisha eagerly ran to the dungeons, threw the door open and ran inside. "Today's the day!" she declared. Looking into her brother's cell, she gasped. Only a folded piece of paper was on the floor. They were gone!

     Walking into the cell, Lisha looked down at the note. With trembling hands, she picked it up and read it.

     'Dear Lisha, Kayla, Quenten's Sensei and Skarl: I have Jeran and Quenten. If you want them back, get me what I want. Lisha and Kayla, get me a Mutant Paint Brush, and an Ona. Sensei, get me all of the codestones; 10 of each. Skarl, get me a Wocky Morphing Potion that can make the Wocky fly; NO help from the potion makers. Meet me in the heart of the Meridell woods. You each have 14 hours. Good luck.'

     There was no signature; just a large blot of violet ink. Lisha cried out in fear. She ran back to Skarl and showed him the letter.

     His eyes grew wide in shock. "Guards! Get Kayla and Quenten's Sensei, now!" he boomed. "We have to get them back!"

     * * *

     When Jeran's eyes fluttered open, he felt a rough rag inside his mouth and rope binding his paws behind his back. What was going on? They were supposed to be free today!

     Rolling over somewhat awkwardly, he saw Quenten sitting against a wall nearby. His gag was gone, and his tail was holding it. "Quenten! Take out mine too!" Jeran tried to say, but choked. Instead, it came out like this: "Wimwim! Ake ow ine oooh!"

     Quenten laughed. Turning around, he reached over with his tail and pulled the cloth from his friend's mouth. "Better?" he asked, grinning.

     Gasping for breath, Jeran too leaned against the wall. "Yes," he replied. Looking around, his eyes grew wide. "Where are we?"

     The entire room they were in was in darkness, except for where they sat under a tiny barred window. "And I thought the dungeons were bad," Quenten murmured.

     Jeran sighed. "Let's just hope that…" But he was cut off as an evil laugh filled the air.

     * * *

     "Lisha, how am I supposed to get this potion?" Skarl asked worriedly.

     "Huh?" She was feeling very distracted. "Oh, uh…I don't think it exists." Lisha replied nervously.

     "Sensei, did you get your stuff?" Kayla asked

     The black-clad Nimmo snorted and rolled his eyes. "I've got over 100 of each."

     "Okay then, he has his. Do we have ours, Lisha?" Kayla turned to her best friend.

     "It's a good thing Jeran and I are rich; this stuff cost a LOT!" She glanced up at the King. "Sir?"

     "No! I-I've still got to find it! We'll meet in the clearing at dusk!" The others quickly scurried out, leaving Skarl thinking. 'What am I going to do?' he thought miserably. 'It's my fault the best Knight I've ever had is gone!'

     Skarl sighed. What was he going to do? Normally, when he had troubles, he turned to…Jeran. He sighed again. What a terrible mess he had made!

     * * *

     Jeran and Quenten were doing the best to try and think of an escape plan. But alas, everything they thought of wouldn't work. "We're never going to get out of here!" Quenten wailed.

     Jeran sighed. "Don't talk like that. If you think we won't, we won't," he said, trying to be encouraging. But, deep down, he too thought all was lost.

     * * *

     Lisha glanced around. She had better start going; they were to meet at the edge of the woods. She and Kayla crept up, waiting. Suddenly, Sensei popped up beside them, giving them a silent thumbs-up. "All we need is Skarl now..." she murmured.

     Lisha turned as Skarl came running up behind them, panting. "I've got it," he gasped, clutching the stitch in his side.

     "Can we see it?" Kayla asked skeptically.

     "Sure." He pulled out a bottle of thick, dark brown.

     "Eww!" Lisha was completely grossed out. "Gross!"

     Kayla was eyeing it suspiciously. 'This isn't right. Not right at all…" she thought. She kept her suspicions to herself. Hopefully, the kidnapper was gullible. The group pressed on...

     * * *

     Jeran and Quenten were lying on the floor, wiggling, trying to free themselves from the ropes around their hands. "This isn't working!" Jeran called.

     "No kidding." Quenten's reply was flat and dead of emotion. He was feeling very odd…

     Jeran frowned and struggled into a sitting position. When he look at the Ninja-In-Training Mynci, he saw he was covered in a fine purple dust. "Are you okay?" he asked.

     Suddenly, the cloth on the floor began to sparkle and glow. Quenten turned his head lazily towards them. "Oh great," he muttered. "What's happening to us now?"

     Just then, the rags flew up and raced to their mouths, with such force Jeran toppled backwards. He felt it stuff its way into his mouth and tie around the back of his head. Eyes wide with fear, he saw Quenten's body begin to shimmer. Soon, his own did too. Within seconds they vanished...and re-appeared in the clearing of Meridell Forest, right in front of their friends.

     * * *

     When the two boys popped into view in front of Lisha, Kayla, Sensei and Skarl, it was a big shock to everyone. No one moved…but only for a moment.

     "Jeran!" Lisha cried. Shoving the Ona into Kayla's bag, she knelt and crawled over to her brother. Hugging him tightly, she whispered, "I'm glad you're safe."

     Jeran's eyes welled up with tears. If he hadn't been gagged, he would have told her, "You're the best." But, since he knew what happened when he tried to speak with it in, he just smiled.

     Quenten's Sensei hurried over to his young apprentice. "Quenten, are you all right?" he asked. The Ninja Mynci didn't respond. He just looked up at him, then rolled over away from him on his side. Sensei turned to Jeran and locked eyes with him. "What's wrong?" Jeran shrugged one shoulder.

     Just then, there was a brilliant flash of purple light. Everyone (except Quenten) turned and saw Maelstra emerge from the light. "Well, well, well," she said, smiling triumphantly. "Have you brought my stuff?"

     Jeran turned, sat up and glared at the Dark Faerie before him. 'She belongs in the Gallery Of Evil, not Jhudora,' he thought bitterly, growling.

     "Oh, you're mad," Maelstra said, walking over to the enraged blue Lupe. Kneeling, she lay a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll set you free…once I get my stuff." Standing up, she laughed. "Why bother giving out silly one-item quests when I can get many things at once like this?"

     Lisha rolled up her sleeves, ready to give Maelstra a piece of her mind. She started to walk forward, but Kayla pulled her back.

     "Ah, and I see I have an angered little Aisha," Maelstra said coolly.

     "I'm not little," Lisha muttered angrily.

     "Now, where is my stuff?" Maelstra asked again.

     Kayla gulped. "Lisha and I have the Paint Brush, and the Ona."

     Sensei spoke up next. "I have the codestones you asked for."

     They all looked at Skarl. "Here's the potion," he muttered.

     When Maelstra saw it she let out a harsh laugh. "That's not what I wanted!" She cried with evil glee.

     "Yes it is," Skarl said, holding it out to her.

     Maelstra laughed, it's harshness echoing through the night. "You fool!" she cried. "Everyone knows there's no such thing. The only thing that can make a Wocky fly is a Faerie Paint Brush, and that certainly isn't it!"

     Jeran's eyes grew wide. Looking back at Lisha, he nodded. Understanding, the yellow Aisha quickly un-tied his gag and rope. Standing for the first time in hours, Jeran glared at the Dark Faerie before him. "Leave him alone!"

     "After all he did to you, you're still standing up for him?" Maelstra asked, sarcasm oozing in her voice. "How cute. Now stand aside; I'm going to get rid of this buffoon!" Instantly, Jeran felt his body rise up into the air and land in a nearby bush. He watched as crackling purple magic raced up and down Maelstra's hands. She grinned.

     "No!" Jeran cried, jumping out of the bush. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he ran. A shimmering orb of power flew from Maelstra's fingers and headed for Skarl. Jeran lunged and pushed him out of the way, both boys landing in the grass. As they fell, the orb hit the tip of Jeran's sword's sheath and bounced off, going on a new path and heading straight for…a nearby yellow Aisha.


To be continued...

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