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Destruct-O-Match: Help Knock Them Down

by iabellat

By now everyone has seen the great new game, Destruct-O-Match. I'm here to tell you all about it, and give you a few hints to bring in the NP!

Now, for those of you who have never played the game, the point of Destruct-O-Match is to knock down all the prehistoric houses that the housing commission say need to be knocked down. Hurray for progress...because you get NP for knocking them down! To knock down a house you click on it, and if it is touching any house of the same colour you get both of them with one hit. This also means that if there is a group of 20 that are all touching each other, and you knock down one of the group, all 20 will go down. It's that easy!

To get to the next level you have to get a certain number of points. When you can't knock any more down, and don't have enough points for the next level, you submit your score and get Neopoints equal to half the number of points you made. So this is a very quick and easy way to make some extra NP.

But say you want to make a lot of points, not just a few. Well, Destruct-O-Match is great for that too, if you get to the higher levels. To do that you need some strategy, and you can feel free to use mine. My strategy is this: Each level I pick a certain colour, and I try to get rid of as many houses as I can that are not that colour, so that my colour is the majority on the board.

If you get rid of most of the other colours on the board, there is a great chance that all the houses of your chosen colour will be touching, and so you can get rid of those with one click. That alone is usually enough to get me to the next level. Also, when you have enough points to get to the next level don't just go on to it. There is no time limit on Destruct-O-Match, so it's worth the extra few seconds to double check the board before you go on, and make sure you have gotten rid of all the houses you can. And, of course, never forget that if you get rid of ALL the houses in the first level you get a bonus of 500 points, which is usually enough to get you through the next two levels for free, and ensure you finish the game.

So, now you know the basics of Destruct-O-Match, and you also know my method for becoming a Grand Master. Best of luck to you and your Destruct-O-Match playing!