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Beach Warf

When they got to the entrance of the beach there was a huge Spyder web in their way.

by Valekssister

Best Friends?

My name is Kevii, and I am a Fire Lupe with quite a strange story!

by nickzshiningstar

Big Bully

Two very different Poogles were walking down to the bus stop together.

by Promise200

Echoe - Miracle Behind a Dumpster

When I left the house that morning, I knew I shouldn't have...

by Duos_Deathangel

The Darkness of an Evil Pack

The forbidden lands. What were they? Who lived there? The Dark Pack, that's who!

by Deadly__Angel

Who Really Did It? The True Story of the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery

It all started when my owner, Justin, dropped me off at the lodge for a long holiday...

by anisama and his pet, Altrus

The Shortened Tale of a Lupe (Faerie Tales Adapted to Neopian Life)

Elly's head jerked up from the book she was reading when she heard the door bang loudly...

by ellysketchit

A Day in the Life of a Street Lupe

What was his owner doing, giving him such an ordinary meal when he deserved expensive Neggs...

by elizabeth2010

Usuki Fever

Yesterday, the power had went back on and so had the television and boomboxes...

by Rena2000

Hidden Villains In the Hidden Tower

Did you ever wonder why items in the Hidden Tower were so few and high priced?

by tsukineko and _babie_exstacy_

A Battle Worth Fighting

Thunder pounded overhead, awakening the huddled mass, causing it to whimper.

by Panthea_Guthrie

I Thought You Loved Me

It had been months, maybe even a year, since I felt the warm arms of a parent around me...

by virgo_10