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Above the Stars: Part Three

Beneath-the-Stars was jarred from her deep sleep by a sudden, swift chilling breeze.

by with_baited_breath

The Adventures of Bathys and Bruce: Part Four

Master Devil was back on the rock. This time, he had arranged a meeting for 200,000 Pant Devils...

by aokman

All Because of the Battledome: Part Two

The Techo led them through the docks until they came upon a wooden paddle boat.

by Charizard322

The Castle of Resurrection: Part Two

The next weekend arrived and the weather had improved a lot.

by phifi

Orb of Fate: Part Two

A brilliant coloured ball just excavated a hole in the ground.

by karoia

A Cure For a Bad Case of Frostbite: Part Four

We can make it to Neopia in over 8 minutes and then we can travel to another place to collect the other items.

by dannylam4

Summer's Sweet Lullaby: Part Three

He knew their sudden friendship was blossoming into much more. Love.

by nefertimonchild

Creating the Perfect Paradise: Part Two

All three had dreamed of living with a rich Neopian, but when they arrive, Baby and Usulia find out that...

by ekatzy

The Right Hand of Light: Part Five

All of Neopia was astonished when Meian, riding a Faerie Zafara and carrying the missing Orb and a sleeping user, soared into Faerie City.

by leslie_83

The Search for the Light Faerie: Part Two

As they walked Miimii began complaining about the mud not yet dried up due to the thick growing trees in Mynci forest.

by Iapetus

Why They Call Them Strangers: Part Three

She giggles, and squeals softly at it, "Silly Windy... come back here!"

by Rykani

Amber Shoyru, Superstar!: Part Three

"I'm still shocked about what you said to Nancy," said Bobette, munching on popcorn.

by sugarstarlet

Keeping Your Friends: Part Four

I woke up to a knocking on my door. "Outta bed, sleepyhead. Get your stuff," Really_Wise_Guy told me.

by Eugenitor