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Ability Descriptions

Here is a listing of the magical abilities that your pets can gain from the Spell Faeries. They are divided up into six spheres, and the one you will gain depends on the type of Faerie that blesses you. The abilities shown here only go up to level 25; very experienced pets can gain much higher abilities that are not shown here.

[ Flame ] [ Water ] [ Air ] [ Darkness ] [ Earth ] [ Light ]

Level Picture Ability Name Description
2 Night Vision Night Vision Night Vision allows your pet to see at night.
4 Nighttime Nighttime Darkens an illuminated area.
7 Temporal Leak Temporal Leak Creates a bubble of slow time that will slow down all creatures that come near you.
10 Shroud Shroud Makes you 99% invisible to creatures of good faith.
12 Demon Breath Demon Breath Your pets demon breath releases a fearful stench that prevents most creatures from coming closer.
17 Shadow Health Shadow Health This will allow you to extend your creatures maximum life by borrowing defence from the shadow plane.
21 Drain Life Drain Life This evil ability allows you to steal health from another NeoPet in combat.