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Ability Descriptions

Here is a listing of the magical abilities that your pets can gain from the Spell Faeries. They are divided up into six spheres, and the one you will gain depends on the type of Faerie that blesses you. The abilities shown here only go up to level 25; very experienced pets can gain much higher abilities that are not shown here.

[ Flame ] [ Water ] [ Air ] [ Darkness ] [ Earth ] [ Light ]

Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Spark Spark A gentle bolt of electricity will help fend off your enemies.
5 Air Shield Air Shield Gusts of wind encircle your creature when it is attacked and help fend off incoming blows.
8 Haste Haste Your pet becomes faster in movement and combat.
10 Thunder Tail Thunder Tail The mighty Thunder Tail attack.
12 Flight Flight This will allow your creature to take to the skies and fly.
17 Dive Dive Dive into combat and surprise your enemy with this attacking advantage!
21 Invisibility Invisibility This will make you safe from attack Well,as long as your enemies do not rely on their sense of smell.