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Ability Descriptions

Here is a listing of the magical abilities that your pets can gain from the Spell Faeries. They are divided up into six spheres, and the one you will gain depends on the type of Faerie that blesses you. The abilities shown here only go up to level 25; very experienced pets can gain much higher abilities that are not shown here.

[ Flame ] [ Water ] [ Air ] [ Darkness ] [ Earth ] [ Light ]

Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Magic Pebbles Magic Pebbles This allows you to animate the rock around you and fire pebbles at your enemies.
3 Tough Skin Tough Skin The power of the earth will harden your pet's skin, making it more difficult to hit.
6 Magic Berries Magic Berries Creates magical berries for your NeoPet, or its friends, to eat.
10 Burrow Burrow By activating this ability, your pet will burrow out of harms way when trying to evade combat.
12 Negg Negg Creates a juicy Negg for your pet.
15 Twisting Vines Twisting Vines This ability summons vines from the forest to twist around and attack your opponents.
19 Great Feast Great Feast Create a feast fit for a king with this powerful ability.
23 Regeneration Regeneration The power of the earth will help your NeoPet naturally heal faster than others.