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Ability Descriptions

Here is a listing of the magical abilities that your pets can gain from the Spell Faeries. They are divided up into six spheres, and the one you will gain depends on the type of Faerie that blesses you. The abilities shown here only go up to level 25; very experienced pets can gain much higher abilities that are not shown here.

[ Flame ] [ Water ] [ Air ] [ Darkness ] [ Earth ] [ Light ]

Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Smoke Screen Smoke Screen Escaping from combat is easier if you can hide yourself in a smoke screen.
3 Fiery Roar Fiery Roar This loud roar is sure to scare away even the most fearsome of enemies.
6 Fiery Gaze Fiery Gaze By using the fiery gaze ability your pet can hypnotize weak-minded creatures and force them to do its bidding.
8 Fireball Fireball This powerful ability lets your pet shoot magical fireballs at its enemies
12 War Cry War Cry Rushing into combat with a war cry will make your NeoPet more aggressive.
15 Lava Spit Lava Spit Your pet gains the ability to spit a bolt of molten hot lava at an enemy.
19 Song of the Volcano Song of the Volcano The song of the volcano gives you protection when roaming the hot lands of Neopia.
24 Boil Boil Invoking the power of flame against water will give you a powerful advantage against water creatures.