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Ability Descriptions

Here is a listing of the magical abilities that your pets can gain from the Spell Faeries. They are divided up into six spheres, and the one you will gain depends on the type of Faerie that blesses you. The abilities shown here only go up to level 25; very experienced pets can gain much higher abilities that are not shown here.

[ Flame ] [ Water ] [ Air ] [ Darkness ] [ Earth ] [ Light ]

Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Magic Torch Magic Torch The Magic Torch lights up dark areas and never goes out.
4 Flash Flash Blind your enemies with this flash and escape from combat easily.
7 Bless Bless When your NeoPet has been blessed, it will heal faster and also become stronger in combat.
10 Sun Ray Sun Ray A bright beam of sunlight that will help you defeat evil creatures.
13 Psychic Blast Psychic Blast A psychic blast may overwhelm weak-minded opponents.
17 Mote Dance Mote Dance Small motes will circle around your creature, protecting it from harm.
22 Restore Restore Restores some of your NeoPets health, and negates any bad things that may have happened to it.