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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"Standing valiantly against the Meridellian landscape was a tree that grasped for the whispers of clouds carried by a gentle breeze. In awe of its continued quest to clutch the cotton-like wisps stood Sir Jeran Borodere, the once young Lupe who had saved Meridell's hide from Lord Kass and his conspirators. Life after the war had not been as easy as he had hoped, but with his little sister Lisha back at his side and the will to see Meridell back to its fields of serenity, he found his way to the light at the end of the tunnel of strife."

Brightvale: true winner of Meridell vs Darigan?

Brightvale remained relatively secluded from the wider Neopian world, until the 11th day of hiding in Y6, when the proverbial gates were flung open following its 'discovery'. Of course, the kingdom was not truly 'discovered' on this day. Thought to have existed even before the time of Altador's founding, it was only following the conclusion of the Meridell vs Darigan wars that this peaceful neighbour, some 50 miles away, began to draw attention from the outside world.

Most Liveable Neopian City: Meridell or DC?

According to a new report, Meridell is the most liveable city in Neopia. The Y24 Neopian Liveability Index, published by Brightvale University, used five measures to determine liveability in Neopian cities: stability, healthcare, culture, education, and infrastructure. Meridell came in first place, followed closely by Darigan Citadel. In the middle were Neovia, Virtupets Space Station, and Faerie City, while Kiko Lake came in last place.

Op-Ed: King Skarl Did Nothing Wrong

The air is cold up there, even in the summer. Darigans pull on their coats, squeezing every bit of warmth out of them. Discontented murmurs in the audience gradually quieten, and the voice of the Usurper Kass becomes the only one booming throughout the citadel. "--But there are those who has brought ruin about our nation, and given the chance, would bring ruin upon it again! They would take our newfound freedom, my friends, rob it from us, just as he had done so many years ago. In the name of selfishness, in the name of greed, in the name of King Skarl!

Other Stories
"Bygones" by alphachicky
The sun is sinking behind the trees, casting the entire marketplace in long shadows. Merchants are packing away their wares, folding down tables and chairs, and taking down signs. Most customers have already cleared out. Only a few linger behind, haggling and bargaining for that final elusive deal.

"An Old Friend" by therock4678
Lord Darigan sat perched atop his throne in his dark castle on a gloomy morning. Rain pittered against the clouded windows and black stone that made up his home. His bony knuckles cracked quietly as he clenches and relaxes his hands. His eyes focus on nothing in particular as his mind wandered, as it tended to do after the theft of the orb that belonged to him and his people.

"Darigan" by birdinggal
Their land is a peaceful one. Prosperous. Ruled by the benevolent and wise Lord Darigan. Those who live in the dominion know nothing of wars, nor famine, nor plague. Why would they? The Orb in their courtyard keeps all ills at bay, casting a protective glow about the Citadel's inner walls. No harm has befallen them for as long as anyone can remember, nor will it in times to come.

We've Got Dung!

This week's issue is brought to you by: The Rubbish Dump
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