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Short Stories

Images of Vullards

"In some of the old paintings of the war, I saw Vullards. They circled overhead, they lurked on fences and parapets. I asked my father why, once. He used to be a knight."

by jaudaran
A Meridell Celebration

"Within the castle walls of Brightvale sat a jolly sort of king, on a beautiful throne that was as beautiful as the kingdom he ruled. He was notably as green as the kingdom itself — a jovial old Skeith whose eyes shone bright and whose laugh sounded merry."

by sleepiestkitty
Ruby Road

"There were few things Rohane desired more than a quiet weekend. Time to unwind. Eat a wonderful, home-cooked meal. Play with his little nephew. Relax."

by parody_ham
The Coming Out Ball

"The knocks on the door were sharp and quick, in a frantic manner that spoke of urgency. The White Poogle that opened the door darted her eyes around the lavishly appointed bedroom, nervously wringing her hands on her apron."

by herdygerdy
Un día en Darigan//One day in Darigan

"Yo vivo aquí a pesar de tener un clima difícil porque siempre está oscuro, e incluso cuando no lo está, el cielo esta nublado. No todo está maldito en cierto modo este lugar tiene su encanto."

by clari_hikari
Robbie And The Rubbish Dump

"Robbie, the Blue Ixi, dug his spade into the ground and rested his head on the handle, letting out a huge sigh. Sweat dripped from his brow. He couldn't believe how hot it was! Above him, the sun blazed in the clear blue sky."

by tallydepp

"The sun is sinking behind the trees, casting the entire marketplace in long shadows. Merchants are packing away their wares, folding down tables and chairs, and taking down signs. Most customers have already cleared out. Only a few linger behind, haggling and bargaining for that final elusive deal."

by alphachicky
An Old Friend

Lord Darigan meets with an unexpected guest.

by therock4678
Making (and Remaking) Darigan History

"A Yellow Xweetok in a checkerboard top, thick-framed glasses and plaid skirt were glued to a bulky and round screen. In bold letters, the show exclaims, “DARIGAN CITADEL WINS!” Her mouth slides to a slant as she raises a paw to adjust the comically nerdy glasses."

by homsar_eggplant
The Reawakening

"Dirt and grime and ache spread through the weary, soggy bones of the commander. His sword felt like the weight of the world in his right hand; his armour the weight of the people. His people."

by kat212121
Conversations with Xandra

"The following is a never before released unredacted record of some conversations between Queen Fyora and Xandra during her time in Faerieland. Neomails and in-person conversations are also labelled as such. Such records were obtained by the Neopian Times under the Faerieland Public Records Act."

by black_skull725
Hearth of the Realm

"Young master, you crawl out of the wood pile right now before we have to knock it all apart to fetch you ourselves!"

by liouchan
A Castle Cries

Not every story ends happily, and sometimes it seems like the end, but it isn’t. After the period of one family ends, another sparks to life. Draikriel and Draikslye discover an unexpected treasure inside the decaying Keep of White River.collab with indiigoe

by rosemmary

"Their land is a peaceful one. Prosperous. Ruled by the benevolent and wise Lord Darigan. Those who live in the dominion know nothing of wars, nor famine, nor plague. Why would they? The Orb in their courtyard keeps all ills at bay, casting a protective glow about the Citadel's inner walls."

by birdinggal
Neither Here Nor There

"Blend in. Blend in, blend in, blend in. The Purple Cybunny darted back and forth, moving the spiked and twisted Darigan vegetables from packing crates to the dim store shelves so fast that they seemed to float through the air by themselves."

by nut862
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Most Liveable Neopian City: Meridell or DC?

According to a new report, Meridell is the most liveable city in Neopia. The Y24 Neopian Liveability Index, published by Brightvale University, used five measures to determine liveability in Neopian cities: stability, healthcare, culture, education, and infrastructure. Meridell came in first place, followed closely by Darigan Citadel. In the middle were Neovia, Virtupets Space Station, and Faerie City, while Kiko Lake came in last place.

Other Stories


XxD: Meridell v Darigan Lists
Two dynamic lists from the Dynamic Duo!

by shellshocks


Op-Ed: King Skarl Did Nothing Wrong
"The air is cold up there, even in the summer. Darigans pull on their coats, squeezing every bit of warmth out of them. Discontented murmurs in the audience gradually quieten, and the voice of the Usurper Kass becomes the only one booming throughout the citadel." collab with keng200 - thumbnail art

by likelife96


Armistice - Part 1
"Squire Meekel is too old to be a squire, and he wishes Haskol would stop calling him one."

by crazyboutcute


Ghosts of the Past - Part 1
“'What do you mean, your battle is nearing your end?' Torvald’s eyes were wide in confusion."

by fallingdaybreak


Lord Darigans mishaps
Lord Darigan's lasers seem to have a mind of their own...

by safemoon


A War Over the Plague - Two Decades of Peace! [Puzzle]
A crossword puzzle with some bonus trivia! collab with aninha_morango and iam_puma_master

by dollsuki

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