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Hey TNT! I really wanted to know, where would you say your guys' priorities are at for the coming one to two years? For example I'm so excited for a potential new plot, I've been training my pet in advance as well for it! But there's also a lot of site upkeep to be done. Where will your focus be, and any news you could give us on upcoming plots or features? ~~christiaan258
Hey there! After many meetings and discussions, we are hard at work with updates to the future events in Neopia to make for the best experience. We also have our work carved out for the Battledome that we want to address and the work on making UC Paintbrushes as perfect as possible. Thank you for your patience! ~~Yarner

As for the plot, our narrative team has already mapped out most of the storyline, and we are tentatively aiming for the release of the first chapters next year. Once we get through some of the upcoming events such as the Faerie Festival and Advent Calendar, we will likely start having some of the other disciplines join us in working on the plot! Although I don't want to give too much away, I can say that the next plot will be a heartfelt tale involving a certain faerie long overdue for a resolution... ~~Aesop

Would y’all ever consider going back to listing “part one,” “part two,” etc in Neopian Times series names when we are clicking between parts? It used to be easier to navigate and now we have to count to select which part to read next. Thank you! ~~encroached
Great idea! We will add part numbers to the titles so that the series should be easier to navigate! ~~Stone

The Other III album collection has been completed for some time but the avatar has not been released. Are there plans to release it soon? If so, can I request that the Hanso and Brynn Stamp be made into the avatar, since we do not have an avatar featuring these two iconic characters? ~~fiery_sword
Yes we have the creation of a new avatar for the Other III album collection on our list and are planning to begin the design process for it soon. Thank you for passing along your terrific suggestion! I completely agree that the Hanso and Brynn stamp would make an excellent avatar. We will definitely see if we can squeeze those two onto the new avatar! ~~Aesop

A lot of rumours are going around about what may or may not have been said about NC UC pets at SDCC, with multiple different quotes being talked about. As we are past the Altador Cup, please can you clarify what the situation is with NC UC pets, and when we can expect to see them? ~~jason_bourne_1
Hello! We understand that the UC Paintbrushes are extremely important to get correct. We are working out a lot of hurdles surrounding the release internally but want to get some input from our fellow Neopians. We will be sending out a poll in the next couple of weeks to get feedback on the direction we are going. Stay tuned and we appreciate everyone's feedback. ~Yarner

Hi. Would you consider releasing colors for the Xampher? Despite being released way back in 2009, it has no petpet paint brush options at this time. Pirate would be neat. ~~sixlets1
We agree, our furry little friend the Xampher could absolutely use some more color options! Keep an eye out for some new colors coming in the near future (: ~~Aesop

Hello TNT! -hands you a refreshing glass of lemonade- I know we just got the ability to have more pets...but will there be an opportunity to buy more pet slots in the future? Or have more side accounts (to fill up with said pets) With UCs being re-released and all the cute NC items, THERE ISNT ENOUGH SPACE!! So...in the future maybe? (Please remove my username) ~~Anonymous
Hello! We currently have no plans to add additional pet slots in the future, but it is something that we can discuss. We do feel it would be time for a sale on those pet slots… perhaps soon… ~~Yarner

Hi! I've been working on a plushie gallery and I couldn't help but notice that it seems every Neopet species has a set of basic colour (red, yellow, green, blue) plushies except for Poogles and Kikos. Why is this? I don't want them to be left out of my gallery! D: ~~magical336
How odd! We certainly don’t want Poogles or Kikos to feel left out, so we will be sure to add in some soon! ~~Aesop

Are there any plans to update the Battledome? Some players have spent hundreds of millions of Neopoints in training a pet and the deserve to be rewarded for all their effort. We used to have Wars and Battle centered events that would give exclusive prizes and trophies. Now we have nothing. ~~_the__maker_
Hi there! YES! We have gathered feedback from users over time and have the tasks carved out for the team to take on. Balancing this amongst the events that we have going on, we hope to get some fixes and updates into some future releases. ~Yarner

*sets out cookies and other delicious treats* Hi, I was wondering if we could get Woodland as a new colour for the Eizzil? Pretty please *baby lupe eyes* (please remove my username) ~~Anonymous
Appreciate the suggestion! We do think a woodland Eizzil would be absolutely adorable. We will have to add them to the list for new petpet colors we are planning to release in the near future! ~~Aesop

On the mobile version under the inventory tab, can you add a link to our closet? Would be much appreciated! ~~daisytree288
Hiya! That would be super helpful to have, we’ll look into this and see what we can do (: ~~sunpotato

Hear me out. An item that gives hissis a little forked tongue that sticks out of their mouth. You can thank me later. ~~draik_bianca
I think you should check out the Deserted Tomb Monster Hissi Tongue we released for the most recent Hissi Day back in May (: You know what they say about great minds thinking alike! ~~Aesop

Hello TNT! *hands them an apple pie that was baked this morning* I was wondering: are you planning to do a fairy quest event? last year there was no and this first part of the year there was also no news, and it was one of my favorite annual events, doing a quest every day and hopefully getting to see the fountain fairy. Thanks!
Yes we are planning on having a small Faerie Quest event around the Faerie Festival this year. Although it might be less expansive than Faerie Festivals in the past, we are also working on a short but very exciting story to go along with the Faerie Quest events this year!


Thank you for the Tropical Maraquan Drink my maraquan pets really appreciate it! It's perfect for SOO many customs! Thank you! ~~spukl1

I just wanted to give a shout out for the KISS reference for Kiko Day. As a long-time fan of the band and lucky enough to have first seen them live *ahem* years ago, I thought it was a great little nod. Thanks all :) ~~forbeshouse

Hello! Could you please end this weeks editorial with everyone's favourite item, a mango? ~~99kduap

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