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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

And now, here she was. It was so different from her memories of the clouded city, but even with the heroics of Hanso and the others, Faerieland would never be the same again. She checked the instructions in the letter once more, and set off towards Faerie City. The memories of the grand and sprawling land of clouds squeezed her heart, but there was a certain charm to be had in the new Faerieland too. With years of rebuilding already completed, the forest was alive with neopets and faeries alike passing through, all with the backdrop of singing birds and forest animals in their natural habitat and the sparkling water passing through Healing Springs and the Rainbow Fountain. As she walked through the streets of cobblestone and packed dirt, everywhere she looked there was something amazing to see. Faerie petpets flying through the air chasing one another, shops displaying the latest fashions and foods, trellises crawling with vines blooming in large ruffled flowers of all colours.

The Faerigan Altador Cup Special

As everyone is gearing up for the Altador Cup, even Neopia’s famous leaders are ready to cheer on their teams. Although they do not directly coach their teams, they act as sponsors. In some cases, this means directly financing the team and their travel, food, and lodging expenses for the Cup. In other cases, it’s securing places for them to practice, relax, and ready themselves for the game today. Today, we have two Neopian leaders: Lord Darigan and Queen Fyora. Both of them have graciously offered their time to give Neopian Times readers an in-depth look at what goes on behind-the-scenes. How do their teams practice? What do they do in the off-season?

The Faerieland Royal Family

Most Neopians recognize her everywhere she goes. Her lavender scent, as well as her dress along with her soft voice, draws immediate reverence from any audience. She is the Faerie Queen after all. And she has her very own holiday that many Neopians are eager to celebrate. However, the rest of the royalty in Faerieland had long remained a mystery. One could not be faulted if they thought Queen Fyora was the only royalty in Faerieland. Of course, she's the most prominent of them all. So, allow us to go into a deeper dive into the Faerieland royal family from her closest confidant to her more recently appointed “Master Thief” Hanso.

Interview With The Star: Make Some Noise

The Altador Cup is, without a doubt, Neopia's most beloved sporting event. Annually, every summer, teams representing each of the Neopian lands come together in Altador to compete in Yooyuball. Of course, what makes the experience so beloved by spectators are not only the matches, but also what comes with them: getting ready to leave home to go to the stadium, and doing it as early as possible so you can get the best spot in the bleachers at the arena...

Other Stories
"The Siege of Faerieland" by honorrolle
Raitorn the Yellow Kourgra was a gruff soul. A strong competitor in the battledome, though a little arrogant, he was well-meaning. He just liked to win. He was excellent at winning and was never really taught how to lose. Time and time again, he would face the fiercest competitors in the domes and each time, he would reign victorious. Quite a following started to develop around his battles and soon he started attracting more attention. Raitorn, never really having friends was astounded at the perks that winning could get him. He enjoyed the attention and the adoring fans. He loved getting nerkmids to try his luck at the local vending machine. He enjoyed the rare delicacies from all the places around Neopia...

"The Faerie Queen and the Draik Who Would Be King" by precious_katuch14
Faerieland Magic Academy was home to some of Neopia’s foremost intellectual and sorcerous minds – in more ways than one. Its west wing was dedicated not only to the faculty offices but also the dormitories of the instructors who lived on campus. The dormitories could only be reached through the door emblazoned with a mosaic keyhole and a faerie Erisim with one paw extended as though asking for the key to it. And to ensure the professors’ privacy, that door was guarded by some of the school’s most powerful spells. But every door had its key. The green Pteri standing in front of the dormitory door held a gilded lilac card with the words...

"The Hidden Tower" by zufoxz
Lea sat down in the grass by the cobbled path. She had spent the better part of the day trekking through the crater, but it was worth it as soon as she heard the telltale splashing of the Rainbow Fountain. Her ears pricked and she had followed the noise to enter the world of Faeries, sprawling out through the lush greenery. Her tail flicked anxiously. She had been to Faerieland before, but that was only to spin the Wheel back when she was a child. She remembered hiding behind her brother’s legs when the kind faerie asked if she wanted to spin the wheel herself. She had stood out so much more back in the old Faerieland - dark green camouflage coat standing out against the pale fluffy clouds like a rainstorm - but in this new, grounded world...

Faerie Foods

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