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New Series

The Power of Twelve

The Darkest Faerie returns to Altador, but surprises the Council by immediately surrendering...

by herdygerdy
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"The Hidden Tower" by zufoxz
Lea sat down in the grass by the cobbled path. She had spent the better part of the day trekking through the crater, but it was worth it as soon as she heard the telltale splashing of the Rainbow Fountain. Her ears pricked and she had followed the noise to enter the world of Faeries, sprawling out through the lush greenery. Her tail flicked anxiously. She had been to Faerieland before, but that was only to spin the Wheel back when she was a child. She remembered hiding behind her brother’s legs when the kind faerie asked if she wanted to spin the wheel herself. She had stood out so much more back in the old Faerieland - dark green camouflage coat standing out against the pale fluffy clouds like a rainstorm - but in this new, grounded world...

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The Hidden Tower
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