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Continued Series

The Royal Axis: Pushing Back The Dark

The thrilling conclusion to The Royal Axis: Pushing Back The Dark!

by iamnotaaron
Lupe Pack Detectives-The Fake Detective

The challenge issued by Ellipse heats up as Neopian Times reporters are tipped off...

by lupe_hunter_7
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"The Faerie Queen and the Draik Who Would Be King" by precious_katuch14
Faerieland Magic Academy was home to some of Neopia’s foremost intellectual and sorcerous minds – in more ways than one. Its west wing was dedicated not only to the faculty offices but also the dormitories of the instructors who lived on campus. The dormitories could only be reached through the door emblazoned with a mosaic keyhole and a faerie Erisim with one paw extended as though asking for the key to it. And to ensure the professors’ privacy, that door was guarded by some of the school’s most powerful spells. But every door had its key. The green Pteri standing in front of the dormitory door held a gilded lilac card with the words...

Other Stories


The Siege of Faerieland
Have you ever heard the "Faerieland Bedtime Story"?

by honorrolle


The Faerie Queen and the Draik Who Would Be King
Queen Fyora places her faith in trust rather than fear...

by precious_katuch14


The Faerieland Royal Family
Join us on a deeper dive into the Faerieland royal family from her closest confidant to her more recently appointed “Master Thief” Hanso.

by black_skull725


A History of Famous Yurbles
Yurbles were first discovered in Neopia in Year 6 and are found everywhere in Neopia, yet we don’t have a lot of visibility. I mean, how many of us can name a Yurble besides the Janitor in Altador?

by elhiwe


Forgotten at the Battledome
Sometimes you just forget they're there until you go to the Healing Springs...

by rhythmfever


Yurble Day Game
Can you help the yurble make his way through the maze? collab with myhiddenstar and guitdb12

by neelii

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