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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The first part of my life that I remember was this moment, so I refer to it as the first day of my life. A mother, her voice so gentle and sweet, singing softly to her newborn baby girl. The girl was cradled in her arms, both eyes closed, somewhere with the Faeries in dreamland. A soft patter of rain was audible, just beneath the melody of her voice, pressing against the windows. I watched them from my position in the cradle. They looked so beautiful together. If I could move, and if I could speak, I may have smiled; or I may have said something and ruined the quiet moment altogether.

Buyers Guide: Valentine's Day Cards

It’s a day people love (pun intended) or hate, and inevitably, it comes every year. Every 14th of Awakening, a large portion of the population wishes to acknowledge friends and share their love. A smaller portion (including the likes of Jhudora or Dr. Sloth) want no part in its festivities and would wish misery to those happy people. Nothing says you appreciate someone’s friendship on Valentine’s Day like a good card. Handwritten or store-bought, a card (and more importantly, its message) show that you care and are thinking of them. This guide will help you pick the card that sends the message you actually intended – good or bad. So before you pull out your trusty mail stuffer and waste precious stamps, let’s take a deep dive into the art of giving a card.

Wearable Jewellery for Your Friend or Valentine

Christine: Welcome! If you’re wondering what kind of gift to get your friend, family member, or valentine for Valentine’s Day, look no further. There are many different wearable jewellery items which a lot of pets would enjoy. In this article, we’ll be going over the Valentine-themed ones that are most suitable for this holiday--- Walda: I WANT A BOX OF CHOCOLATES FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Maldice: *scowls* No, you’re not getting one. Walda: I WANT ONE, YOU MEANIE!!! Ella: Don’t worry. I’ll get you a nice necklace instead. Angie: Unfortunately, none of the wearable jewellery items come in baby sizes... Walda: WHAT?! NO FAIR!!! WAAAAHHHH!!! Maldice: You got plenty of wearables last Valentine’s Day...

Jhudora: Truly a Good Faerie

Jhudora is considered a dark Faerie in Neopia. But let's be honest, is she really that bad? Is there any proof of her evil deeds, or is it all hearsay? I firmly believe that Jhudora is simply misunderstood. There are rumours of her so-called 'evil deeds', yet we never seem to have any proof! Outside the city of Faerieland, on Jhudora's Bluff, Jhudora waits for Neopians to brave her temper and accept a quest. She is much kinder than other Faeries in that she allows you to use the Shop Wizard while on her quests. While a lot of...

Other Stories
"Usuki Singing Stars #52: Scary's Secret Admirer" by downrightdude
“Great! Can this terrible day get even worse??” Scary slammed her locker shut. “First that idiot Snaw forgot to pack our lunches, then some moron decided to decorate the halls and lockers with tacky red and pink paper hearts.” The purple Bruce glared at the decorated halls of Neoschool as she crumpled a red heart that was taped to her locker. Sparkles drew a smiley face on the pink heart she pasted on hers. “I think it’s sweet how our school is decked out for Valentines Day,” said the pink Bruce. “Just one more day until the Day of Love!” “Pfft. That pathetic excuse of a holiday was only created to sell heart-shaped atrocities to single-minded...

"Heart Of Hope" by harvestmoon66
What feels like 900 or 1000 years is only a few months. What feels like it will never be fixed will slowly with love, patience, and care. Here lies in your notebook a story you’ve been meaning to tell. You sigh heavily, and yet a smile still creeps on your lips. What would you really have done without your Xweetoks? Here lies a reason among many ~**~ Valentines Day. You can't believe how much time has passed. You stare at your username papers and sigh. Biting down on your lip, you trudge through the busy Neopia Central streets. What do you know about love and caring? After all, you have left your pets hungry and starving for months. If only you could change things to how they once were.

"The Tale of Two Artists: A Valentine’s Story" by superkathiee
Moony the Grarrl was walking back to his neohome from a trip to the markets one day when he saw a little pink Weewoo with a card in its mouth waiting for him on the porch. It was midway through the Month of Awakening which meant one thing: Valentine’s Day was approaching. Moony always hated the time around Valentine’s Day because he never had anyone to share it with. Being a Grarrl, people stayed away from him because they assumed he was scary, so he didn’t really make friends very easily. All he’d ever wanted was to eat chocolates and read stories with one friend on Valentine’s Day, but he’d never had that chance. Still, seeing that pink Weewoo on the porch of his...

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