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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

With all of their adventuring days over swamps and desert, a little beach sand did little to slow the two of them down. They raced into the brush, dodging hanging vines, moss-covered trees, and ornate orchids that dangled from branches. Squeaks and squawks from tropical petpets bombarded their ears as they uncovered a roost of Pawkeets. Everything changed when they made it into a forest clearing. Instead of raucous petpets, they heard… nothing.

10 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Sloth Appreciation Day

The Month of Sleeping is finally here and you know what that means- yes, it’s time to celebrate our favourite Neopian hero Dr. Sloth! Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But how do I celebrate my one true overlord Dr. Sloth without spending tens of thousands of neopoints?” Easy, if you know where to look! Even if you’re low on funds you can still find fun ways to celebrate our favourite ruler and make the holiday extra special this year. I’ve compiled a list of items sure to bring some cheer into this year’s Sloth Appreciation Day. The best part- all of the items mentioned in this article cost under 5000 Neopoints!

Top Ten Household Items to Slothify Your Neohome

This Sloth Day, celebrate properly by adding some seasonal touches to your Neohome. Whether it's personal items, furniture, or house decor, these ten popular Dr. Sloth items will brighten anyone's day. Some of these may be harder to hunt down than others, but from notebooks to statues, there's plenty of variety here to celebrate the holiday properly. 1) Dr. Sloth Lamp What better way to brighten a household with Sloth energy than this innovative lamp? There's clearly no light in Sloth's eyes as he is constantly planning new plots, but instead, enjoy the ray of light coming out of his mouth to brighten a dark room.

Neo Year Resolutions

It’s the new year, and then some. How did the weeks fly by already? Weren’t you celebrating the end of 2020 just yesterday, and now it’s - well, now it’s most certainly not January 1st? And how are those New Years Resolutions coming along? Or - like me - did you realize long ago that you are utterly incapable of setting New Years Resolutions and so you didn’t even bother making them up this year? Because really, in many ways, New Years Resolutions are silly. You don’t need the new year to set a resolution for areas of improvement. So, I say, do away with the New Years Resolution - and let’s focus on something more important: that’s right, Neo Years Resolution!

Other Stories
"Beware the Robot Petpet..." by hyper_heather1
“A nother N-4 Info Retrieval Bot? How many of these can you win in a day?” Blebix the grundo, custodian of the Virtupets battledome, tried very hard not to grin as an angry-looking lupe and his owner walked by him, robot in hand. When they had walked out of sight, he continued whispering his song, the tune that had gotten him through this past month of watching hundreds of spoiled neopets and their owners complain about their robot prizes. “The day is almost here. The day is almost here” Blebix almost skipped in his excitement. Dragging his mop along in a dance, ignoring the slime that trailed behind it, he cackled maniacally. His years of patiently waiting were almost at an end. The virtupets robots, the most common prize of the Virtupets battledome, were the creation of Dr. Frank Sloth...

"The Giant Squid Looks For a Friend" by _polonius_
Deep in the waters off the coast of Krawk Island Larry the Giant Squid was bored. There were plenty of fish down here to munch on. The water was warm and the view was nice. He should have had nothing to complain about. Larry tried to keep his spirits up and say positive affirmations when he remembered to keep away the doldrums. He felt a little ungrateful to be honest since he knew that he had a good life in the seas of Neopia. There was fairly good entertainment when push came to shove too. He got a lot of visitors, but they didn’t seem a very nice sort. They definitely didn’t seem to want to be friends either. He kept trying to make some conversation and cultivate relationships with them, but sadly all that happened is that they would fire cannons at him or they would run away.

"Adventures of the Black Pawkeet (No, the Other One)" by cookiez101
It was a fine summer day on the sea, and Scallywag, the Black Pawkeet, was perched contentedly on Garin’s shoulder. Garin, the yellow Usul captain of the Black Pawkeet, strode about the ship deck, calling orders here and there, laughing and joking at intervals and slapping his crewmates on the back as he passed them. The crew was giddy after raiding a particularly lavish wedding ceremony they had happened upon. Scallywag himself had a small diamond ring that he held in his talons, which he pecked at in intervals, then gazed into its seemingly endless refracting gleam. Garin patted his petpet on the head and gazed north at the horizon. “Who knows what tomorrow will hold for us, Scallywag! Life on the sea is limitless, it seems,” he said, and continued to gaze north, his tail flicking about restlessly.

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