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New Series

Trouble in Paradise

“Cheers to a long-awaited vacation!”

by parody_ham
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"The Giant Squid Looks For a Friend" by _polonius_
Deep in the waters off the coast of Krawk Island Larry the Giant Squid was bored. There were plenty of fish down here to munch on. The water was warm and the view was nice. He should have had nothing to complain about. Larry tried to keep his spirits up and say positive affirmations when he remembered to keep away the doldrums. He felt a little ungrateful to be honest since he knew that he had a good life in the seas of Neopia. There was fairly good entertainment when push came to shove too. He got a lot of visitors, but they didn’t seem a very nice sort. They definitely didn’t seem to want to be friends either. He kept trying to make some conversation and cultivate relationships with them, but sadly all that happened is that they would fire cannons at him or they would run away.

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