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10 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Sloth Appreciation Day

The Month of Sleeping is finally here and you know what that means- yes, it’s time to celebrate our favourite Neopian hero Dr. Sloth!

by alaynaweb
Neo Year Resolutions

It’s the new year, and then some. How did the weeks fly by already?

by aurorapearl
Top Ten Household Items to Slothify Your Neohome

This Sloth Day, celebrate properly by adding some seasonal touches to your Neohome!

by pregnatress
On Popular Neopets

Neopets species. 52 choices out there, for all kinds of tastes. Of course, some are more popular than others....

by mahaut_the_old
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"Adventures of the Black Pawkeet (No, the Other One)" by cookiez101
It was a fine summer day on the sea, and Scallywag, the Black Pawkeet, was perched contentedly on Garin’s shoulder. Garin, the yellow Usul captain of the Black Pawkeet, strode about the ship deck, calling orders here and there, laughing and joking at intervals and slapping his crewmates on the back as he passed them. The crew was giddy after raiding a particularly lavish wedding ceremony they had happened upon. Scallywag himself had a small diamond ring that he held in his talons, which he pecked at in intervals, then gazed into its seemingly endless refracting gleam. Garin patted his petpet on the head and gazed north at the horizon. “Who knows what tomorrow will hold for us, Scallywag! Life on the sea is limitless, it seems,” he said, and continued to gaze north, his tail flicking about restlessly.

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