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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Amira sat on her throne of gold, reflecting upon her reign. It had not been the smoothest. It was an inauspicious start, to inherit the crown only upon the assassination of one's father. Amira had been outside the city then, and her younger sister Vyssa had assumed the throne in her stead — a throne which the Desert Usul relinquished with obvious reluctance when her elder sister finally returned. To add insult upon insult, there was a marked preference among the people of Sakhmet for Vyssa. Amira could only blame herself for that. She had been too eager to see the outside world, spent too much time away from her birth kingdom, while Vyssa cultivated a following at home.

Boochi and Dr. Landelbrot: An Exposé

It’s been a little over two years since Neopians stopped always being sure to leave the house with their least fav--erm, luckiest pet, should they have the misfortune of running into Boochi. These days, anyone who finds themselves staring down the business end of Boochi’s ray gun has little to fear, since his aim just isn’t what it used to be. But, after all these years, I was startled to discover that no-one had reported on the villains involved--or the scientist responsible.

Kiko Lake Survivors Anonymous

While this intense preparation may lead to victory, it also serves as an opportunity for one notorious team in Neopia to take advantage over all of the rest. For many of us readers, we have been greeted by the terrible “random event” regarding a certain team accepting donations of highly valuable items. These so called “donations” can possess any value, rare ranking, or size imaginable. For some of us, items of great value have been usurped by the winner of last year’s Altador Cup…Team Kiko Lake.

Are You an Altador Cup Fanatic?

Altador Cup fanatics are absolutely terrifying, especially in such large quantities. To make matters worse, many fans are in complete denial about being obsessed with the Cup--you could be addicted and not even know it. So how can you tell if you are one of these crazed fans? Well, in honor of the 11th annual Altador Cup, we’re here to help you recognize if you are truly an Altador Cup fanatic.

Other Stories
"Lost and Found Again" by geniusbulb
Scellea woke up in the middle of the forest. There was a Kacheek farmer standing over her with a pitchfork in his paw and a very angry look on his face. “What do you think you’re doing?” he said. “You can’t just sleep wherever you want. This is my property!” She tried to speak but found her beak was full of leaves. She spat it out. “Sorry—” she began. “Oh, just get out of here,” said the farmer. “Kids these days!” So she got out. She did not know where she was. Her wings, thankfully, still worked, and after she’d flown up a little distance, she could see that she was just outside the walls of Altador; she’d crashed into some Altadorian farm. But— She flew into the city, landed near one of the reflecting pools, and stared at herself. She was a Faerie Eyrie, a little dusty, with a few leaves still stuck in her feathers. She remembered her name but nothing else about herself, even where she’d come from. She had nothing to her name. “It looks like I’m here for now,” she said to herself. Even the short flight from the farm to the city had exhausted her, and she suspected that one of her wings was sprained. She was hungry, too. She walked instead of flying to Exquisite Ambrosia, where the cheerful Skeith shopkeeper stood selling mountains of bread and grapes and fresh cheese. “What do you mean, you don’t have any money?” he said to her.

"A Pair of Punished Pranksters" by _brainchild_
The moon was full, and the sky was plagued by ominous shadows. Two Darigan Neopets, a Scorchio and an Aisha, snuck onto the property, spray paint in hand. "I can't believe that Ella beat us in the Beauty Contest," grumbled the Scorchio. "We'll show her!" He rushed over to the tower which stood next to the house. He pressed the button on the can and wrote "Ella stinks!" on the tower in neon letters. Snickering, he turned to his friend. "Now she'll— What are you doing?!" "Wrecking the garden benches," grinned the Aisha, smashing the stone. "Spray paint isn't satisfying enough." "You imbecile!" snarled the Scorchio. "They'll hear you and wake up! Then we'll get caught!" The Aisha paused. "Well, let's hope that they're sound sleepers." However, the victims had indeed been awakened. A Stealthy Draik rushed out of the house, her steps full of fury. "What is wrong with you?!" she yelled. "You'll pay for this!" Then, all of a sudden... time froze. The two delinquents found themselves unable to move. "What gives?!" cried the Scorchio. "Let us go!" "Not so easily," replied the Draik. She glanced at the smashed benches and the graffiti on the tower. "I am Maldice, Ella's sister. I live here with her, and I will not tolerate vandalism."

"Venn's Return from the Isolated Island" by mbredboy31
For Venn, an Orange Lutari left stranded on Lutari Island, that year’s Lutari Day could not have come soon enough. This was the one day of the year on which the storm around the island weakened just enough for magical teleportation through it to be possible. Venn himself was not capable of this magic, but he knew that Steph, an 8-Bit Flotsam with powerful magical abilities, would come at the end of the day to take him home. This was a time of excitement, but also of sadness, as he had become like family to the closely knit inhabitants of the island. Everyone there knew that Venn would be leaving that day. Venn had spent the previous year helping out the islanders and learning about their culture. He helped grow food-bearing plants, helped with the quests that the island’s guardian Faerie gave to the islanders to keep the island protected from the storm surrounding it, and joined in the islanders’ rituals. On top of all that, Venn took swimming lessons from one of the natives, as Venn previously could not swim despite being a Lutari. In fact, he had gotten moderately good; good enough to not embarrass himself at least. Thus, Venn waited for Steph on this last day of his being there.

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