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New Series

Change Needs Growth

Thank you to those who supported me and believed in my creativity the whole time. A big thank you to Mikey J and Papa Be

by jehtredmonkey
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"Forever Together" by orisasda
In the infirmary in Faerieland, a lone wraith Lupe sits by a bed with a Faerie Kougra sleeping in it. It may be hard to believe, but the two were best friends who had found each other after having been apart for six years. They had met many years before then. The Lupe, Miezul Savarin was not always a wraith Lupe, nor was he like the Neopets who had been turned into wraiths by the dark power that had sparked the war that now raged all over Neopia. All he ever wanted in the past and in the present was peace. But it seemed no peace would come between what his friend, Solnel Flyte was and what he now was. He felt that even though he had his best friend and others beside him, he’d be forever alone. Forever lonely. Six years ago, a red Lupe entered the ruins of a lost, cursed castle. He did not have long to live as he has met with bandits along the way and before being stricken down, one had sliced him across the chest with a dagger and he felt his life ebbing away. He cursed and fell, his legs no longer able to sustain his weight. He rolled onto his back and tried not to look at his chest. He knew he was dying but could not accept it because of what he was here to do in the first place. He had come to find a way to help his best friend face the greatest challenge of his life. And here he was, about to die and leave his friend to face the challenge alone. Suddenly, a purple glow came into view and the red Lupe saw the purple eyes of a wraith Lupe staring into his. He grinned weakly at it.

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