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Hey Scrapadoodle! May I call you Scrapadoodle? So I really love Fiendish Formations. Great addition to the plot. I was wondering any chance of us getting to keep the game even after the plot is over? Because that would be awesome! ~kellyclarksonfan234
I'm not gonna lie to you right now....I'm kinda feeling this new nickname. Scrapadoodle! I LOVE IT! Anyways back to Fiendish's so fun, isn't it?! I've spent an unhealthy amount of time playing this game! No, wait, FOCUS SCRAPADOODLE! We're going to have to wait and see if this will be introduced outside of this event (I know that answer won't make you guys happy but I HAD to post the Scrapadoodle part)! SCRAPADOODLE!

Dearest Scrappy *bows and hands you a Succulent Bouquet* It's wonderful that some of the dailies have been updated with new prizes! I especially appreciate the wearable ones. Speaking of which, NC card redemption prizes used to be changed pretty much every season, but the current ones have been around for 3 1/2 years! We are drowning in Floral Face Paints and Bronze Clockwork Wings. And now that there aren't a bunch of different types of cards any more the prize pool is even smaller. Any chance of a change in the near future? ~purplebin
Very interesting!! This actually was not on our list but I'm really happy you brought it to my attention, I think that's a FANTASTIC idea! I mean, 3 1/2 years?!?! That's a little many Bronze Clockwork Wings does someone reallyyyy need??

Hmm.... admit it. Sparky is really Scrappy in Evil Twin mode, complete with suspicious goatee.

Hi TNT! Thanks for the hard work you have been pouring in the site- it really shows and it's encouraged me in spending more time on here. I was wondering, with all your work reviving old contests and spotlights- are yall planning on resurrecting the Lenny Conundrum? What about Invasion of Meridell? Bilge Dice? Those were some of my favourites that I miss a lot, and I'd love to see any of them back. Thanks again! :)
Yay, we're so glad to hear that!!! I'd love to revive EVERYTHING but there are other factors as well! We will look at all of these individually and do our best to get them back up and running but I'm not completely certain which will be able to be fixed and which won't quite yet!

Hi Scrappy! Is the faerie quest event still going to occur or is the wraith resurgence going to interfere with that? Thanks!
I guess that depends on what kind of state the Faeries are in when all this is said and done! I sure hope they can!!!

Hi Scrappy *gives you a heart shaped pizza and pink frosted heart shaped cookies* I received this Neomail at 01:27am Feb 15: The time has come - your Premium Bonus Collectible is here! Well, not here. It's in your inventory... where these things go... you know what we mean. February's Collectible: Premium Collectible: Wreath of Love Thanks for being an awesome Premium member, and we hope you enjoy this month's collectible! - The Neopets Team But I did not receive my Wreath of Love. When will I receive my Wreath of Love? Thank you.
Yup, so sorry guys I know there was a slight delay! All your lovely wreaths should be in your inventory now though ready to spread the love! If you still are having trouble, please send a ticket to support and we will get it sorted out!


Hiya! Just wanted to say thanks so much to the content team working on The Wraith Resurgence! The new weapons and Battledome challengers are awesome. Same with the the achievement rewards and the new Fiendish Formations game! Can't wait to see what Malum has to say once he's revived, and I hope Fyora gets better soon :) ~slugert143

Okay so far I've seen only three of the new colours, but they were all so well done - I wanted to send kudos to the artists. Plus *hands over a truck full of cookies* thank you to the whole neopets team for deciding to give us a new colour every day until valentines day. That was an awesome surprise! ~kissy_08

Dear Scrappy and Jade, Please give my compliments to everyone who worked on drawing , designing , and animating the Aiden Bobblehead. I love it! It's just perfect (and I'm not even a Skeith fan)! ~jaylahcat

Happy thoughts: The content team has been doing an AWESOME job lately! :D The plot is great, the Steampunk color is cool, the Candy Kacheek is amazing (it will be mine when I have room), it was nice to see new Dyeworks, the Random Contest is back, there are new prizes for dailies (I hope to get a King Skarls Robe someday), the Hidden Tower is back... I could go on and on. I can't wait to see what new color/species combos will be released, up until Valentine's Day! *crosses fingers* ~ _brainchild_

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