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*tips hat* Greetings, CQ. I've been hearing comments lately that a glitch is preventing people from submitting their own custom made comic thumbnails, and there have been multiple stories of people who received a different thumbnail than what they gave. Is this glitch real, and if so, is there a way to fix it? ~ twillieblossom
*Tips hat back* So the comic thumbnail submissions can be a little finicky, much like comic submissions themselves- wrong types or sizes or whatever it doesn't like, and it won't come through! Your best bet to make sure I get it is to include a link in the submission comments for me! I'll grab it from there and you'll be good to go!

Hello! I've recently begun making a hobby of customizing my pets, but after checking all the listed stores that sell Neocash, I am sad to report that the small town I live in doesn't have any NC for sale anywhere! *shakes fist at small town life* Is it against the rules to ask an offsite relative/friend (who lives in a city) to purchase neocash for us and send us the code? Thanks for hearing me out! :) ~ honeybee_462
Hi! So while having a family member buy a card for you isn't against the rules, what is a big no-no is giving them anything on-site as a thank you or trade. Your safer bet to avoid any risk is to buy the cards online! You can buy them from a few vendors, Walmart or Gametimezone as examples, and get the code emailed to you! If you need advice, the NC Board might have some helpful tips as well!

Hello CQ, I've been waiting months for a response gallery contest, I even sent my gallery several times to make sure that there is some error but just do not get any answer to whether accept or reject me. Do you send NM when they reject the gallery? Thanks :) ~ shangsenme
Hi! You will always hear back from the Gallery Spotlight - whether it's good or bad news. It can often take months to hear, since we have so many entries and so few winners, so just be patient! Also, but sure not to re-submit unless you've made changes to your gallery. You can only have one entry at a time, so re-submitting bumps you back to the end of the queue!

Dear Country Queen, I'm really hoping you'll answer this as I'm sure it's something others wonder too. If a new colour is announced in the news (like, say, the Mutant Nimmo), but it's not at the Rainbow Pool, can we make our pet that colour or not? ~ kaioti
No, if an announced colour isn't showing up at the Rainbow Pool, it means the colour is not yet available. So just keep checking until it is there, and then paint away (like now - go check now... seriously it's there, go!).

How much html are we allowed to include in our NT articles? I know we can do bolding and italics, but what about a table? I have some data that I want to use in an article, but I wasn't sure if I could put it in a table or if I'd have to find another way to display it. ~ dfgh5067
Tables have been used before, so if it's the best fit for your piece, I say go ahead! If you can code it (and it's nothing unnecessarily excessive) then you're free to do it.

Hello, my TNT homeys, care to tell us all why REcaptchas are back? Getting rid of them was the best thing you all have done in the past three years, and now they're back, but why? ~ skeebsy
Because unfortunately, some users started to take advantage of them being gone and got back up to their old tricks of using bot programs, which becomes and issue for user safety and site performance.

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