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I know that my main account is allowed to trade with each side account. However, I would like to know if my side accounts are able to trade with one another. I don't really know if this will/would be necessary as I have very recently made my side accounts. I've read all the rules I can find. I will also continue to check rules before I do anything on my sides, so more questions may come your way if I cannot find answers to my questions elsewhere, including the NT. Thank you for your time. ~ megzacompanion
So, it all comes down to that your side account can't earn any Neopoints. So, as long as the Neopoints for the trade come from your main, and you don't trade with anybody else, then trading between your own side accounts is fine. If you're ever unsure, just think about whether or not you are earning new Neopoints from this (not just moving them between accounts). If not, you're all set!

Why doesn't the "Goggles" avatar count as part of our avatar collection? Is the NC Mall not viewable by certain countries? To get the avatar, all you have to do is try on clothing at the Mall, so we're all kind of confused. Thanks for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
The NC Mall is not viewable by all countries, some users can't even access it, which is why it doesn't count!

Hello TNT! I adopted a UC afew years ago, traded with someone for him. Recently, I have been getting messages from a user who states they put the UC in the pound so someone else could get an avatars out of him. But that someone else swiped him and could I return the pet. I replied that i traded with someone for the pet and that even if he did create the pet, pets in the pound are fair game. Am I right or should I be nice and give back? What bothers me is that if this was his pet, why wait until now to contact me about it? I have had the UC for almost 2 years now. ~ username removed
Hi! You are correct, pets in the pound are fair game. If someone else picked him up and traded him to you, then in our eyes that is your pet to do what you want with. If you want to give the user the pet they claim is theirs back, I'm sure they'd appreciate it, but you are in no way obligated to do so.

Hello! I just wanted to know why items that I have in my closet don't appear when I'm trying to customize my pet. I make sure that the items are in my closet and that the option is checked for "all" under species, source and zones. What is going on? I spent so many neopoints on items and I don't want that to go to waste. Is this normal or should I report it as a bug? ~ prettypatty8
Hi! So some items can only be worn with some types of pets, and an item your pet cannot wear will not show up in customization. My guess is that's it, but without knowing the details I can't say for sure. If any items have a species in the title (i.e. Bruce Trousers), that item can only be worn by a Bruce. Make sure what you have is compatible with your pet before trying again!

Greetings and Salutations. I am a long time pet owner and was wondering if the magic of the Rainbow Pool ever get back. I've a couple of paint brushes I wish to use. ~ sptowell123
Hey there, sounds like you are actually at the Rainbow Fountain, which is where Neopets can go if they've received a Fountain Faerie Quest. The Rainbow Pool is always available for those with a paintbrush ready to use! Good luck!

I started playing Neopets over 13 1/2 years ago. It aided in my creativity and personal development as a youth in a troubled area in Washington State. I went years without logging into my account until a week ago when the world of Neopets was brought up in a conversation. Recently - I typed the seven letters into my url bar online and was once again re-engaged with this breathtaking world. I remembered my password as if it were yesterday! Thanks for 13 years and counting Neopets! My question - its been many years. What are the top three things I have missed? ~ lita955
Welcome back! What you missed entirely depends on how long we're talking here. The conversion, and introduction of customization? Plots and the discovery of the worlds? Faerieland crashing to the ground? A mobile game release? The color snot? There are plenty of great guides out there that track all the biggest goings on in Neopia, they can help you get caught up!

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