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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Tim stepped out of the dark tunnel. The reddish glow of Moltara city greeted his eyes. As usual, there was a hum of whirring and puffing machinery. The city was alive with 'pets going about their daily business. And yet, something seemed different today. Tim couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Celebrating the Cheerful Chomby

During Year 3, on March 22nd, one of my favorite pets came to Neopia - a very special little dinosaur called the Chomby! Hailing from the far land of Tyrannia, and being incredibly rare to create, have led the Chomby to only be Neopia’s 49th most popular pet. Nevertheless, these gentle herbivores have stomped their footprints in Neopian History ever since their creation. Well, tiny footprints, because at around 80 cm tall, they’re only slightly larger than the average Neopet. With those adorable smiles, big doe-eyes, and miniature stature, how could you not want one of these precious pets?!

A Green Celebration of Spring

When my Neogarden becomes a profusion of bright yellow daffodils and the sweet perfume of Blossoms fills the air, I know spring has arrived. It brings with it nature’s affirmation and the promise of bright days ahead. Because spring is a time of earth’s renewal, the color I most associate with it is green. Beautiful green in all its glorious shades of chartreuse, emerald and teal. My affinity for this lovely color puts me in a celebratory mood, and if you feel that way also, then please join with me in a green celebration of our Neopian springtime.

Gadgadsbogen - Prepare for the Festivities!

Each month of Running, Neopians every where get to experience the best that Mystery Island has to offer – Gadgadsbogen. With all the action that is the Gadgadsbogen party, you need to dress the part! You can’t show up and not get involved with the festivities – and you definitely don’t want to offend Cinto Pango! This is the best guide to dressing up as your party during Gadgadsbogen.

Other Stories
"Purple and Orange" by meadows_lark
Pecka was lonely. And while this wasn’t an unusual experience, the fact that it was raining did not help. Everybody was gone. Fingal, her Pirate Lutari brother who read her stories when she was sad or bored, had left for the Altadorian Archives. He was the old Archivist’s apprentice, and was usually in and out of the house all week. Maily was gone at her bakery- it was small and quaint, and Pecka loved it just as much as the Altadorian locals, but she didn’t like that it kept her Plushie Aisha sister away from home for long hours at a time. Rai, a Christmas Kougra, was delivering something for Taelia- she was the Snow Faerie’s personal messenger, and had left early that morning. She usually disdained to play with Pecka, but the Fire Xweetok was as fond of her as she was any of her siblings, and always thought the house was quiet without her Twisted Roses music blaring through the hallways. Blue had gone to Shenkuu with Lark. The Aisha wasn’t often away, but their owner had needed to make a visit to the boarders’ house- a small, Shenkuuvian neohome that she rented out to Errowynn, a beautiful and gentle Faerie Eyrie. There was room for four pets there, but only Wynn had moved in thus far. Pecka knew that the two would probably be gone for a week or two at least- it wasn’t a long way to Shenkuu, but when Lark made the occasional visits, she usually ended up staying for long periods of time so she could take care of everything she needed to.

"The Dubious Disagreement" by minkton
The horizon glowed with the rays of dawn as Dame Grisbane climbed the winding path leading to Illusen’s Glade. Wearing her best suit of armour, the towering Eyrie strode with purpose toward the woodsy lair, her trusty sword sheathed at her side. The knight did have a purpose to visit Meridell’s resident Earth Faerie, after all. Today was the day Lord Skarl assigned her the enviable duty of fulfilling Illusen’s most difficult quests. It was up to Meridell’s knights to complete the tasks regular Neopians couldn’t take on themselves. As Grisbane approached entrance of the Glade, she heard something that made her halt her stride. Those were definitely footsteps, she thought. Instinctively, her paw shot to the grip of her sword. She listened for danger, but all she heard was the rustling of leaves. The threat knew she was there. “Who goes there?” she bellowed. Her tone was more threatening than it was inquisitive. She didn’t expect an answer. She was readying herself for a battle that could begin at any moment. “Dame Grisbane? Is that you?” a familiar, rumbling voice called from just beyond the Eyrie’s field of vision. Grisbane relaxed her posture, rolled her eyes and planted her paws on her armoured hips. She waited for her heartbeat to slow before bellowing a reply. “Ah, Sir Hoofstad,” Grisbane said shortly. “It’s a Gallion of a morning isn’t it? I imagine that’s why I find you wandering the Glade instead of gobbling gruel, or puckering your lips for some sleepy Mortogs.”

"Voyage of the Haunted Canoe" by newenglandquizzer
Water swished gently against the hull of their little canoe. In daylight, the canoe glinted a deep red, but in the dark it seemed more like dried blood. Greebles peeped and Flightning Bugs buzzed out of sight on the riverbanks. The scene seemed peaceful enough, but not all the occupants of the canoe were so sure. “I still don’t really like this,” Shale hissed. The White Grundo gripped her paddle much tighter than she really needed. Even if her fingers weren’t white already, no one would be able to see her white knuckles through the slim-fitting gloves she wore. Her campmate, Lia, piped up behind her. “Neither am I—but mostly because I’m definitely the lightest out of all of us, which means I should be up front.” The Yellow Usul huffed. “Our weight load is unbalanced and it’s slowing us down.” “Quit it!” the third pet said, a Starry Cybunny. “I am fluffy. I barely weigh more than you. Besides, you can’t do this.” She turned and flashed a beam of light from the star on her forehead. Shale and Lia both squeaked and flailed their paws, trying to cover their eyes. Shale nearly dropped her paddle in her surprise. “Ouch! Bo!” Lia said. “Cease and desist, that’s far too bright!” Bo turned back to her position at the very front of the canoe, where she used her forehead flashlight to scope out the water ahead of them. “That’s what I thought. Now quit whining!” The Cybunny squinted. Ahead, wisps of white mist had begun to gather over the water, and the canoe headed right for it. “Looks like some fog is rolling in, girls…”

Let's Go Negg Hunting!

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Gadgadsbogen - Prepare for the Festivities!
Each month of Running, Neopians every where get to experience the best that Mystery Island has to offer – Gadgadsbogen. Translated to “good good day”, the festival runs all month and new fruits are discovered.

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