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Baby Care on a Budget

This guide will share some of the best baby foods and products so you can keep your baby plump and groomed with plenty of neopoints left over for pampering.

by _d_o_g_
The Comic Artist's Handbook

A few readers have mentioned that I should elaborate more on how to make comics, and they offered to provide me with a lifetime supply of Soy Chai Lattes if I did so. Thus, for purely altruistic reasons (and totally not because I have a caffeine addiction to feed), I took up my drawing pens and went full speed ahead on fulfilling this request.

by amarettoball
Gadgadsbogen - Prepare for the Festivities!

Each month of Running, Neopians every where get to experience the best that Mystery Island has to offer – Gadgadsbogen. Translated to “good good day”, the festival runs all month and new fruits are discovered.

by trubiekatie
Temporary Relief: Suggestions for Your Sick Neopet

Trips to the Healing Springs and purchasing the remedy to your ‘Pet’s illness from the Pharmacy or other users’ shops are proven to be 100 percent effective, but what could you do with your (insert species of your sick ‘Pet) when it seems like the rest of Neopia knows of their less-than-ideal health?

by peacelovebliss
Cumulative Trophies - Seeking the Impossible?

A guide to the most difficult of game trophies

by puddydog
The True History of the Darigan Citadel

ver since the first Meridell War, we've been seen as "evil" by most of Neopia. Even mutants are treated better than we are - they're usually pitied because many of them are viewed as innocent victims of Dr. Sloth. My people... We are not as fortunate.

by mecha_fang
Top 10 Grooming Parlour Products

The Grooming Parlour, located in the Neopian Bazaar is home to the best beauty products in Neopia. Run by a rather glamorous Usul, who doesn’t want to head on down to the Grooming Parlour for all of their grooming needs?

by princess__neo277
Celebrating the Cheerful Chomby

During Year 3, on March 22nd, one of my favorite pets came to Neopia - a very special little dinosaur called the Chomby! Hailing from the far land of Tyrannia, and being incredibly rare to create, have led the Chomby to only be Neopia’s 49th most popular pet.

by tgrcheergrl
A Green Celebration of Spring

When my Neogarden becomes a profusion of bright yellow daffodils and the sweet perfume of Blossoms fills the air, I know spring has arrived. It brings with it nature’s affirmation and the promise of bright days ahead.

by binky1260
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"The Dubious Disagreement" by minkton
The horizon glowed with the rays of dawn as Dame Grisbane climbed the winding path leading to Illusen’s Glade. Wearing her best suit of armour, the towering Eyrie strode with purpose toward the woodsy lair, her trusty sword sheathed at her side. The knight did have a purpose to visit Meridell’s resident Earth Faerie, after all. Today was the day Lord Skarl assigned her the enviable duty of fulfilling Illusen’s most difficult quests. It was up to Meridell’s knights to complete the tasks regular Neopians couldn’t take on themselves. As Grisbane approached entrance of the Glade, she heard something that made her halt her stride. Those were definitely footsteps, she thought. Instinctively, her paw shot to the grip of her sword. She listened for danger, but all she heard was the rustling of leaves. The threat knew she was there. “Who goes there?” she bellowed. Her tone was more threatening than it was inquisitive. She didn’t expect an answer. She was readying herself for a battle that could begin at any moment. “Dame Grisbane? Is that you?” a familiar, rumbling voice called from just beyond the Eyrie’s field of vision. Grisbane relaxed her posture, rolled her eyes and planted her paws on her armoured hips. She waited for her heartbeat to slow before bellowing a reply. “Ah, Sir Hoofstad,” Grisbane said shortly. “It’s a Gallion of a morning isn’t it? I imagine that’s why I find you wandering the Glade instead of gobbling gruel, or puckering your lips for some sleepy Mortogs.”

Other Stories


The Kadoatery - Not So Bad!
Pretty Kitty is the name, and let me start by asking you if I’m simply the cutest Kadoatie you’ve ever seen? What do you mean that you’re more of a “Warf” kind of neopian? Nevermind

Also by button04_nice

by pandacat838


The Dubious Disagreement
Two Neopets try to find their friendship ... even though they don't know where they left it.

by minkton


Lupe Pack Detectives-The Kidnapped JubJub: Part Two
To make matters worse, the flattened grass trail that Aura had found lead us to a popular local park, meaning that part of the trail had been wiped away by the scores of Neopians using the park for a variety of purposes. Our kidnappers definitely knew what they were doing when they went through the park during the dead of night.

by lupe_hunter_7


Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Days Yet to Pass: Part Eight
It had been more than a full day since Buzz Johnson had absconded with Morphica, and Elise was nursing a headache. It was mostly caused by Bluejay. Her younger brother just would not shut up about having been right not to trust Buzz to be alone with Morphica.

by kristykimmy


An Alternate Universe
Or maybe just a little bit lost in translation.

by globetrekker


My Usukicon Outfit
I think it looks faboo!

by toffeedatepudding

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