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When will the dimensional blumaroo be activated? Been waiting a while to paint one! ~ recordscratch
Hi there! It has been activated for a while now and is available at the Rainbow Pool! Happy painting!

Are you allowed to earn neopoints on your side accounts if you aren't earning neopoints that way on your main account? For example, if I played Kass Basher three times one day on my side account, but I didn't play it at all that day on my main account. ~ chocovanillacupcake
No, you may only earn Neopoints on one account, your main account. If you are earning Neopoints on two different accounts, even if it's in different ways, it is considered multiple account abuse.

Hello CQ! After examining the rules for BC entries, I still don't have an answer to a question I have. I am no artist and have trouble drawing. However, I love photography. One if my pets has a design based on an actual real life cat. (And I own the said cat.) Therefore, if I took a picture of the cat, it'd basically be a reference for my own neopet. Since photography is consider an art as much as drawing is, are photographs allowed in BC contests for people who enjoy photography and can't draw to save his/her life? Thank you! ~ sailhs
Hi! Unfortunately, no, you cannot enter photographs of an actual cat. Even if your cat looks like your pet, entries must be Neopets-related. In the end, the Beauty Contest is a drawing contest so the entries must be drawn in some way.

Hello TNT! *Hands a meowclops shaped cookie* Okay, so very important question- I want to write a little short story where two pets fall in love, but I don't know whether or not there's a policy aganist //spoilers!// two neopets of the same gender being in ove. So, my question is as simple as is a story about two characters of the same gender falling in love okay to publish? If not, then I can and will modify it. If it is, then I will go ahead and publish it as it is. But I want to know just in case my account was frozen or something super radical like that happened. It would be purely innocent, nothing about G rating, I promise. Also please remove my username.
Hello! So the policy is actually against any Neopets falling in love, regardless of gender. Romance between Neopets isn't allowed on the site, and won't be published in the Neopian Times. Sorry!

Hi CQ! I'm a new premium member and, due to financial reasons (I'm in college!), I can't really buy premium for more than a month at a time. Will the 5th pet slot be gone so that my pet gets abandoned when I go to renew? I really don't want to lose a pet! Thank you for your time! *sway* ~ greeneggsandgraham
Hi! If you renew before or as your membership ends, you will not lose your Neopets. If your premium membership lapses between you renewing, then yes, you will have to choose one of your pets to transfer or abandon. If you abandon, it will be held in the Pound for 90 days before it is put up for adoption, so you have plenty of time to reclaim it!

Hey, CQ, just curious, your predecessor once made it known that Tuesdays are the best time to send in a question. Is that true for you, too, or would another day be better? (Anon, please) ~ duskdweller
Hi! Any day except Friday! Questions submitted on Friday, especially around the time the Neopian Times is published, are most likely to slip through the cracks. Other than that, submit whenever you'd like!

Hello!! Thank you for much for answering this question!! The NCC is getting really worried about buying NC because of all the glitches that have been happening. Users who buy directly from the site have to wait a long time for it. Some users who redeem cards do not get the NC but the card is not usable anymore since the system says it's been redeemed. Tickets have gone unanswered for a while. What is being done about this? I don't want to buy NC and risk not getting it. Is there specific information that should go into a ticket to make sure it will be answered? ~ winterssunboheme
Hi! Okay, lots of things to answer here. So first of all, tickets are being answered, we have people dedicated to working through these issues. Unfortunately, the e-wallet transition had some bumps which has caused a higher volume of tickets than usual, which is where the delays come in as we work to resolve those issues. I know delays in these situations are frustrating, and we're sorry for that, but we will get to each ticket and these situations aren't being ignored or taken lightly.

A few things can help speed up the process a bit. First of all, please don't submit multiple tickets. I understand the frustration, but all it does is flood the system and create more work for our customer support team, which slows them down even further. Second, if your problem is related to purchased Neocash not showing up, there are a couple things you can try before submitting a ticket. Log out, clear your cache, log back in, and check your transaction log. What's happening here is that when you purchase Neocash, the process previously would kill your cache, so it would reset with your new amount. That part isn't quite happening for everyone, so it seems like you didn't get your Neocash when in our system, you did. We get a lot of these tickets, so by doing this check first, you can help yourself and our ticket system.

If that didn't work for you, send in a ticket, but please keep checking your bank statement for the next few days. The charge may have originally showed up as a hold or pending charge, but won't actually go through if the payment failed (another possible explanation we see happen often). If that happened, it should go away without you being charged, but depending on your bank, this can take a couple of days. So please, just be sure the payment did in fact go through. If it did go through, you were charged, and you're sure you didn't receive your NC to the intended or any of your other accounts, please provide as much information for us as you can. Dates, transaction numbers, emails, and usernames are all helpful here.

If your issue comes from the Neocash Card redemption, please be sure you provided the date of redemption and PIN. These can take time to look into, as we have to verify the card and see exactly what happened in order to resolve it, so be sure you provided all the information we need, and double check redeeming the card to make sure it was in fact redeemed. Unfortunately, with the exception of the UK NC cards issue, all of these are case-by-case, and not the symptom of one specific issue that we can fix to resolve it. Because of this, we have to look into each one to determine how and why it happened, and what we can do to fix it, which just takes time. I'm sorry I can't offer a simple solution, but hopefully you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to resolve outstanding issues and address each ticket.

*rings doorbell* *leaves bag of candy, popcorn balls, candied apples, confetti, and Halloween pez* *runs away screaming-* Happy Halloween Country Queen!!! Could you pleeeease end this editorial with a spooky appearance by Mr. Coconut??! ~ runningwiththeboys
Happy Halloween!


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