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Halloween Costume Ideas: 11 Spooky Characters

by sacados


It's that time of year again: the night seems a little bit darker, the air seems a little bit colder, and pets are dressing up in costumes to celebrate Halloween. Some choose traditional creepy costumes, such as a zombie or ghost. Others choose cute or fun costumes, such as their favorite petpet or faerie. One Halloween costume trend is to dress up as a famous Neopian figure. But move over, Fyora—there are a multitude of characters in the Neopian world who have a darker reputation…perfect for the spirit of Halloween. While you are trick-or-treating this year, keep an eye out for one of these Neopian figures who are wicked, dark, or just plain evil. Without further ado, here are 12 famous spooky characters that make some of the trendiest Halloween costumes this year.

1. Edna the Witch

This is the most popular costume for pets who want to become witches! Edna sits up high in her tower, waiting for Neopians to fetch ingredients for her magic spells and potions. She mostly keeps to herself, but she is known for her bad attitude—typical of an old witch! If your pet has always dreamed of casting spells and brewing unusual concoctions, Edna the Witch is the perfect costume.

Essential items: Edna Costume Hat (NP), Halloween Zafara Black Robe (NP), Toxic Green Face Paint (NC)

2. Jhudora

Jhudora is one of the most famous of the dark faeries. She is malicious and cruel, and frequently asks Neopians to bring her items for…some mysterious cause. Although she has never been caught doing anything terrible (yet), the rest of the faeries are suspicious of her intentions, especially since Illusen distrusts her. Jhudora is a good Halloween costume for Neopets who want to look dreadful and stylish at the same time.

Essential items: Jhudora Wig (NP), Jhudoras Fingernails (NP), Poisonous Purple and Green Contacts (NC)

3. Hubrid Nox

This evil chia has always been determined to take over Neopia. Even after being framed for a crime and destroyed by another villain, Hubrid Nox rose as a ghost to continue haunting the land. His arch-nemesis is MAGAX, so if you are thinking about having your pets dress up in matching costumes, Hubrid Nox and his rival may be good candidates.

Essential items: Hubrid Nox Moustache (NP), Chic Investigator Chia Wig (NP), Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape (NC)

4. Balthazar

There are few Neopets more malicious than Balthazar. This scary Lupe was abandoned in the Haunted Woods as a child and was approached by dark faeries. He begged them for help, but instead they made fun of him and even attacked him. Balthazar never forgot what the faeries did to him, and now he spends his time wandering around and capturing faeries to sell. Dressing up as Balthazar is certain to make anyone frightened!

Essential items: Balthazar Ears (NP), Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries (NC), Bottled Faerie Thought Bubble (NC)

5. Eyrieki

Another classic Halloween costume is a mummy, but instead of being a general mummy, your pet could dress up as Eyrieki. This ancient Eyrie was awakened by an archaeologist in the Lost Desert. After his awakening, he caused mayhem around Sahkmet. Eventually, the Defenders of Neopia put him to rest once again, but not before he frightened every citizen of the Lost Desert. If your pet wants to dress up as a character brought back from the tombs, Eyreiki is the top choice.

Essential items: Desert Mummy Tutu and Tights (NC), Qasalan Mummy Collectors Shirt (NC), Niptor Contacts (NC)

6. Xandra

Who could be more evil than a sorceress who turned against her own mentors? Xandra was a witch who studied under the faeries but decided to use their power against them in order to take over Neopia. She succeeded in turning the faeries into stone, although she eventually had her own magic used against her and was defeated. However, her deeds are still fresh in everyone's minds, which makes Xandra one of the most chilling costumes for Halloween this year.

Essential items: Xandras Cunning Disguise (NP), Xandra Collectors Dress (NC), Glowing Book of Spells (NC)

7. Dr. Sloth

Sloth is arguably the most famous of evil creatures. It is no secret that he wishes to take over and destroy Neopia. He even built the Virtupets Space Station and brainwashes Grundos into being his loyal minions. Although he was once defeated by the Space Faerie, it would not be surprising if Sloth is busy planning his revenge. If your pet wants an easily recognizable yet despicable character to imitate for Halloween, Sloth is the best choice.

Essential items: Sloth Clone Make-Up (NC), Sloth Clone Robe (NC), Sloth Clone Army (NC)

8. Commander Garoo

If Dr. Sloth seems too overdone for Halloween, Commander Garoo is a great alternative for a costume that is unique yet equally as dark. Garoo was Sloth's highest ranked general who controlled his army of Grundos. Known for his bad temper and ruthlessness, Garoo refused to let anything get in his way of climbing up the ranks. Although he might not be as famous as Sloth, Commander Garoo is one of the most intimating of all evil characters, and he would be a very scary Halloween costume as well.

Essential items: Commander Garoos Collectors Shoulder Armour (NC), Orange Contacts (NC), Garoo Trooper Blaster (NP)

9. Masila

Masila pretended to love Galem Darkhand, the former leader of the Thieves Guild, in order to reach the top ranks of the guild. She attempted to destroy him but failed, and also unsuccessfully poisoned Kanrik, the next leader of the Thieves Guild. This scheming mistress refused to let anything, even love, get in the way of her quest for power. Any pet that wants to dress up as a cunning and devious character should pick Masila.

Essential items: Royal Qasalan Cloak (NC), Black and Blue Crochet Shirt (NC), Earth Faerie Eye Shadow (NP)

10. Eliv Thade

It is widely believed that Eliv Thade was driven to madness when one of his servants presented him with a puzzle that stumped him. After many years, he died alone in his castle, unable to solve the puzzle. However, his spirit remains in the afterlife, and he challenges any who arrive with anagrams. Eliv Thade is so spooky that even his name is an anagram: Evil Death! This character is an appropriate costume for pets who desire an undead, brainy, and haunting figure.

Essential items: Eliv Thade Cloak (NC), Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit (NC), Well Read Book (NP)

11. Count von Roo

Count von Roo is one of the most famous and feared villains in all of Neopia. He sleeps for 23 hours a day in his Roo Island castle, and spends an hour every night at midnight spreading terror throughout Neopia. He often challenges Neopets to a game of Deadly Dice—but the stakes are very high. Count von Roo is always a very popular choice for a Halloween costume because of his unmistakable appearance and his horrible acts against innocent pets.

Essential items: Count von Roo Contacts (NP), Halloween Blumaroo Cloak (NP), Vampire Coffin Background (NC)

So, ditch the Ghost Paint Brush and the Fyora wig—these spooky Neopian characters capture the true meaning of the Month of Collecting's most haunted holiday. These costumes will surely give other pets quite a fright on Halloween night! Which one will your pet dress up as?

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