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Hi, TNT. Hopefully you address this by the next Editorial, but if not, I was wondering what to do with the lag prizes awarded on (one of) my sides. The Neocash I can't do anything about, but should I discard the items? Should I donate the Neopoints, or is it mine to do with it what I like? I'd just save it, but now my side is too rich to use the Soup Kitchen to feed my 'pets. I'm just wondering how I should handle this, and if it happens again in the future! *knock on wood* ~perfected_cube
It is all right to collect these rewards for the site lag on your side account. We don't want to forbid you from logging into your sides!

Hi, TNT! Just out of curiosity, is there a day of the week that is "best" for submitting questions or articles to the Times? Is it Monday, because it's the day after the Times is released, or is it on Friday before you, our lovely editor, find the good ones, or is it on a day I'm not even thinking of? ~magic_dark_phoenix
Actually, we read 'em all, without regard to what day they come in. Points for clarity and specifics, though!

TNT Staff Smasher Home Edition
Wait, if you're giving out points, is the Editorial a game?

Hi, TNT. Thank you for all of your hard work! I was just wondering: it's been about three months since the Random Contest was cancelled and we're still waiting on prizes from the penultimate contest (Spooky Cards). Are you still planning to award these at some stage? ~xxskyisfallingxx
Unfortunately, we were only able to award prizes to the first and second place winners for this contest. We're very sorry! However, we have no way now to verify third place winners.

If someone Neomails you and asks to buy a trade lot for less than the selling price, stating that they are buying this for a friend and seeking a discount... and you sell it to them, only to see them moments later selling it in their own trades for full price... is that reportable? Doesn't that count as some sort of scam? ~chrip_blaziken
The best advice we can give is don't sell something for less than you are willing to get for parting with it. That way, you won't be dissatisfied with the transaction. Once the new player is in possession of the item, it's theirs to do with as they wish.

Hi, TNT! *tosses some Mayo-Doused Batter-Fried Grackle Bugs with Honey Walnuts* :) I think we are all curious: when are auctions coming back? With the relatively low NP trade limit on the Trading Post, it's very difficult for a lot of us to sell our valuable items. :( ~deadly1___4u
We have it on our list of things to fix; however, we want to take care of the lag issues first. Auctions with lag would be pretty unfair.

Hello! Over this past week, I noticed something that puzzled me. If Lutari Island has been closed for a few years now, then how come we can make Neohomes on it? ~chasing_stars44
You have broken the lore monkeys on staff. Please stand by.

Lutari Island Neohome
Closed due to inclement weather? Maybe they're just having a private party.

I've entered the Neopet Spotlight and I'm excited. I think I did pretty well! :) I have a question, though: do you have to use HTML to format your story? If so, I did not do that but I will add it in if it is required. Thanks! ~horsiepony
You don't need to do anything with formatting. We will take care of it. Good luck!


Dear TNT,
I'd just like to thank you for all the hard work you've put into this site! This site has made me very happy and I'm glad to see such a wonderful site has lasted this long. So, thank you so much for your hard work. I wish I could send you pillows, though. You all must be exhausted. THANKS! ~nick_and_nickette

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