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Happy Moving Day, TNT. :) I read in the news about the web site going offline for a few days. I am wondering: will the obelisk plot prize shop still be available after the move? I see that the Habitarium and Petpet Park won't be available anymore after the move because of the size, which made me wonder if you plan on not moving some of the older things like plot prize shops. To be honest, it probably would be the perfect time to get rid of ancient content that is no longer used and is just taking up space. I just wanted to ask because, if the plot prize shop isn't going to be here after the move, then I have some SERIOUS shopping to do with my plot points! ~baby_gurl_4601
The site will come up exactly as it was (unless we alert you to something specific like the Habitarium or Petpet Park). All of the prize shops currently available will return.

Did anyone there think that it might be just a wee bit insensitive to release a bomb item on September 11th? I'm just saying. Please remove my username.
Our. Bad. Sorry to anyone who felt offended. We got a request for a Smuggler's Cove item and in turn requested the art for the day when we had the least content scheduled. (This happened to be Sept. 10th in our content calendar, which are the dates that we go by despite the date shown to you guys in New Features.) We tend to forget about the date discrepancy since it's something that only exists on the player side of New Features. We apologise for our unintentional offense.

Hi there, TNT. There's currently a [website] account called [removed]. People around Neopets are calling people out for "buying / selling Neopets" without any proof. Do you guys believe these people? They've been listing legit players recently and it's a pain trying to get accounts back if you've been wrongly frozen. ~akeitia
If someone pointing a finger at somebody was enough to get someone else frozen, then all of Neopia would look like Happy Valley. We rely on proof based on the information that we have on an account to determine if they have been up to shenanigans.

Hi, TNT! In the wake of your recent announcement regarding the shutdown of Habitarium, how will you be compensating for the sudden loss of income for a majority of players? I would assume that there would be deflation as players suddenly have less expendable wealth. Obviously deflation could be very devastating to the Neopets economy, as it discourages players from selling as well as buying. Thanks! Also, if possible, I would appreciate it if my username was omitted. :) ~username removed
Honestly, the Habitarium was never intended to be a waterfall of Neopoints and it was frequently abused. Although that had nothing to do with it not accompanying us on this transition, we think that -- in the long term -- it will be far better for the Neopian economy. Remember: the fewer Neopoints in the economy, the more that yours are worth. :) Also, content in Neopia comes and goes, so we hope you can find a new method of earning Neopoints that you will enjoy.

When you stated "a couple big things won't be included in this transition," does that mean Habitarium is closing or is moving over a week later? ~inthesea
The Habitarium and Petpet Park will be closing indefinitely.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: is there any chance you would consider selling some of the rarer stamps for albums in the NC Mall as no trade items? I would love the opportunity to complete some stamp albums, but feel the inflation of some stamps and their rarity is holding me back. If users were willing to pay NC for them, could you release them as no-trade from the Mall? Thanks! Please remove my username. ~username removed
No, we do not want to allow players to "buy" their way through the game. Some minor things we can allow like the Games Fortune Cookie or Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies, and various time-savers, but blatantly buying items is not a road we wish to travel down.

About items such as scratchcards, Halloween gift bags, discovered treasure chests, etc. -- sometimes these give great prizes, sometimes they give cheap prizes, and sometimes they give no prize at all. I was just wondering if the prize was pre-determined by the item or randomly assigned when opening? For instance, if a real life gift bag contained a real life paint brush then it always would, regardless of when I opened it. (It would be disappointing, though, because who wants a real life paint brush? :)) Do virtual gift bags work the same way, where either it does contain the paint brush or it doesn't, or is it more like the Schrodinger's cat paradox and this isn't determined until the item is opened? ~violetflowersinavase
It's like Schrodinger's Aisha! Gift bags are very indecisive, so when you open one, it panics and asks the code Myncies, "Augh! What should I give them?!?" The code Myncies then go find the list of the possible items that type of bag can give and roll some dice to figure out which item(s) the bag should give the player. Relieved from having to make such an important decision, the bag opens to reveal the item determined by the code Myncies. Then, you either jump for joy because it's a paint brush or sob because you just stuck your hand into a bag that contains Dung Jelly.


You've already taken Petpet Park games and turned them into Neopets games, so I was wondering if you're going to re-do any more. If you are, please consider Runemaster! Also, thank you to the Petpet Park team! I loved the artwork (Cyodrake Temple Garden, Mystimar Glen, and Zombie Marsh were my favorites), the games were great (Runemaster, I will miss you!), and it was so nice of you guys to take the time to meet on Fridays! (Please remove my username, thanks!) ~username removed
Some games can't be transferred over, but we're doing our best to reskin the ones that can and offer them to Neopians to enjoy.

Hello, TNT. As of this writing, there are 281,129,473 total Neopets. I was wondering if it's possible to find out what number my 'pets are. For example, something like: fluffy is the 1,286th Neopet created. This is just out of interest. ~daakusouru
Sorry, we don't track that particular piece of information.

How much sass is required in order to answer Editorial questions? ~marzipan

Petaria will not be accessible after the transition. If you happen to also be a Petpet Park member, will your Petpet Park account be removed from your five maximum Neo accounts total, or will it still count as one of five used? ~geneames1
You can use your Petpet Park account to log into Neopets and use it as a side account, or you can choose to leave it completely unused and not worry about it.

Hello, there! *gives cookies* Will our Pet Page / Pet Lookup coding be safe with the server move, or would it be best to save a backup just in case? Thank you. ~asyanica
While, in general, it's never a bad idea to back up your writing or coding, all of your account data will be safe during the transition!

Would you be able to bring Habitarium over if you erased everyone's saved files and made all users start back at Level One? ~baby_angel1123
The issue would be migrating the app itself, not the player data, so this isn't an option.

When I enter a shop and go to buy something, it gives me the price like normally. Then, however, when I type in the EXACT same number of Neopoints (like, say, 2,798) it comes out as 2 Neopoints. How do I fix this? ~vaidlari
Don't include the comma. Just type out 2798 -- the same as you would for removing funds from your Shop Till.

Why is it that, when I visit my Grarrl's pet Niptor, it shows up as a poof of smoke? ~kerin5
Your Petpet sounds like it's still in Grave Danger.

People are loving the new Picnic Petpets despite it being lab ray only, but they can't agree on this: is that Kadoatie a hot dog or sandwich? ~strilmus
The Hoagie Kadoatie is a submarine sandwich. :)

I know of a player who regularly posts on the Trading Neoboard and [redacted as to not give anyone else ideas]. He does this twenty times a day to different sellers. Is this reportable? I don't know if he's looking for attention or what, but it seems rather rude. ~indulgences
This player is repeatedly and maliciously being an annoyance to other players. Feel free to report him for harassment so our monitors may look into it.

Hi, TNT. Last week you said that all the Petpets in The Faeries Ruin were real. However, having checked Jellyneo and the Rainbow Pool, I cannot find the Faerie Faellie (say that three times fast!) anywhere. Have they all flown away? Thanks! *throws fudge* ~daisyjane35
It's just a standard Faellie. Faellies themselves are classified as Faerie Petpets, but there is no Faerie Faellie colour.

Hey, TNT! In last week's Editorial, someone sent in a question about how there aren't any good Hissi characters. I think y'all are forgetting one very important Hissi... Mr.Sneky. GOOD NIGHT. ~battlekid94810
Come to think of it, you could be right. Of course, maybe there was a reason he was getting hit in the head with a coconut. We asked mr.coconut if it was a valid coconut-pummeling and he had this to say:



Someone needs to give the artist that designed the Nightmare Cloud Castle Background a raise or a big hug or a cookie or something, because that thing is totally EPIC!!! ~artemislknight

Hi, TNT. I had a story published recently -- like, truly published, in a book and everything -- and it got me thinking back to, oh, about five or six years ago, when I first had a short story published in The Neopian Times. I think I was about 13 at the time, a young, enthused writer. When I got the Neomail saying the piece had been accepted, I was nearly literally over the moon. The Neopian Times definitely helped my growth as a writer, especially because the story got rejected (I think) three times? It just encouraged me to better myself and my writing. To this day, I still count being published here as one of my biggest accomplishments. Thank you so much for being here and encouraging a writer such as myself. :) ~starshideyourfires

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