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Hi, TNT! I think the person asking about Hanso's voice actor in the ***WUT*** section got a bit confused. Several friends and I worked together to create an audio comic for The Faerie's Ruin and I think the user mistook it for an official creation associated with The Neopets Team. In answer to the user's question, the voice actor for Hanso is Fuutonkiba, whose account is no longer active on [the popular video website], so our new voice actor is supposedly ILVGwebmaster, but we may still be on a talent search for dedicated actors. I hope this clears things up, thank you! Please remove my username. ~username removed

Wait, what? Why couldn't I do my own voice?
Maybe it's too annoying.
Why must you show up every time I interrupt the Editorial?
I think it's my second curse.
Oh well, everyone's packing up for the long weekend, so we might as well keep going.
Goodness knows our banter is better than the usual drivel they put in here.

All right, so we all know you TNT staffers are crazier than Prisoner Five from Cellblock, but I just have to ask: what are the stories behind the Plague Infested Jellybeans and the Bagel Hat Wig in the AC VIII Staff Tournament Prize Shop? ~mystie06
From what I've heard, it seems that some people stick their unwashed hands into the communal jelly bean bowl rather than using the provided sanitary spoon.

Exactly. As for the wig, what can I say? They really like bagels.
Right. Moving on...

Is it okay to say dung on the boards to replace a certain 4-letter word? ~watermaster222
Did they really just ask that?

Uh, no, that's not acceptable. Allow me to demonstrate. *ahem* "Hey Jazan, your mother resembles the backside of a Tuskaninny."
Why, you!
See? He's reaching for his sword. My meaning was clearly communicated, even if I used different words. So you can see why it's not alloooOOW-ed! Hey, watch where you swing that thing!
I was. You just happened to move away from it.
Hrmf. On to something more pleasant.

Hey, TNT! I would just like to thank you for making such an amazing site. I've played on and off for eight years, and with all the new things you guys do, this site never gets old. I've become an awesome writer and made many lifelong friends on here. So, thank you. This site made me who I am today. :) ~kaiserchiefs

Awww, that's very sweet. I'm sure they appreciate it.
I think my teeth just melted. Next.

Uhm... my Krawk just broke his Forkful of Cake. Does he have a really strong hand, or can you guys take care of this? ~payon_of_darkflames

I'm not sure if they're being serious or if they're just trying to get into that **WUT** section.
Did it break in half? Did it explode? Did he just drop it on the floor and you can't find it? Details, people.
Ehyeah, yadda yadda bug report. Moving on!

Hey, so I was looking through pictures of Kyrii (don't ask) and I realized that we've never actually seen Jazan's hair. He's always wearing the, um, thing on his head. Is Jazan balding? Is that why his hair is always covered, because he has a receding hairline? ~sweetpotatoesoryams


Oohh someone's getting defensive!

I've looked everywhere for this, but I can't find it. Who are The Drenched? I've seen them before in the NC Collectibles and I think they're in the Defenders of Neopia, but I'm terrible in the Battledome so I don't know how to find information about them. ~toypup1032

Eh, they're from some old, inferior plot.
I actually don't hate to interrupt you guys, but The Curse of Maraqua was the greatest plot of all time.
Pfft. Jazan, explain to him how The Faeries' Ruin was far superior.
Actually, the Lost Desert Plot was the finest ever.
Admit the Tale of Woe was the best and I won't turn the lot of you into Meowclops.
Oh, this is just getting ridiculous. I declare this Editorial over before Dr. Sloth or someone decides to show up. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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