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I normally do my dailies in a specific order, making sure that I deposit my Neopoints before going apple bobbing, since I have lost some NP doing that before. I've noticed, however, that a couple of times after having an unsuccessful bob my NP balance has gone negative. Is that a fluke, or did Bart take an IOU from my Neopoint balance on hand? ~evilyoshi13
He must have grabbed some spare change that you left in your pocket. All joking aside, though, having zero Neopoints on hand won't save you from Random Events that take away NP. You'll just go negative. D:

Hi, TNT! What exactly is the purpose of the rating option on a Neopet's lookup? Do the Neopets with the highest rating get advertised as Notable Neopets on the front page, or is it just that it's been around for a while? Thanks! ~allisontee
It's purely for fun, in case an owner wants to see what others think of their Neopet. It doesn't affect Notable Neopets or any other aspect of the site.

I couldn't help but notice that Dr. Frank Sloth closely resembles a green Chia. Is this intentional? As I'd rather not end up facing the business end of any nasty ray guns, please do not release my username. Thanks. :) ~username removed
You are very, very wise to have removed your username. Once Sloth sees that he was compared to (and even remotely considered to be) a Neopet himself, he's likely to turn his ray gun to "facemelt" mode and wreak some havoc.

Hi, TNT. I was putting an item in my Closet the other day and it said that I couldn't because the maximum I could hold was 650 items, yet I already had 964 items in there already. When did this rule come into effect? I now have to manually remove over 400 items from my Closet, as there is no quick remove option! I have a lot of Neocash items, and 650 isn't a huge amount for a Closet cap. Please think about increasing this, as it's going to be such a time consuming task! :( ~epode
It was implemented several months ago, but never fear, you can turn off the cap by visiting your Preferences page and turning off "Closet Limit (650 Items)." We do warn you, though, that going higher than the limit may cause your wardrobe to act laggy, which is why we have this cap in place.

Well, how do you do, TNT? You've had many plots over the years, but I've noticed that you forgot certain lands of Neopia: Lutari Island, Krawk Island, Roo Island, Kiko Lake, Brightvale, and (finally) Neopia Central. Are you going to make plots about those lands soon, or are you relaxing for now after finishing The Faeries' Ruin? I am not pushing you to make a plot very soon or anything. I am just pointing it out. :) ~kitty234_8
Krawk Island was featured heavily in Curse of Maraqua, and Brightvale got a little love in The Faeries' Ruin. Lutari Island is a special case, as are Roo Island and Kiko Lake, since they're considered "mini-worlds." Neopia Central gets some attention through Defenders of Neopia, though it would be nice to see more of it. :) We already have some idea of what areas we'd like to focus on next, but plots take a huuuuge amount of effort, so please be patient while we (excuse the pun) plot.

Just out of curiosity: is there any semblance of logic behind the Wishing Well avatar solution, or are we completely overthinking it? ~togepi_forever
Nope, and yes.

Is it true that the Zafara was made by a Neopets player in a "make your own Neopet" competition? Some people say yes, others no, so I'm kinda confused... thanks, TNT! ^^ *pokes you with a carrot* ~corneillie9
Yes, the Zafara was created by a player during our "Design a Neopet" competition a very, very long time ago -- something we won't be doing anymore, so please don't ask! ;) Anyway, the Zafara originally looked like this:

Still cute!

Why exactly are male faeries considered an "unsuitable" thing to include or even mention in a submission? It would be a really interesting subject to expand on, and it seems rather discriminatory. Please remove my username. ~username removed
Neopia is a fantasy world in which no male faeries exist; that's why we avoid publishing submissions that include them. If you were to submit a Neopian story that took place in California, that would be rejected as well. Not because we have anything against California, but simply because it doesn't exist in Neopia.

Hey, TNT. I recently returned to Neopets after a break of a couple of years. What I've noticed is that shops constantly get overflooded during the night to the point where they can't restock. Are there any plans to put in a new system that will address this issue? ~neondude269
We are looking into fixing some restocking issues, but can't really give a time frame on them now. We do want you guys to know that we're aware of it, though, and are brainstorming how to make it work better. :)

Hello. I created this account approximately two years ago, and actually started playing with it about two weeks ago. Prior to that I had an account that I created nine years earlier, which I no longer use, and hadn't used in approximately five years. In that time I've come to realize that a lot has changed, but some things haven't. That said, I was hoping you could tell us who (outside of TNT) has the oldest active account on Neopets? ~esser_von_tagen
We don't want to randomly link to them, but the oldest active player is a very cool girl that started playing November 17th, 1999! /applaud

HEY, TNT! *waves frantically, then pets a rejected mr.coconut* I have a question. You know how users can send in ideas or beginning portions for the Storytelling Competition? How do you do that, exactly? I have a few ideas of my own, and I'd love to have a chance to submit one! Thanks! Oh, and please bring back mr.coconut sometime soon. I know that this is totally irrelevant to the question that I asked, but I miss him. ;~; ~catlit262
If you'd like to have your story beginning used in the Storytelling Competition, just submit it to the Storytelling Contest as you would any other entry. Be sure to label it at the top, though, so our judge knows it's not for the current competition.

So, we have 54 Neopian species and only 52 weeks' worth of Gallery Spotlights. With so many fabulous Galleries about I would hate to be the one picking them. Will a species-specific Gallery only be picked the week of its special day? It took me a whole two minutes to look through the last three years' worth of news to find that the poor Buzz species hasn't had its 15 minutes of fame. Did the judge fall into a Buzz hive as a youngster and develop a case of entomophobia, or do they simply not check? ~sarika_ambrielle
Usually species-specific Galleries are only spotlighted during the week of their special day. We're not sure if Buzz have just had bad luck with the timing of their special day, or whether our judges weren't able to locate a quality Gallery related to them in the submissions. Fear not, we'll ask our judges to keep an eye out for Buzz Galleries to help make it up to Buzz everywhere.

Is it here yet? Nope. Is it here yet? Nope. Is it...

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