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I have a few questions. *hands over a bag of cookies* How do you get the painted Yooyus? I mean, where do you get them? You can't paint any other Yooyus, so which ones do you paint? Also, where do you get them from? ~silly51366507
Okay, so apparently we had a collective brain-malfunction and made new colours for the Yooyu (which technically just can't be painted), so in an effort to get these Petpets to you, we've decided to release them as Altador Cup prizes. Huzzah!

I make User Lookups. I use a very basic code and always take requests, because I've noticed that very few users ever have the time to take requests. I offered to make a lookup for someone, and a little while later she gave me two books. I accepted them, thinking she was just being nice, but then I realized that it could be taken as her "paying" me for the lookup. Should I return the items, since I do not know what her intentions were? ~porcelain_ivory
It's generally best to avoid accepting gifts of any type after you've recently performed a (completely free) service for someone, just to be on the safe side. Most people have only an appreciative intention when they send a gift to someone that has helped them, but the best thing one can do is send a heartfelt thank you Neomail. :)

My username is blue_candy67, and my account hasn't been activated yet. That's because my email that I typed was wrong, so as a result I can't get more than 4,999 NPs. What should I do to activate my account? Thanks. ~blue_candy67
Hi! This happens from time to time. If you don't want to create a new account, then you can write to our email support staff and ask them to help you set up your account properly. :)

I've been trying to check out the Smuggler's Cove all week and I never seem to catch it. Does it EVER actually restock? It seems like there's no point to it if there's never anything there... anyway, what's up with that? Thanks guys! :D ~dukeofnorfolk
The Smuggler's Cove only releases a certain number of each item, so if it's been a long time since a new item was introduced it's unlikely to currently be stocking. Looks like you'll have to wait until next week to-- oops, we've said too much.

Hi. A month or so ago there was a glitch that interfered with Neopet images. Most people could restore their Neopets' images by customizing them. I am personally having a different problem with this glitch, however. As a player who likes to keep up with Lab Ray results and customization options, I have a Petpage (disposition621's) where a year's worth of image codes have been turned to cogs or random Neopets. I've been waiting and hoping that these images will be restored. Is this something that is being worked on, or is it something that I and other players will have to delete and abandon hope for? ~dogma621
We talked to the programmers, and we're seriously sorry to say that they don't have a way to fix the images on your Petpage. :( We really wish we could, as we know how much effort goes into Petpages, and we're sincerely sorry about it.

It seems the gears have won this round. :(

Hi, TNT. I just wanted to know if, when you enter the Customisation Spotlight, when it says Neocash under your Neopet's picture, do only your Neocash items show? ~willowwisp98
No, all the items on your Neopet (whether Neocash or standard items) will show up, even if you enter the competition with a Neopet that is wearing Neocash items.

Hello TNT, I have an important question for you. I'm not sure if this is answered somewhere on the Battledome page; if it is, I can't find it. Okay, so my question is: are we allowed to fight in the Battledome on side accounts? I've never been sure, and then one time when I was on a side account of mine I got a Random Event for a Battledome challenger. I didn't fight because I wasn't sure if that was allowed. I would appreciate it if this got answered, because I don't want to get in trouble. Thanks a bunch! ~bluemoonx3x3
There isn't any item / NP award for battling, so you are more than welcome to enjoy the Battledome on your side accounts. :)

TNT! HALP!!! I am having a crisis of epic proportions!! Okay, so maybe not. People often make boards saying that they are attempting to do a quest for Jhudora or Illusen, and they ask for back-up. They say that, if the quest demands an item they do not own, they will buy it from anyone who does (or replace it). Is this against the rules?! ~falcon_honour
It's basically the same as getting a quest and then buying the item that they need from anyone else. They are just alerting people ahead of time that they are a potential buyer, so this is just fine. If they enter into an agreement to replace the item, then they are bound to that arrangement and need to replace the item; otherwise it will be considered a scam. It's up to the two parties to make the proper arrangements and decide on the terms of the lend.

Hi, TNT! If someone votes for an entry in the Beauty Contest without knowing that the art being used was stolen, is there any chance that they'll get frozen, too? Thanks! ~rose_s40
No, the voters are not responsible, so don't worry. The person who stole the art is the only one who will get frozen. Please remember everyone, that stealing art is not tolerated. If you submit art to us for a competition and we put it up, only to find out later that it was not your work, your account will very likely be frozen.

Hey, TNT. *throws bag of homemade cookies* I was talking to someone on the Neoboards and they said that, each day, they use a different account as their main. Therefore, on one day they do their dailies and play games on one account, and then on the next day they play on another account. This way, they are swapping their main each day. I advised this person not to do this until we get an answer back from you guys. Is this allowed? ~richgurl_22_x
No, this is not allowed. Players may not rotate their main account in this fashion. This is considered multiple account abuse and, if discovered, it will result in all of the player's accounts being frozen.

Your accounts should not resemble this.

'Sup, TNT. I was wondering: who are you siding with in the Altador Cup this year? GO TEAM! ~alex1993196
Most of us are still loyal to the teams we played for during the Altador Cup's first couple of years, when we had the staff tournaments, so it really depends on who you ask! Let's meander around the office and see what some staff members have to say...

Dragona: "Terror Mountain FTW!"
Viola: "Arrr... the Krawk Island team will be plunderin' the prizes."
Snarkie: "Loading response. I have been programmed to say, 'Virtupets 4 Eva'... whatever that means. End response."
Dirigibles: "Lost Desert now, Lost Desert forever!"
DjSkellington: "Jersey for the cup! What? Oh, the Altador Cup. Haunted Woods!"
Mr Insane: "As Ambassador Plenipotentiary from Jelly World, of course I celebrate and champion my ferocious jelliform comrades, who will undoubtedly emerge victorious in the upcoming bowling match. *whisper whisper* What do you mean, 'Jelly World doesn't exist'? That's preposterous! If Jelly World doesn't exist, then why are my pockets full of mouldy jelly?"

Last week, you told us that you can't hurt your Altador Cup team, only help it. Earlier, however, you said that teams with more players have no advantage over teams with less players. Those two seem pretty mutually exclusive, so could you please elaborate? ~bfw_lover_queen
Nope, we assure you that they are not mutually exclusive. Our programmers know what they are doing, and have written a very nice code for handling the Altador Cup. We've given you the best information we can without telling you exactly how it all works. If we did, there'd just be too many people trying to figure out a way to exploit that knowledge, so we're keeping it safe to make sure that the Altador Cup is fair for everyone. :)

Hi, TNT! Is it okay to sign up for the Altador Cup on your side account? What if your side account signs up for a different team than your main account? Is that alright? What if it signs up for the same team as you? Is that alright? ~wee_wees_ruleschool
You may only play or sign up for the Altador Cup on your main account. This is true no matter what the excuse (different team, etc.).

Thanks for posting my question, which is: why are there toilets in Neopia? I ask this because there is a small problem... NO TOILET PAPER! Well, the problem is actually pretty big but, you get it. Is it really that hard to make a hygiene-themed day and stock all the stores with soap, toothbrushes, and TOILET PAPER? There is a book called 101 Uses for Paper. I hope one of those uses is toilet paper. ~chocolaticecreamtaco
Actually, this has been a recent campaign by Dr. Sloth. He's promising toilet paper to any Neopian who votes for him to be supreme master of Neopia in Y12. We think we'll release some toilet paper soon, so desperate Neopians don't fall under his rule.

** NC Mall Notice **
There have been lots of questions about the expiration of Neocash. Please remember: Your Neocash expires one (1) year from its purchase date. If you've earned Free NC, then your Free NC will expire one (1) year from the day you received it. Upon expiration, your unused Neocash will be automatically exchanged for a Neocash item(s) of equal value. The item (or items) will be placed in your Inventory.

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