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Dear TNT, as April 1st came and went we saw lots of weird (yet amusing) things happening. For example, I saw that my bank interest rate had dropped 1% from usual. However, since Mr. Skeith-Behind-The-Bank-Counter was wearing a barrel, I figured it must be part of the fun. But now that the other pranks have been removed from the site, I've noticed that the lowered interest rate remains. Have you simply forgotten it, or is this to be a permanent change? If so, why? Is this to fuel the weaker Neodaq, or some fancy plan for world domination, or a doomed-to-fail attempt to find a world made of jelly? ~pitke
It was a doomed forgot-to-set-the-code-back plan! *shifty eyes* Should be fixed now!

Hello, TNT. I noticed that the link in the Spooky Furniture Shop goes back to the Haunted Woods instead of the Deserted Fairgrounds. Just wondering if you could fix this. Pweeeeese? ~greyroses
Sure! Just because you asked! *heart*

Hiya, TNT! I was looking through the Key Quest boards and came across a topic that had a silver lock on it. It also said Username Removed so I went to check it out. It said this board is locked and then explained that the person broke the rules. I have never seen something like that before and I was wondering if you were going to start showing when topics are locked or if it was just a glitch? Thanks if you answer! ~bo89453
Generally, when someone breaks a rule on the boards we send them a warning and delete their posts. Occasionally, though, our monitors feel the need to help educate players on a board about what's not allowed, so rather than deleting the post they lock the topic so no one can further post on it, but everyone is welcome to read exactly what wasn't acceptable.

Thank you for the free toy Neggs! I chose to put mine in my gallery instead of opening them, but someone said that they will expire in one year. Is this true? I really hope not, as they are a great addition to my Negg collection. ~watchfulmom
Don't worry, these will not expire in a year. They will be around to decorate your Negg collection for many months and years to come. :)


Hi! I've got two questions about the User Lookup Spotlight. 1.) Do you have to have your User Lookup themed to a Neopian holiday, such as Cybunny Day or Scorchio Day? 2.) Is it possible to win twice? Thanks! ~candyblossoms
No, your User Lookup does not have to be themed for any given holiday. Occasionally it helps, as we do prefer theming them if it falls on, say, Shoryu Day. As for your second question, we do favour entries by players who have not won before, but if you just happen to have an amazing User Lookup that we really want to spotlight we might allow you to win a second time. :)

When you give away free items at the NC Mall, such as the Halloween bags and now the toy Neggs (also the springtime basket), can we get them on our side accounts? Please remove my name. ~[username removed]
No. These giveaways give out items, and therefore you may not collect them on your side accounts.

Are retired Petpets eligible for the PPL award? I have a Baby Vampire and he's been a good, faithful Petpet for over 5 years! ~hazelasher
Boy, do we have a crazy answer for you! We looked into this and it took us several minutes to come up with the conclusion! While normal retired Petpets (those with the rarity of 180) can win, replaced Petpets like the Baby Vampire and Fat Cat can't be selected to win, since they were changed into different Petpets and don't exist in our system as a unique item. Remember the key word here is "selected." For example, the Baby Vampire was changed years ago to the Petpet now known as the Snorlkin. The only ones that didn't get changed were those already equipped to Neopets. If they are ever removed from their Neopet, they will instantly change to the updated Petpet. In this case, the Baby Vampire would change into a Snorlkin. However, if you visit PPL #101, you'll see that the Snorlkin has already won. Looking at the names, though... gee, they sure do sound like vampire names... could they actually be Baby Vampires, perhaps? Therefore, even though the image is different, it's still the same item, so while replaced Petpets can't be selected to win, the Petpet they turned into after the image change can, and they can win that way. Hope that made some sense!

Hello, TNT. Am I just out of it? I'm asking because it seems like, all of a sudden, there are a lot of Neopian Times articles about a place called "Goldrun." Is this just another April Fool's joke, like the Faerie Wars last year? ~french_sylvie
Pfft, would those crazy Neopian Times writers try to fool all of Neopia again?

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering: why can't you put 10 items up for auction like you can in the Trading Post? ~kougras_rule_10
We're assuming you mean all at once? x_X We think the Trading Post works just fine for that. Auctions are for selling single items.

Do you dudes use swivel chairs ._0? Also, are they leather? Lastly, do you wish that people like me would stop sending in idiotic questions and wasting your time? :D ~metempsykhosis_x
Trust us, you don't want to see some of the questions we get asked... but yes, we use swivel chairs! They have wheels too, so it's great fun to race them backwards across the office and spin around until we get sick. Alas, while they're not leather, we're still very happy with them!

Ready, set, go!!!

In issue #375 I wrote in and you replied that it was okay to give out token codes to those who might otherwise not get these cute tokens. Since that time, I have been given a warning for having a giveaway board and someone else has been suspended for 5 days. During the last few weeks, others have posted token giveaway boards that have continued on without them being warned or suspended. Please clarify this issue so we know what is permitted and what is not with regard to these token codes. It is not fair to warn and suspend some while letting others continue on with this practice. The good side to this is that I am saving a whole lot of money - but you're losing the sale of all those plushies that I would be giving away. I have given away approx. 200 plushies over several months. Why am I being given a warning now, especially after having been granted permission? Please withhold my username. ~[username removed]
Giving away tokens are just fine, but giveaway boards in general are not allowed. If others haven't been taken down, it's because they may have been missed by the monitors or differed in a way that they were not considered giveaway boards.

You're more than welcome (and we salute your kindness for doing so) to give away items to other players. The problem is that giveaway boards are often boards made by scammers who are maliciously dumping items out of accounts, and while we'd love to have enough time to look into each case individually to confirm if it's an honest giveaway or a scam, we simply don't have the time, and therefore disallow all giveaway boards.

Hey TNT, I really love the new look of Terror Mountain. That being said, I hate to point out that, even though you moved the Scratchcard Kiosk, the link inside the kiosk takes you to the Ice Caves instead of back to Happy Valley. Did you forget to change it, or was this deliberate? ~smb186
Hmm... we seem to be doing a lot of forgetting lately when it comes to changing shop links, huh? We'll get that changed.

Okay, so... here is a hypothetical situation for you, oh Neoeditorialcoolperson... let's say that I have an extinct Petpet (a Scary Jack). Also, let's suppose that I have a certain Petpetpet on this said Scary Jack. What if I want to change the Petpetpet? Am I just out of luck, since there is no way I am losing the Scary Jack just to change the Petpetpet, or could a new system be created whereby you'd be able to take a Petpetpet off without disturbing / removing the Petpet? I have an extinct Petpet guide and was wondering what I should say about this matter. ~x_seabee_x
Yet another question about replaced Petpets today, wow! Unfortunately, right now there is no way to remove a Petpetpet without removing the Petpet, so a replaced Petpet is pretty much stuck with its Petpetpet. We will have a chat to see if we want to reconsider how Petpetpets are removed, but as of right now we can't guarantee anything.

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