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I recently adopted my disco Zafara from the Pound. I then went to go feed it some food, as it was starving. I decided to buy some strawberry jelly, and after I fed it to him, the jelly was still there. Whole. I fed it to him a second time. Still there, and I even fed it to him a third time to truly see if this was a glitch. Sorry for overusing the jelly, but it just won't go away no matter how many times I feed it! I heard another user complain about this, so I was wondering if you knew about it, and why it's happening. Please help? Thanks. *gives you cookie* ~centimew
There was a site glitch several days ago that made things like books, food, and morphing potions act all funky, but it was fixed Tuesday afternoon. Sorry about that! :(

So the "Goggles" avatar from the NC Mall doesn't count in your avatar total because not everyone can get it, and the Space Faerie Premium avatar does not count for the same reason. Therefore, why does the Premium site theme count in site theme totals? Shouldn't it not count the same as other site themes for the same reason those two avatars don't count in avatar totals? ~neo_knyghtmare
The biggest difference is that avatars have a high score table, which is basically a reward structure in addition to the receiving of an avatar itself. Themes, on the other hand, have no such reward aside from the actual theme, and therefore are more of an interesting factoid on your account than anything else. If we do change that in the future by making a score table for themes we'll reconsider counting the premium theme, but until then it's a bit of a moot point.

Hey TNT, so I was just visiting the Healing Springs in hopes that the faerie there would heal my Neopets' hit points for me. The Healings Springs Faerie was kind enough to do so, however, she also claimed that she made my Neopet not hungry anymore. The problem with that is that it wasn't hungry. As a matter of fact it was "Very Bloated," so you can imagine my surprise when I left the page and saw that it was now only "Bloated." That faerie owes me 1/3 of a plain omelette! Is there a Better Faerie Business Bureau that I could contact to complain about her? Lol. :) ~kallaco
Sounds like she did your Neopet a favour! After all, we know we hate that overly bloated feeling we get after eating too many of those cookies you guys seem to delight in throwing at us. Trust in the faeries (well, except dark faeries)... they know what they're doing!

I know he's a talented guy, since he's figured out a way to live in Neopia and all, but how does the Tombola dude also manage to run the Tiki Tack Shop at the same time? Please remove my name in case one of them is really a suit full of Meepits that will eat me. Thanks. *hides from Meepits* ~[username removed for personal safety]
Have you ever been in the Tiki Tack Shop? There's nothing in there that anyone would even want to steal! Besides, the tourists there seem to be an honest bunch... if they want to pay him for a knickknack, they know where to find him. :)

We mean really, can't you just pick this stuff up off the ground?

Could having a song with foul language in it on your User Lookup get you frozen? ~imlikehappyandjunk
Yes. If your UL has inappropriate material of any kind, whether it's in the form of text, images, or music, you are subject to being warned/frozen for the T&C violation. Please use good judgment when customising your account.

Why is the trophy for the Altador Cup not in the shape of a cup? ~redstardust92
The Altador Cup gets awarded to the actual team. However, to thank you for your support, those who participated also get a trophy... just not the cup itself. :) We're sure the actual cup is sitting in a place of high honour on Roo Island at this very moment.

Hi, TNT! :) Random question... what kind of music do you guys enjoy? I'm more of a country-country pop-pop-hard rock-classic rock-soft rock-alternative-folky-jazz type myself... ehh... x_x kinda all over, really. How 'bout you? ~l_roxuss_l
Well, being multiple people rather than some collective intelligence, we can't really agree on any one type (not that you did either...). However we can say that, the last time Tigercatcher jerked his head and pulled his headphones out of his computer it caused Eye of the Tiger to blare throughout the office. We all couldn't help but get up and boogie... after we stopped laughing.

In the Trading Post, on a rare item that's worth 1 million Neopoints, how can you make an offer on it if you can only offer 800,000 NP on one lot? Please remove my username, and thanks! ~[username removed]
You can offer 800,000 NP and then items worth the remainder of the price, or you can Neomail the owner and ask them to auction the item for you. :)

I have come up with a brilliant idea, TNT, old bean! Every so often I find myself thinking, "Oh, there's a username/item/random factoid I should remember for the future." Unfortunately, we can't Neomail things to ourselves -- nor should we be able to, at the risk of feeling like the world's biggest loser! :( In any case, it would be nice if, in the Neomail section, we had NeoNOTES! :D :D :D This way we could write little memos that we could keep on the left side tab, under our Neofriends and such. Pretty please with sugar on top? It would be loverly! ~karateetee
Have you tried using the diary section of your Neomail page? :) It's kind of helpful for stuff like that.

The Yooyu Petpet comes in fire and Darigan colours. Why can we not paint a regular Yooyu with fire or Darigan Petpet paint brushes? ~cereality_2
Because they are exclusive prizes for Altador Cup participation. :)

I'm special!

Hiya TNT, lately I've been reading a lot of the previous editorials, and I've noticed that there are usually some humorous responses to some of the questions. That got me wondering, do you guys have to try really hard to think of funny things, or does it just come naturally? Is there maybe even a chance that you have someone that just works on the funny bits? Wow, I could ask questions like this forever... and I don't think anyone wants that. =D ~44bunny_lover44
Most of us are simply insane from working here for so many years. We assure you, the humour you see in the Editorial is generally our true personalities showing through (which usually has to be repressed for serious business stuff like keeping the site running smoothly). The average mental age of all of us here in the content department is deplorably low. The sheer amount of internet geekery and action figures on our desks alone would have you guys rolling with laughter. :X

I would offer goodies if I thought it would get my questions answered, but something tells me this is not the route to go! Anyway, I am wondering: if I submit a question and it doesn't make it into the Editorial section the week I submit it, might it still get answered in other issues, or should I resubmit the same question every week until I drive you all nuts and your finally answer my question or throw me off of Neopets for being a complete nuisance? ~headmistress_phoenix
If it's a relatively unique and legitimate question that you feel applies to a good number of players, hasn't been answered countless times before, and is something you feel that we could give a definitive answer to, then by all means, please resubmit. We can't express how many questions we get each week, and cannot read through all of them. Resubmitting each week (not endless spamming, mind you) of your question gives us a better chance to make sure we spot it.

PS: We're sorry we're answering this question and probably not the one you've actually been wanting us to answer. We'll keep an eye out for it, though!

Alright, TNT. I've got myself a suggestion for you. I spend most of my time on various forums on and off this site. One thing that differs between your forums and others is that locking topics have more of an impact on other sites than they do here. The reason I write you is that I just saw one of your moderators lock a board. One second passed, that's it. I then refreshed the page and it dropped from the front page faster than a boulder into the middle of the ocean. I know you lock boards as a "No, this isn't alright. Stop doing it." kind of reminder to us all, but it doesn't really work if no one ever sees it. Maybe you should have locked boards stay up on the front page for longer periods of time, so that all Neopians could see that these behaviors are not okay? ~grunt_ruler
Not all boards move quite that fast! Also a lot of players, upon seeing a locked topic, are suddenly consumed by the urge to post a frenzy of topics all linking and calling attention to it anyway. We know how you guys work!

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