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Can you stand one more Neopet trading/Pound question? :) (Oh, and please leave my name off... thanks!) Let's say Sue and Bob are too impatient to wait until July to trade their Neopets via transfer, so they risk the Pound. Sue goes first and sends her Neopet, but Bob misses the Neopet in the Pound! Does Bob then have to give Sue his Neopet, since they agreed to trade? Can he say no, since he technically didn't receive a Neopet? Also, what if Sue thinks Bob was sneaky and had a friend/his side account grab her Neopet, so Bob didn't have to trade his Neopet? *head whirls in confusion* Any solutions to this mess, oh wise ones? Thank you! :)
We've provided a relatively safe way to transfer your Neopets, and we strongly suggest being patient and using that function to avoid this situation. If you are not eligible for transferring at the moment, try not to trade until you are. Remember: if you are impatient and use the Pound, it's free for all (except for purposeful scams) and we cannot protect you. You'll have to work it out among yourselves.

When you say that you will have to freeze our accounts if we don't follow the rules, well... what do you mean, exactly? Does that mean we will never get to go on our account again? Or maybe in a week we can start right back up from where we left off? I am a newbie, and don't know much about Neopia yet, so this may or may not be a dumb question. This question is only asked out of curiosity. Thank you Neopets Team. ~banana_129
When an account is frozen, that means it is basically locked. No one can log into it, and your shop, user, and pet lookups can no longer be viewed. This is permanent, unless:

1.) You write in to support and plead your case if you feel that you really didn't deserve to be frozen and believe it was a misunderstanding.

2.) Your account was frozen for protection purposes, such as your account security being compromised through a scam or whatnot. You would then write in to support with proof that the account is yours and that you were not doing anything against T&C that caused your account to be compromised.

There are also suspensions, which lock you out of your account for a certain number of days but then return access to you automatically.

If your account is frozen and our email support team declines to return it, you are welcome to create another account (though we suggest re-reading the Terms and Conditions first). If you are creating a new account simply to repeat poor behaviour, then we'd prefer that you seek your entertainment elsewhere, so those who do play by the rules can enjoy the site more fully.

Hi TNT!!! *holds up plate of cookies until TNT answers question* I recently joined Team Maraqua for the Altador Cup, but now, a few days in, I realize that was a bad choice. So, I have a question regarding prizes. If my team performs terribly, but as an individual I play well, will I get prizes that are equal to those that are given to someone from a better-performing team who also plays well? ~brainykidd
For the Altador Cup, you get out of it what you put into it. Aside from the trophies awarded to the top teams, the prizes are mostly based on your personal performance.

I are a winner!

Can you only refer new people to Neopets, or is it okay to refer people who already play and want a side account (as long as they only keep to a maximum of five accounts)? Someone told me it is against the rules to refer an existing user. Are they right? ~surelyicould12
No, referring an existing user is fine, as long as the system isn't abused. Also, please do not give yourself the referral if you are creating side accounts. We don't allow this because of the ease of abuse this way.

Dear editor, where would you find a low-priced paint brush (say, less than or at 1,000 NP)? ~nucky_girl
Your dreams.

Dear Awesomeness TNT, it is now (happily) Spring of 2008, and I'm wondering... when will Key Quest be opened? Also, what if you're not able to get a plushie for Key Quest? How will those people be able to play? Thanks! ~sinyetas
We're still plugging away at it, but we're hoping to start closed beta testing here very soon. *fingers crossed* We're trying to make sure that Key Quest is the best it can be before you guys get to play. We'll definitely announce on New Features when we're getting close, though.

Also, don't worry if you can't buy any plush. You'll be able to earn Neopoints and win items from Key Quest, so we want everyone to be able to play and we'll be giving away free tokens. (For those collecting tokens, don't worry. We're not giving away any of the ones that you've worked hard to collect!) Watch New Features and the Key Quest page for more info. Rest assured, you won't miss it. :) We'll make certain that everyone knows.

Someone on Neopets Neomailed my friend saying that, if they go to a certain website, then they'll get free items and Neopoints. They made a brand new account just in case it was a scam. The website asked for their pin number, username, and password. My friend is positive it was a scam and still remembers the scammer's username. If she reports the scammer, will she also get punished? ~tiger_paw55
No, your friend will not be punished, but it was a very poor decision to check out the page. Please immediately report any player who is attempting to lure you offsite with the promise of free Neopoints, items, etc. Also, please do not go to these sites, even on accounts you are not concerned about. These sites can have malicious qualities built into their pages, which can put your computer's security at risk. If you see something suspicious just report it to us immediately. We will look into it for you. We just want you guys to be safe and have fun. :)

On the About Us page... Why is Keith mental? ~venomrulz
We all have our different opinions about why Keith is so very... Keith. Some comments from those of us who have worked with him for a long time:

Mr. Insane: This one time, we watched Keith eat an entire stapler on a dare. He didn't even flinch.

Snarkie: Because he idolises Darth Vader but not enough to cut off his limbs and become part cyborg. Pfft.

Dragona: Obviously you've never seen his office around Halloween. Thankfully the company is paying for my therapy as long as I agree not to sue.

El Picklesaur: Maybe it's because somebody's seen too many episodes of The Office (UK)...


Dear TNT, it's me again. When I finished my question about 1 minute ago, it said to check the Editorial section to see if your question was answered. How often do I need to check? ~chardood
You should check here, on Fridays when the Editorial goes live with The Neopian Times. Not all questions that get sent in are answered, though... just those we select to put up each week.

I've been reading through the past Editorials for the fun of it, and I was just wondering how annoying you feel those "cookie" jokes are getting? They go pretty far back. :) Do you guys laugh at these, or would you rather that we just ask our questions? ~jessblossom69
We'd rather you just ask the question. :) We appreciate the affection, as we get precious little of it, but the endless rock/cookie thing is way too overused.

How come the scales on the cloud Chomby's head are blue, yet the scales on their back are green? ~superkacheekgirl4345
Because we fail. D: It's fixed now, though! Thanks for mentioning that.

Do the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery have eyesight problems? I'm asking because, for a few days this week, they have plotted a conspiracy and all asked for carrots. o_o; All of them. ~yellowsugardog
Maybe they felt they were lacking vitamin A in their diets? In any case, we're currently working on convincing them to explore a broader range of food again.

How come Gilly isn't in one of the TCG cards? ~misty_isthe_princess
She is, you just have to look closely. We found her in these: Amulet of Thilg and Pant Devil Attacks!

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