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How can you get the chocolate chia? Can you only get it by the lab ray, or is there a special way to get it like there is for the garlic pets? - Elm811
It involves owning a Chia and feeding it a whole load of chocolate. It is super rare though and you may just end up with a rather overweight Chia at the end of the day.

Can you equip your petpet with items to fight? - spu2vertigo
No, Petpets cannot use items in the Battledome or Petpet Battles.

Is there any way to stop people from giving the answers to Lenny Conundrum on the boards? It seems a shame for those who honestly work hard to solve it. - chunkeydoll
Sadly no. If we ban the answer from appearing even more people will get it. We added the shared jackpot to try to discourage people from doing this. After all, the more people you tell, the fewer Neopoints you will win.

What type of neopet is Lord Darigan? - Neosam780
He most closely resembles a Korbat, although he does seem quite terribly mutated.

When will the maraqua plot start? - Moda1233222
Ok. I know I sort of answered this last week, but I have a more definite answer now. You should expect to see the first installment of the plot around the 14th March. We are going to aim to release two parts a week so there won't be a long gap between episodes. Also, I know we mentioned it before, but it doesn't really make sense to create Scurvy Island as a map when we have Krawk Island already. Instead we will focus on Maraqua itself.

What happened to Gadgadsbogen? Isnt it in march? I think you forgot about it! I love gadgadsbogen and would really appreciate it if you make it happen! - fashionista_gurl
Gadgadsbogen is not any particular date in March. It varies from year to year. The Islanders eagerly wait until the new fruit begins to bloom and then Gadgadsbogen has officially started.

How come there's a maraquan uni MSN icon but no maraquan uni in the rainbow pool or the bubbling pit? - Loixannatron
Oops, it is there now!

When I play castle battles, every once in a while I get a large cannon instead of the average, smaller one. Why is that? Is it after a certain amount of points maybe? - isis246135
That is a special thing that happens in the game. If you manage to hit the yellow flag you'll get the big cannonball.

Can you get change from Cap'n Threelegs? For example, say my training cost 1 dubloon, but all I had was a 2 dubloon coin. If I paid him with that would I receive a 1 dubloon coin back? - Earthfaerie174
I am afraid you need the exact amount. Pirates do not give change.

Are you guys going to make a board for the Maraqua Plot? You did make one for Hannah and the Ice Caves one. Please consider it, it would be a place where Neopians can chat and talk about the plot. - smartboy022
Yes. We will add a new Neoboard category for the plot once it starts.

How big of a facelift are you giving maraqua? - kittykitty1993
A huge one! At the moment it is totally in ruins. The city will be completely rebuilt and will look bigger and better than old Maraqua ever was. (Hopefully with a lot more to do there too).

When you are releasing Maraqua, what do you suppose you would call it? - love_birdstreasure
New Maraqua will be the name of the new city and Old Maraqua is how you would refer to the ruins.

In order to get the maraquan sidebar, when it comes out, will you have to get a certain item? I hope not because every time that happens it is VERY hard to get it. People put the item in their trades or shops and expect millions of neopoints. Some people, like myself, can't afford it. :/ - dark_memories_02
We are still working out how to do this. It will be tied into the plot somehow, rather than an expensive rare item.

There are rumors going around that there will be a war in Maraqua with the upcoming plot. I am just wondering if this is true because in editorial 175, it states that there will probably not be a war with the upcoming plot. I was wondering if you could settle rumors. This could help balance the market because at the moment these rumors are causing mass inflation. - kingzedfed
We weren't going to have a war this time as we want to rewrite how our wars work. This should make it fairer to the people with weaker, less experience pets and provide a challenge to the players with expert battledomers. The more we think about it, the more it seems to make sense that there would be some element of fighting tied into this plot. It does feature a lot of pirates after all! We just need to make things smoother and fairer for everybody. Sorry if that is a bit of a round about way to answer your question. We are almost certain there will be a war, but I wouldn't go wasting your Neopoints on expensive equipment as this battle will not work in the same way as before.

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