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What is going on with the new Ninja Training School? How do you get into there? What does your pet have to do and if you can't tell me ...can you give me a clue? - Caitlin______jamie
I can't tell you exactly, but your Neopet has to be somewhat experienced to be considered for the training school. It is elite you know :D

Can you make an Eithne Day please, thanks - Neomon_pets_net
Yes, actually one is planned quite soon. For those of you wondering who Eithne is, she is the Fire Faerie from the Mystery Island Puzzle and Island TCG set we released last year.

My family might be moving. If I am living somewhere else and using a different type of computer will my acount still work? - Maemae309
Yes, you can access Neopets from any computer, just remember to log out when you are finished if you are not the only person who uses that machine.

Last editorial you said something about a "Scurvy Island" will it be like Krawk Island. Or diffent, also will it lead to the other side of Neopia! I'm full of question about it! Thanks! - Dave_fang_and_candy
Scurvy Island is as the name suggests quite an unpleasant place. Unlike the pirates from Krawk Island, Scurvy Island residents aren't too friendly to strangers. It is inhabited by the foulest, meanest, most black-hearted pirates in Neopia and you will be seeing quite a bit of it very soon...

A Lot of things that I got from the advent calendar in year 6 says that it is retired. Why are those things retired so soon? - Spinyanteater
You cannot get them from anywhere else, so they are retired.

Please don't retire the Neoquest 2 item's because I'm on evil but I really want the Bow of Destiny but that's on insane. So please don't let it retire or the prices are going alot up. so it will be harder to get. Thank you for reading it - King_of_fusioning
Hehe its ok. We have no plans to retire any Neoquest II items.

Why is Lenny Conundrum always updated at the same time each week? For those of us in the U.K. who are eight hours behind Neopian Standard Time, there is little to no chance that we shall ever have a chance of submitting one of the first 250 entries, because we are in bed at 2:00am! - Mr_yoda_003
The Lenny Conundrum updates whenever we make Thursday's news live. This should be midnight, but it doesn't always work out that way. There is no set time, its just as close to midnight as we possibly can. If we have something complicated going live that day, we may update the site later. Regardless you should have lots of opportunities to enter. The earliest it will go live is 12.01am Neopian Standard Time on that date, which is 8.01am for you in the UK.

What happens to Neopets that had their owner's account frozen? Do they go to the pound under a different name or do they just get deleted? - Smartguy112192
The Neopets are frozen too.

Are Krawk petpets sold on Krawk Island or is the only way to get one by buying one from someone else? - Spudie
Krawks are Tyrannian Petpets so are sold in Tyrannia.

Have the garlic pets been released yet as I've not found one around the site and not found one since December 15th and when I checked the rainbow pool's all colours list it wasn't listed there. I was wondering if they had been released or not and how to get them if they have - Fredthompson100
As it turned out they had NOT been given out, but they are now and you should start to see them popping up all over Neopia in the very near future. To get one you need to give your JubJub or Kiko a lot of garlic.

Are you ever going to finish the guildmasters dinner? - Coww_coolie_o4
I have updated the guildmaster's dinner. Unfortunately we do not have time to finish it, it was bad timing on our part. A lot of unforseen things happened both work and non-work related that prevented us from completing it. Now it is better for us to move on and make sure it never happens again.

I AM SUPER MAD ABOUT THE RANDOM CONTEST! I went out, bought all this stuff to make sock puppets, made the puppets, then I had to wait 2 days to take their pictures, and then I see that I can't submit them because the submissions are closed! What's up with that?!? I spent about $5-$10 on puppet stuff, and wasted my time. My hands aren't any warmer and I didn't have any more fun then just sleeping. I was wondering if you could anounce that submissions should be in by a special day, or else people will waste their money! I hope you know I am very cross, and I would like this changed. Thank you! - Babealoo2
Eeep! So sorry! We even closed this contest a little later than normal. From now on we will post on the page the date that the submissions will close. Submissions will close at 10am NST on Wednesday unless otherwise stated.

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