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Continued Series

The Music Box

If there was one thing that Elon hated it as being forced into social situations and gatherings. Elon was an introvert. He vastly preferred his alone time to whatever the heck was happening right before his eyes...

by eracina
Curse Of The Kookith

Asha spent her night dreaming about all the things that had transpired over the last few months...

by zuniak
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How to Maths: The Food Club Edition

What is ROI? What does TER mean? Stephanie interviews Phoenix, the Food Club pro. Food Club, as many Neopians know, is a betting game that runs daily. There are five arenas of four pirates each. Every afternoon, the pirates compete to see who can eat the most. One pirate emerges victorious in each arena. Players bet on the pirates to try and win NP. If a pirate priced at 2:1 wins and you put 1000 NP on him, for example, you win back 2 times of what you bet, in this case 2 x 1000 = 2000 NP.1 If your pirate is priced at 13:1 and he wins, then you get 13000 NP. You can also mix and match pirates from different arenas such that if all of the pirates in your bet win, then you get, for example, 2:1 x 13:1 = 26:1 = 26000 NP. If one or more of the pirates in your bet loses, then you get nothing. Generally, 2:1 pirates win more often than pirates priced at...

Other Stories


Sophie's Leave Me Alone Notice
At the edge of the swamp that is home to Sophie the Swamp Witch, there stands a vine-wreathed sign featuring instructions to leave her alone in bold lettering. Behind the sign, forty pages of bark-like paper unfold like an accordion...

by liouchan


The Tombola is Out of Cash!
Authors Note: This short story was inspired by the Neopian book titled Out of Cash: A Tombola Story. Hope you enjoy my imaginings!

by neogal_anu


Basic Potion Brewing
Making potions takes practice, insatiable curiosity, love, and a little luck.

by parody_ham


Journeying Near Haunted Houses
So you want to know about haunted houses, eh? Well let us tell you something straight out the gate: DON’T GO NEAR THEM!

by thehotaru21


I see
When Qasala guards need glasses

by tamigira


Blossoms~ A Day Out Part 2
I'm glad I was able to catch you in time!

by twillieblossom

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