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New Series

Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library

Sakhmet Tales is a popular book with families all across Neopia — this latest edition includes more folktales from the desert than ever before. Although there are some tales based on historical events, such as the founding of Sakhmet City, the accuracy of these accounts are suspect...

by herdygerdy
Quarry Life

Life for the vast majority of Obsidian Quarry meant keeping their head down and doing the best with the hand they've been dealt. It wasn't much – nothing ever was. But that was all they could expect...

by blueys45
Escape with a Good Book

The month of hunting, 18th day, penned in fine blue ink. A ghost-colored Techo sighs, slumped upon a creaky and well-worn wooden chair...

by homsar_eggplant
The Adventures of Armin

This two-part series is intended as a read-along for the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. The majority of events and dialogue are taken directly from the HATIC plot comics. Hannah and the Ice Caves was an immensely important part of my childhood. May its legacy live on. :)

by dewdropzz
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"Notes from Kreludor" by therainbowsheep
“Gotcha!” Talyca zoomed up behind Jemilat and plucked the glasses off the eventide jubjub’s scrunched up face. “Do you think these make me look smart? Do you think they’ll magically make me be smart? If I’m being honest, my grades could use the boost this semester.” Jemilat ruefully shook her head at her sister’s antics. The woodland korbat was fluttering in loops around Neopia Central’s golden paths. “Stop messing around and focus! And give those back to me, I actually need them! You’re so silly.” The pair of siblings were on their way to the book shop to pick up the books on their reading list for the semester. Jem, the ever studious overachiever was looking forward to classes resuming while Tal, the hyperactive daydreamer was already mourning the loss of vacation time.

Other Stories


Sophie's Leave Me Alone Notice
At the edge of the swamp that is home to Sophie the Swamp Witch, there stands a vine-wreathed sign featuring instructions to leave her alone in bold lettering. Behind the sign, forty pages of bark-like paper unfold like an accordion...

by liouchan


Learn To Code: A Lenny's Space Station Book Review
Here is my review of the five books I read, as well as one elusive, extremely rare book that I am still on the hunt for...

by superkathiee


Top 5 Dance Books
That is such a NON-boring book!

by greyorangegrey


Mutant Morphology Vol. 2
Almost a full year later, part 2!

by hamster_wolf


Outburst of a loyal fan
The heartbreaking feeling... collaboration with vitrais

by hoppip_grass


Hansos Guide to Escaping Dungeons
Once upon a time, a young and innocent Ixi...

by kentuckyfrychickenrl

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