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Superchia Squad (Part 5)

Last time, Grape Girl had come up with a plan...

Idea and dialogue by abductee

by frozenicicles

Anthology of Neopian Literature: Brave Bailzer

Poems and Nursery Rhymes

Written by seraphicbrie

by deadzzi

Zombie Friends

Neopets are friends, not food.

Also by furafa

by msjanny

Halloween Woes

This needs to stop happening every year...

Illustrated by brenda_bbm

by parody_ham

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles on Halloween

KC and Xag run out of candy!

by pikemaster1
Decorating for Halloween in the Haunted Woods!

How do Neopets in the Haunted Woods decorate for Halloween?

by k1ngn1nja

Could have at least gone in the summer.

by chocolatelovernana
The Casket Case

Uh oh...

by linework
The Floating Islanders: Hallowed Hookup

In hindsight, Halloween is a terrible night for a reunion...

by yankeesrule244444456
Chia Calisthenics... Halloween Style


Art by kittie_orion

by sarika_ambrielle

Random Oddness - Halloween

Immoral, but it works.

by mistyqee
Someone's Not Getting Invited Back... the Meepit Oaks Halloween Celebration for the Existentially Challenged (and Friends)

by keshia_songwings

Halloween edition!

by winner19955
House of Cards

Mutants have feelings too.

by rivvvvvers
Edna's Quest

I have all the ingredients!

by pilicaracer
Forgotten Halloween Costume

Where's your costume?

by cinnamon_girl
The Goofers - Party Pooper, part 4

Who cares about a party?

by lintsuf
A Spooky Halloween, p 4

Trick or treat? A little of both.

by ghostkomorichu
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"Little Red With a Rhubarb Pie" by the_lady_j and dark_angel_ds
There was a sweet little Usul named Gilly who always wore her favorite cape of red velvet. She was much liked by everybody -- or, perhaps, it was more accurate to say that she liked everyone, no matter what dubious background or dangerous appearance they might possess. But nobody quite knew what to make of her...

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Fridays at Midnight
This is not a place that you want to be walking around at night, especially alone...

by vanquishee


A Translucent Poogle's Search For Home
This little Poogle learns what makes a truly happy home for any neopet, sweet or spooky.

by lily_death


Tricks are Treats: Last Minute Style
This article is for Neopians who want to engage in Halloween activities but haven't had the time or energy to plan.

by neuroticat42


Trick-or-Treat: An Acquired Taste
It's Halloween! As Neopians scurry around Haunted Woods going door-to-door asking for treats, let us take a closer look at ten spooky foods that leave us wondering: "What is even in this!?"

by lunafaeire


One Shred of Light: Part Two
"I don't know what to say, really," Fiona replied. "It just happened, without warning or provocation."

by kristykimmy


The Lonely Stranger: Part Five
Virtupets Space Station. It was as busy as ever.

by aircraftcarriers

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